LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. Worx Robotic Mower: Which One Wins?

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs Worx Robotic Mower

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. Worx Robotic Mower: Which One Wins?

Robotic helpers get smarter each year, and we’ve seen the tech in robot vacuums and other devices improve dramatically. That includes lawnmowers like the upcoming LawnMeister H1 and existing mowers from Husqvarna, WORX, and others. We’re going to take a look at two companies that approach this niche in two different ways with our LawnMeister robotic mower vs. WORX robotic mower comparison.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. WORX Robotic Mower: What’s the Difference?

WORX started as a low-cost tool manufacturer. Over the years, they’ve expanded their lineup to include things like coolers, electric bikes, and lawnmowers. That includes traditional uprights like the popular WORX WG779. This 40W mower uses a 4.0Ah battery, just like the Landroid M.

The company is relatively new to the world of robotic lawnmowers but has ample experience with lawn equipment. LawnMeister is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a focus on robotics – not lawnmowers or battery-powered tools.

Heisenberg Robotics is the company behind LawnMeister and their first product, the LawnMeister H1. They are a new company founded in 2022 out of Shenzhen, China with backing from a number of venture capitalists firms. 

LawnMeister Robotic Mowers: Overview

Heisenberg Robotics announced its first product to the world in January at CES 2023. It’s unique from other robotic lawnmowers thanks to an advanced navigation system and some interesting features. It can also take the guesswork out of mowing your lawn and doesn’t require a professional installation.

One drawback of many autonomous lawnmowers are boundary or perimeter wires. They help keep the robot on your property, but you won’t need them with the LawnMeister H1. That’s due in part to the VSLAM technology, as well as technology like Pure Vision AI. This robotic lawn mower is guaranteed to stay on course, and the sensor array is capable of mapping your yard on only one pass.

This self-charging lawn mower has enough power to mow 1 acre before the dual 5Ah batteries run out of power. It’s weatherproof, and easy to clean but also incredibly easy to use. The company’s app adds an extra measure of control and allows you to set up scheduling or even track your mower through an anti-theft feature.

Robotic lawnmowers aren’t exactly cheap, but you can rest easy when the LawnMeister is cutting your grass. If it leaves your property, the system will lock the mower down while an alert goes out to the app with its location. As a bonus, you can use this smart lawn mower as a security system through the app and its 300° field of view.

LawnMeister Accessories

lawnmeister robotic mower vs husqvarna robotic mower
LawnMeister has a range of up to 4000 sq. m per day.


Tool manufacturers have gone modular over the past decade so it’s not uncommon to find multiuse equipment or tools. The concept is perfect for battery-powered devices, and it’s something you’ll find on the LawnMeister robotic mower.

While details are light, this LawnMeister H1 can do more than just mow your lawn. Within a few minutes, you can attach a module that turns the system into a leaf blower. You can also swap out the side module for an edge trimmer accessory. In addition to blowing leaves and keeping the edges of your yard tidy, this robotic mower can also keep it healthy.

Several manufacturers have used cross-cutting blades to help mow leftover lawn clippings in your yard. LawnMeister takes things a step further. Their system adds a sprayer to the LawnMeister H1, which takes another task off your hands when it’s time to maintain your lawn.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower Price

If you’re interested in the LawnMeister robotic mower, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that the H1 is not available yet and pricing is up in the air. Speculation is that the robot will arrive at around $2,000 for the base package, but take that with a grain of salt.

While that may seem high, keep in mind you won’t need a professional installation or any wires on your property to keep the mower in your yard. The good news is the company plans to introduce the mower this year, so it’s not just something in the concept phase. Crowdfunding is expected to begin in February 2023.

Given the nature of these products, the first batch could be scarce, but you can sign up to get on the list for the beta program now.

WORX Robotic Mowers: Overview

WORX may have produced hundreds of mowers and tools over the years, but they only have one robotic lawnmower at this time. It’s called the “Landroid” and it comes in three configurations with different price points.

Landroid SLandroid MLandroid L
Cutting Width7 inches8 inches8 inches
Acreage1/8 acre¼ acre½ acre
Obstacle avoidanceWheel TorqueBump SensorBump Sensors
Max Incline202020
Battery Capacity2.0Ah4.0Ah6.0Ah
Boundary Wire426 ft.590 ft.820 ft.
Warranty3 years3 years3 years

The first thing you’ll want to know about WORX’s current lineup of robot mowers is they all require boundary wires. While smart, they don’t utilize GPS to map and mark your property or have the same type of sensors as the LawnMeister H1. There’s a degree of installation required for all three models, but the boundary wires and pegs are included.

It would be hard to tell each of the Landroid mowers apart from a distance, but there are some important differences. The Landroid S is the entry-level model with 3 wheels and enough power to handle 1/8 acre before the battery needs to be topped off. The Landroid M can cover ¼ acre yards with a larger 4.0Ah battery and 8-inch cutting width.

LawnMeister robotic mower vs work robotic mower
The Worx Landroid Vision uses AI to tell the difference between the grass and its surroundings.


This mower has bump sensors for obstacle avoidance and an extra wheel for stability. WORX used the same sensors on the Landroid L, which also has the same cutting width.

The most significant difference is the battery life, as this model has a 20V 6.0Ah battery and can cut yards up to a half acre in size. The company kept the design the same along with the features, including their AIA Intelligent Navigation system.


These mowers will map your lawn over one week and learn to navigate the landscape. It can turn on a dime when it reaches a boundary wire while the blade system grinds clippings down into the soil. When the battery begins to run low, these robotic mowers will return to their charging stations and recharge. They also have self-leveling cutting decks.   

Want to schedule the yard work around the weather? The Landroid can do that with some help from the Landroid app. It takes the weather into consideration to help you find the perfect time to cut your lawn. These mowers are weatherproof but designed to stop if it begins to rain.

WORX Robot Mower Accessories

WORX designed the Landroid mowers as a “family” which means accessories are cross-compatible with their mowers. While that could change in the future, this first generation of the Landroid has an array of extras to choose from.

If you want to increase the mower’s ability to avoid objects, you can do so with the WA0860 anti-collision system. It’s pricey but uses ultrasonic waves to increase efficiency, which prevents damage to the mower or other objects on your property. Extra boundary wires, screws, and blades are an option, along with a Wi-Fi extender.

lawnmeister robotic mower vs worx robotic mower
The Worx Landroid Vision’s onboard rain sensor tells it when to return to its home base to avoid sustaining damage.


This add-on can help ensure you have enough signal to reach the mower on larger properties. Alternatively, the Find My Landroid module adds GPS tracking to your mower to prevent anyone from stealing it. You can purchase accessories for these mowers online or locally through hardware stores and big box retailers like Home Depot.

WORX Robotic Mower Price

Pricing on WORX robotic lawn mowers all comes down to the size of your yard. The entry-level WORX S WR165 won’t break the bank and has the same basic features as the more expensive models. It’s a little dumber, however, due to the sensors and the battery being half the size of the one powering the Landroid M.

The difference is also minimal between the Landroid M and Landroid L, which has a larger battery but the same cutting width. None come with any accessories like anti-collision or GPS out of the box. Boundary wires and pegs are included with each mower along with a charging station.

All three mowers are easy to acquire online or locally and sport 3-year warranties with a 30-day money-back guarantee from WORX.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. WORX Robotic Mower: 4 Must-Know Facts

  1. Heisenberg plans to introduce two versions of the LawnMeister H1.
  2. Landroid is the first line of robotic lawnmowers from WORX.
  3. The LawnMeister H1 does not require a base station or cables.
  4. You can clean the WORX Landroid mowers with a water hose after removing the battery.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. WORX Robotic Mower: Which One Is Better?

Consumers that want a dependable mower to cut their lawns now should go for the WORX Landroid. They are far from perfect but have received favorable reviews from homeowners. We feel like the accessories are a bit overpriced, including the garage, but they come with an excellent warranty and solid customer support.

If you don’t need a mower at the moment and are just looking into robotic lawnmowers, you may want to wait and see what LawnMeister brings to the table. Their robotic mower could be the most intelligent on the market when it arrives, but it’s too early to tell. Pricing and availability could also be an issue with the Landroid when it finds its way to the market later this year.

Recent Technology Updates for the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower

Since February 2023, there have been technological advances for the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower, including:

  • Boundary wire technology: These improvements have helped mowers stay within a designated mowing area.
  • Navigation technology: Navigation has improved for the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower due to artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Sensor technology: Because of improved sensor technology, the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower are even safer to operate.
  • App control: App control has improved, making it easier to control the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower by a smartphone or tablet.
  • Battery life: The battery life of the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower have been improved since February 2023.

Possible Technology Advances for the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower

While planned technology advancements have not been announced for the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and WORX Robotic Mower, it is likely that you may see some or all of the following in the next six to 18 months:

  • Self-charging: We can expect to see more self-charging robotic mowers due to technology advancements.
  • Weatherproofing: Robotic mowers are expected to be more resilient towards weather such as snow and rain.
  • Obstacle avoidance: With advances in technology, robotic mowers will be able to navigate obstacles better, reducing risks to damage to the mower or the lawn.
  • App integration: We can expect to see robotics mowers integrated with home automation systems which will allow users to control robotic mowers using voice control or smart home hubs.
  • AI-powered navigation: Because of artificial intelligence, we can expect to see improved navigation with robotic mowers, reducing the amount of time it can take to mow a lawn and improve mowing quality.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. Worx Robotic Mower: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do you control a robotic lawn mower?

Robotic lawn mowers are designed to run on their own without a driver, but most allow you to control or play with the mower through a mobile app.

Can you use a robotic lawn mower on separate properties?

Yes, but you will have to reset the boundaries or lay down a new boundary wire depending on the type of mower.

How long does a robot lawn mower last?

The chassis and most parts will outlive the warranty, but components like the batteries could need to be replaced every 2-3 years.

Will a robotic mower cut grass in the rain?

That depends on the model. While weatherproof, many are designed to stop during rainfall or poor weather outdoors.

Can you have the boundary wire professionally installed for a robotic lawn mower?

Yes. Some companies offer the service with the mower or through their dealerships, but you can also hire someone locally to do the job.

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