LG Excicle Bike vs. Peloton: Which One is Better?

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LG Excicle Bike vs. Peloton: Which One is Better?

The Excicle Bike is one of LG’s latest inventions, which seeks to evolve the world of workout equipment. Unveiled at CES 2023, LG presented the Excicle as a hybrid exercise bike that can simulate both studio and outdoor cycling, greatly expanding the possibilities of indoor training.

The Peloton bikes are currently leading the sales in exercise bikes, but can LG’s Excicle measure up?

In this article, we will compare the two with all the available information so you can decide whether to buy a Peloton or wait for the Excicle.

LG Excicle Bike vs. Peloton: Side-by-Side Comparison

LG ExciclePeloton Bike 
PriceTBDPeloton Bike: $1,445
Peloton Bike+: $2,495
DisplayTBDBuilt-in displays of 21.5 and 23.8 inches
Release DateNot yet announced, presented in January 2023Peloton Bike: 2013
Peloton Bike+: 2020
Cycling ModeHybrid (outdoor and studio cycling)Studio cycling only
Type of ResistanceSwitchable Freewheel MotorMagnetic Resistance
Reliable Pick
Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive 22" HD Touchscreen (Updated Seat Post)
  • Corded electric bike
  • Comes with 22-inch HD display touchscreen
  • 135 pounds
  • Adjustable seat with updated seat post
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09/29/2023 09:01 am GMT

LG Excicle Bike vs. Peloton: What’s the Difference?

We do not know a lot about the LG Excicle yet. Still, based on the information available, we were able to compare it to the Peloton line in three major categories: design, cycling modes, and display.

If you are interested in what both of them have to offer, this section will cover the most significant aspects of each product and show their strengths and weaknesses.


The Excicle has a unique design in the world of exercise bikes: it is simple, modern, and minimalist. It will blend fantastically with modern home decor and, more than a piece of equipment, will be an aesthetic addition to your home.

Although there are no official measurements yet, the Excicle seems to occupy a larger space than the Peloton, which has a footprint of 4 x 2 feet. This may not make it suitable for users with limited space or who want to avoid rearranging the room to use an exercise bike.

The design of the Peloton bikes is much more classic — they clearly resemble the frame of a real bike. They are certainly not as sleek as the Excicle Bikes, but they are just as, if not more, functional.

The Peloton offers features that aim to make each session as enjoyable as possible to get the most out of your time, minimizing the time you spend getting ready to work out. 

This bike is straightforward to accommodate in every aspect and features markings to easily switch between sizes. You can adjust the saddle height, seat position, and the front section, composed of the handlebars and display.

It is unclear how configurable the Excicle’s body is, but the possibilities seem somewhat limited at first glance.

One of the Peloton’s most significant advantages is the handle shape. The Excicle’s handle is square and relatively simple, and it does not offer the possibility to try new positions. 

If you are a frequent cyclist, you may have a favorite way of gripping the handlebar. The Peloton offers several grip methods that will not be possible on the LG.

Cycling Modes

The most significant selling point of the LG Excicle bike is its hybrid cycling functionality. This bike is built to replicate different types of terrain and training conditions. You can choose between studio or outdoor modes, which will change how the bike feels thanks to its advanced freewheel motor.

The Peloton bikes have a magnetic resistance system, which uses powerful magnets to regulate pedaling resistance dynamically. The experience using one of these bikes will be similar to outdoor cycling but likely less accurate than the LG’s.


The Peloton bikes have built-in displays where you can follow your workouts and monitor your performance. The screen size depends on the model: the regular Peloton Bike has a 21.5-inch display, while the Peloton Bike+ comes with a 23.8-inch screen.

Both of these devices work on Android and have micro-USB connectors and headphone jacks, though you can also pair them to Bluetooth headphones. The displays are Full HD 1080p, and in the case of the Bike+, anti-reflective and anti-smudge. They also include front-facing cameras for interactive workouts, 5 megapixels for the basic version, and 8 megapixels for the Bike+, which also adds a privacy cover.

The LG Excicle Bike does not include a built-in display, as seen at the 2023 CES. This is one of this model’s weakest points compared to the Peloton and other exercise bikes in the market. In order to work out along interactive classes, you will need to use a dedicated app on an external device connected to the Excicle.

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The Peloton comes with a large touchscreen display while the new, unreleased LG Excicle does not come with a screen, which is a pretty big downside.


LG Excicle Bike vs. Peloton: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • The LG Excicle is a hybrid bike that offers studio and outdoor cycling modes.
  • Peloton bikes are well-established and come with built-in displays, which the Excicle doesn’t have.
  • The LG Excicle Bike is not out yet in the market, and there is limited information on it.
  • To enjoy Peloton to its fullest, you need to pay a subscription. It could be a similar case with the Excicle in the future.
  • The Excicle has a sleek, modern design which might make it less adaptable and practical than the Peloton.

LG Excicle Bike vs. Peloton: Which One is Better?

The LG Excicle Bike is not out yet, but we can see how it may become one of the top choices in exercise bikes. On the other hand, Peloton is an established platform with an active community and quality bikes. What you choose will depend totally on your goals, expectations, and perhaps even budget.

We do not know how much the Excicle will cost on launch, but we know a basic Peloton Bike starts at $1,445. If that sounds over your budget, you will be better off looking for an alternative since the LG Excicle will likely hover around the same amount, if not more.

The Peloton is the way to go if you prefer a one-time purchase to get a complete experience. They have built-in displays, and you will be ready to start as soon as you set the bike up. The Excicle does not include a display for the time being, so you might have to spend extra on one before starting.

If you are a more casual user and care more about design and style, the LG Excicle is hard to beat. It has an elegant, minimal design that blends perfectly well in any modern home. The Peloton design is more forgettable but has a reasonably small footprint.

Most importantly, if you want to try different workouts and challenges each time, the Excicle could be the one for you. It is a hybrid bike that can accurately simulate studio and outdoor environments, giving you the most varied overall experience.

The LG Excicle and Peloton Technology Updates

LG Electronics has gotten a ton of buzz for their debut e-bike, the Excicle, which was announced in 2023. The bike has a sleek look, equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen display that easily tracks your progress while you work out. While consumers eagerly wait for the Excicle to hit the shelves, it’s guaranteed to be a huge hit among users who are looking for a smarter way to workout.

Peloton has been making headlines, however, many of them have been a result of less than welcome news for consumers and stockholders. In May 2023, Peloton recalled two million of their original bikes due to some riders being injured when the seat post came loose. In recent months, the Peloton stock price has plummeted and fallen by more than 70%.

Looking Forward

In better news, Peloton announced a new CEO, Barry McCarthy, in early 2023 and is expected to help turn Peloton around. The fitness company continues to produce and brainstorm new products, some of which include the Tread+ and the Peloton Guide — a camera that tracks your movements and provides real-time feedback.

LG hasn’t announced the pricing or the availability of the Excicle just yet, but rumors circling around the new e-bike say it’s expected to launch sometime in 2023.

LG Excicle Bike vs. Peloton: Which One is Better? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are the main differences between LG's Excicle Bike and Peloton?

While both bikes offer a similar experience, the LG Excicle Bike is generally more affordable than Peloton and offers more adjustable features. Peloton, on the other hand, offers a wider range of classes and a larger community of users.

Is there a significant difference in the quality of the equipment between the two bikes?

Both bikes are well-built and sturdy, but the Peloton has a reputation for using high-quality materials and being very durable.

Do both bikes come with a subscription for online classes?

Yes, both bikes come with a subscription for online classes that can be accessed through a tablet or screen attached to the bike.

Which bike has better technology features?

Peloton has more advanced technology features, such as live classes and a larger selection of on-demand classes, while LG’s Excicle has more adjustable features for a more personalized experience.

Which bike is more suitable for beginners?

LG’s Excicle Bike is generally considered to be more suitable for beginners due to its lower price point and more adjustable features, while Peloton may be more suitable for more experienced riders who want access to a wider range of classes and a more immersive experience.

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