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Ever since it was released, the LG C2 has been considered one of the best overall televisions on the market. With the strength of LG’s OLED evo panels, strong gaming benefits, and excellent sound, it’s hard to find a TV on the market today that offers more value for the money.

Enter the LG G3, LG’s recently announced new flagship model that is expected to arrive on store shelves sometime in late March or early April 2023. So, how do you build on already great technology? 

For starters, you begin by improving just about everything, at least on paper. Better sound, more brightness, more infinite contrast, and more. On paper, the LG G3 is undoubtedly the better television over the LG C2, but how will these two televisions compare in the real world?

Let’s take a look at them both and see which OLED model is the best option for you. 

LG G3 vs. LG C2: Side-by-Side Comparison

PriceStarting at $2,499Starting at $799 MSRP (42”)
Screen Sizes55, 65, 77, 83-inch42, 48, 55, 65, 77, 83-inch
Display TypeOLED evoOLED evo
ProcessorAlpha 9 Gen 6 AI Processor 4KAlpha 9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K 
Refresh Rate120Hz120Hz
Smart TV SoftwarewebOS 23webOS 22
Voice AssistanceGoogle Assistant, Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant, Alexa
VRR Support?YesYes
Inputs4x HDMI 2.14x HDMI 2.1
SoundAI Sound Pro, virtual 9.1.2 channel sound AI Sound Pro, virtual 7.1.2 channel sound

LG G3 vs. LG C2: What’s the Difference? 

Build and Design

When it comes to sharp-looking TVs, the LG C2 has long been near the top of any list with fantastic build quality that only shows the tiniest of bezels. On top of that, the stand that supports the TV when it’s in an entertainment center looks very clean and boosts the overall style of the television. Also adding to the strength of LG’s design quality is that the LG C2 was introduced with a new carbon fiber material weighing almost 50% less than its predecessor, the LG C1.

It’s also worth mentioning just how thin the current LG OLED panel is on the C2. There’s a very good chance it’s as thin, if not thinner, than the smartphone you might be reading this article on. The only protruding part of the television is the back bottom where most of the components live. 

While the LG G3 has only been seen at various trade shows so far, it looks every bit as attractive as the C2, if not more so. As light as the C2 is, the carbon fiber build quality of the G3 is even better. When comparing the 55-inch model for both sets, the G3 weighs in at 39.2 pounds without the stand against the C2’s 48.9 pounds. This is a considerable difference overall. 

Should you choose to keep the LG G3 in an entertainment center, it’s good to know that the stand width comes with the same 17-inch width as the LG C2. As of this writing, no press photography has shown the rear of the G3 to get an accurate look at just how thin overall the OLED panel will be, but it’s almost assured to be as thin if not thinner than the LG C2. 

Reliable Choice
LG C1 65-Inch Class OLED
  • Self-lit OLED pixels with deep black and rich colors
  • Stunning pictures and excellent sound
  • Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ, and Dolby Atmos
  • Fantastic gaming monitor
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Smart TV

Ever since LG took over the webOS platform and implemented it as their default smart TV system in 2014, they have made some terrific advancements in usability and functionality.

webOS 22 is already very easy to navigate and you can quickly access your app list, trending shows, weather, game consoles, tips, and more. You can also easily see all of your available HDMI-connected devices like a game console or DVD player so you manage everything from inside the webOS interface. 

One of the best aspects of webOS is that it’s very user intuitive, has limited ads (sorry, Samsung Bixby) and feels great to use with the LG Magic Wand remote. The remote acts as something like a Nintendo Wii remote where you can point the Wand at an app or show and select your program as soon as the highlighted box appears around an app or show. 

Buyers of the LG G3 are going to receive an updated webOS 23 interface that adds a slight redesign to the home screen. The best aspect of this new interface is that you will spend less time scrolling to find any of your existing streaming services. Sports fans will also appreciate the updated software which now includes what LG is calling a “dynamic sports card” that provides live updates of sports scores no matter what you are viewing on the television. The last major difference between webOS 22 and webOS 23 is that accessing your quick settings menu is now much faster so you can change your most important settings without diving into multiple submenus. 

LG Magic Wand Remote
LG Magic Remote w/Magic Tap (NFC) MR22GN, 2022
  • Compatible with the OLED Z2, G2, C2, B2, A2 series QNED99, 90, 85, 80 series NANO80, 75 series UQ90, UQ80, UQ75, and UQ80 series
  • Magic Tap
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Undoubtedly one of the reasons the LG C2 continues to be one of the best televisions available is because of how good it is at gaming. Not only is the OLED panel best-in-class so games look great, but the inclusion of features like variable refresh rate (VRR) ensures that gaming looks good no matter what console you are playing on. Add in four HDMI 2.1 ports for maximum 4K performance on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X for a 120Hz refresh rate. 

On top of these features, the LG C2 also supports NVIDIA G-Sync, FreeSync Premium, and one of the best response rates at under 1 millisecond to keep lag to an absolute minimum. Support for GeForce Now’s cloud gaming service is built right into the television so you can game with previously purchased titles in no time. On top of all of the above features, the absolutely best gaming aspect of the LG C2 is Game Optimizer mode. This feature automatically enhances the screen to provide the best experience before you even have to touch any settings. 

The LG G3 is going to take all of these features and improve on them with its enhanced OLED evo panel and superior audio experience. As with the LG C2, you will find support for NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync as well as support for VRR, four HDMI 2.1 ports, and Game Optimizer mode. All of this comes together as a preview of what is already a great experience with the LG C2 and what will now be a better gaming experience with the LG G3. 

The brand-new LG G3 is expected to take everything that’s great about the C2 and make it even better.

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Whether you want to game the night away or binge the latest Netflix series that’s taken the internet by storm, you’ll need good sound to truly enjoy everything. The good news is that both the LG G3 and the LG C2 will offer you excellent sound quality so you can’t go wrong with either television. 

In the case of the LG C2, it’s already one of the best-rated televisions for sound thanks to AI Sound Pro. This LG proprietary technology makes use of the Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI Processor and produces 2-channel audio and converts it into a virtual 7.1.2 channel sound. What this means for most people is that even without physical speakers, you’re still going to feel like you are getting surround sound because of the outstanding technology provided by the LG C2. 

Add in Filmmaker Mode mode and you can enhance your movie experience even more thanks to Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. These dual technologies will take the virtual surround experience and make it sound even better. Unless you are a hardcore audiophile that needs more speakers, there is a good chance that the LG C2 is going to wow people right out of the box with its sound quality. 

Until the LG G3 hits homes and is available for real-world testing, it’s hard to say if its experience will be significantly better than the LG C2. However, on paper, the combination of AI Sound Pro with the Alpha 9 Gen 6 AI Processor should be better than the LG C2 by at least a little bit. Like the LG C2, you’ll find a virtual surround sound but the LG G3 adds 9.1.2 channel sound which is a notable improvement over the C2. This becomes even more significant when you factor in the inclusion of Dolby Atmos. 



Comparing any television to the LG C2 OLED evo panel is an exercise in whether or not another TV manufacturer can really match what LG has done as far as screen quality. The infinite contrast for some of the best deep blacks on the market, the use of the Alpha 9 processor to automatically adjust settings, and Brightness Booster all combine for one of the best experiences in the TV market today. 

Movies on the LG C2 just look phenomenal, especially in a dark room where the deep blacks can really shine. If you are watching during the day, the increased brightness easily helps overcome any potential glare issues, which also helps give the LG C2 some outstanding wide viewing angles. 

The quick response time helps with sports and action shots so there is almost no blur when fast-moving objects appear on the screen. The OLED evo panel is a step above LG’s G1/C1 OLED panels by increasing the overall brightness, and it’s pretty apparent when the C2 is placed side-by-side with the C1. 


Powered by the Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor, LG is pushing the G3 as a pretty significant improvement over previous OLED panels. The 55, 65, and 77-inch models use a Micro Lens Array panel that is pushing brightness to new limits for LG’s OLED panels, at least on paper. The big question is how it will translate to real-world use and whether the increased brightness will be immediately detectable. 

Another major boost for the LG G3 is also going to be the addition of a Super Anti-Reflective coating. The company claims this will reduce reflections by an additional 25% over the LG C2, which is a pretty bold claim if it pans out in real-world use. 

The LG G3 is also a step forward for OLED panels with the release of the LG’s new WOLED panel (White OLED) and claims it’s 70% brighter than a standard OLED TV and 30% brighter than the G3 predecessor, the LG G2. The OLED panel giant also indicates that WOLED technology is also less likely to cause screen burn and therefore prolong the life of the television. 

LG G3 vs. LG C2: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • While the LG C2 is thin, the LG G3 is thin enough that it includes its own specialized wall bracket for mounting it flush to a wall. 
  • The LG G3 includes LG’s Gallery Mode for displaying pre-loaded artwork or loading your own while the TV is off, creating an art piece when not in use. 
  • The LG C2 has won multiple awards and is widely considered one of the best televisions currently available on the market. 
  • As a flagship model, it’s understandable that the LG G3 will be more expensive, but its starting price over the LG C2 is almost double when comparing 55 and 65-inch models. 
  • The 83-inch model does not include the WOLED or Micro Array Lens panel and opts instead for one of LG’s more traditional OLED evo panels. 

LG G3 vs. LG C2: Which OLED Wins? 

On paper, it’s no contest as the LG G3 is the clear winner. You get a brighter picture with less reflection, wider viewing angles, less likelihood of screen burn, and stronger virtual sound.

The problem with the LG G3 is that it costs far more than the LG C2, which remains an outstanding TV for just about every use case.

Unless you absolutely need the best of the best with the latest technology and want to pay for it, the LG C2 is still an incredibly good TV model that drops in price frequently enough to make it a really strong buy.

LG G3 vs. LG C2: Which OLED Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

When will the LG G3 be available for purchase?

The LG G3 is going to be available for purchase sometime in late March 2023 or early April depending on your location. 

Between the LG G3 and the LG C2, which television offers better overall sound?

The LG C2 is a great television with a 7.1.2 channel virtual surround sound but the LG G3 includes support for 9.1.2 channel virtual surround sound. 

What is the difference between webOS 22 and webOS 23?

webOS 22 is standard across LG’s OLED lineup of televisions right now, while webOS 23 will arrive with a streamlined interface and a faster way to get your settings. 

Do both the LG C2 and LG G3 include support for the LG Magic Wand remote?

Yes, both televisions include the LG Magic Wand remote with its Nintendo Wii-like control mechanism. 

Which television manufacturer is believed to make the best OLED panel on the market today?

LG has long made a case for having the best OLED panels on the market and as their panels are found in Sony, Vizio, Philips, and Hisense televisions, it’s a pretty strong case for LG as the best OLED panel. 

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