LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs Husqvarna Robotic Mower: Which One Wins?

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs Husqvarna Robotic Mower

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs Husqvarna Robotic Mower: Which One Wins?

Robotic lawnmowers can leave homeowners with more free time on their hands while replacing gas and oil with lithium-ion power. While there are dozens of companies in this niche, we’re going to take a look at the LawnMeister robotic mower vs. Husqvarna robotic mower. One company is a well-known name in the industry, while the other has a very interesting and smart robotic mower in the works.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. Husqvarna Robotic Mower: What’s the Difference?

To understand the difference between LawnMeister and Husqvarna you have to dig deep. It’s also an interesting comparison, given that LawnMeister is new and their mower is still somewhat of a mystery.

Husqvarna, on the other hand, has been in the robotic mower business since 1995. While they may have an edge with selection and name recognition, LawnMeister is set to make a splash with the H1 in the near future.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower: Overview

Autonomous mowers are nothing new, and each year manufacturers make them a little smarter and faster. Most take the same approach, however. What sets the LawnMeister H1 apart is its brain and the ability to take on more than one job around your property.

The LawnMeister H1 is billed as a “level 3” self-driving mower. While it’s not on par with the new Mercedes, the system gives the robot environmental detection which allows it to adjust on the fly. The difference is that you won’t have to pay attention or keep your hands on the controls with the LawnMeister once it’s set up and ready to mow.

Have you stayed away from robotic mowers because of the guide wires and installation? That won’t be an issue with the LawnMeister H1.

You don’t need to put down perimeter wire for this system, so there’s no digging or wiring involved. It’s designed to map your landscape after a single pass. VSLAM technology and a series of cameras help guide this mower, which you can turn into a security robot in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, tech specs on the LawnMeister are vague at this time and subject to change before it hits the streets. There are two models set to debut for different-sized yards, although we expect the mowers to have the same flagship features.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower Features

lawnmeister robotic mower vs husqvarna robotic mower
LawnMeister has a range of up to 4000 sq. m per day.


While we may not know the cutting width for the H1 or what kind of slope it can handle, it’s packed to the brim with features and cool tech. That includes a mobile app that lets you control (play) with the robot, and also allows you to set the backyard up for a 1.5-inch trim and keep your front yard at 2 inches.

Obstacle avoidance and self-driving are obvious draws of this mower, but it has recharge and resume features as well. When the mower’s dual 5Ah batteries run dry, it returns to its base, recharges, and returns to work. An anti-theft system on the H1 ensures that if the mower is stolen, you’ll recover it quickly. If it leaves your yard, the mower locks itself down before sending you an alert to its whereabouts.

Heisenberg designed the LawnMeister H1 so that it’s easy to clean regardless of the task. You can rinse it off with a hose after the yard work is done or add a module to the back that transforms this robot into a driveway sweeper. It can blow leaves out of your yard before you mow or edge your lawn through side attachments. Last but not least is a sprayer module that attaches to the front of the H1.  

LawnMeister Price and Availability

When Heisenberg Robotics unveiled the LawnMeister H1 at CES 2023, it certainly grabbed consumers’ attention. It also brought up a lot of questions regarding the robotic lawnmower’s release date and pricing.

That’s something that’s still unknown at this time, but speculation is the H1 will launch at around $2,000 based on a product page that has since been removed. There will be two models of the LawnMeister H1 for different-sized yards, but little else is known about pricing or differences between the models.

If you’re wondering when you can buy the LawnMeister H1, you may have to wait a while. The company expects plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon. So, while we expect it to launch in 2023, we should find out more information at that time.  

Husqvarna Robotic Mower: Overview

Some companies “dabble” with robotic mowers while others go into the niche full blast. That’s what Husqvarna did as you can find more than a dozen models of robotic mowers between the residential and commercial classes.

The most affordable robot mower from Husqvarna is the AUTOMOWER 115H 4G. It’s designed for small to medium yards up to .04 acres and draws its power from a 2Ah battery. The cut height is 2 to 3.6 inches, whereas the AUTOMOWER 415X can trim grass down to 0.8 inches. It has the same 8.7-inch cutting and battery but enhanced navigation.

If you want more coverage per cut and extra battery life, you’ll need to step up to the AUTOMOWER 430X or 430XH. Battery size more than doubles to 5.0Ah along with the charging current.

These mowers have a Quadsearch navigation system and can mow for up to 145 minutes before they head to the dock. You’ll also shave around 10 minutes from the charging times and get a higher maximum cut height of 2.5 inches.

If you want the best from Husqvarna, that’s currently the AUTOMOWER 450X. It’s the company’s smartest, fastest robotic mower for residential use, and comes with some nifty flagship features. Pentasearch, GPS theft protection, and ultrasonic sensors are just a few of the perks on this model. The 450X is a variant with a different cut height range, but both can run for an impressive 270 minutes per charge.

The last current model in Husqvarna’s catalog is the AUTOMOWER 435X AWD. It’s more expensive than the 450X and 450XH, but with a smaller battery and less cutting width. The mower is good for yards up to 0.9 acres giving it the edge over the AUTOMOWER 430X but can crawl up small hills because it’s all-wheel drive. It’s the best option for sloped yards and has the fastest recharging time as well.

These models just cover the company’s most recent lineup, so you can also find older mowers and variants from the company, like the AUTOMOWER 315X.

115H 4G415X430X450X435X AWD
Lawn Size0.4 acres0.37 acres.08 acres1.25 acres0.9
Search SystemSinglesearchTriplesearchQuadsearchPentasearchQuadsearch
Follow Guides11332
Battery Capacity2Ah2Ah5Ah10A5Ah
Charging Current1.3A1.3A4.2A7A7A
Mow time60 min50 min145 min270 min100 min
Charging Time60 min60 min50 min60 min30 min
Min Cut Height2 inches0.8 inches0.8 inches0.8 inches1.2 inches
Max Cut Height3.6 inches2 inches2.4 inches2.4 inches2.8 inches
Cutting Width8.7 inches8.7 inches9.45 inches9.45 inches8.7 inches
Theft TrackingNoYesNoYesYes

Husqvarna Robotic Mower Features

lawnmeister robotic mower vs husqvarna robotic mower
Husqvarna robotic mowers are emission-free and virtually silent.

©Jerry Bergquist/Shutterstock.com

Husqvarna has manufactured products for over 300 years, so it’s safe to say they know about innovation. It’s something you’ll see with every product line from the company, and there are plenty of flagship features on their robotic mowers.

While the sensors and navigation vary to a degree with Husqvarna robotic mowers, the top models have ultrasonic sensors. They can lower the speed beforehand to prevent damage from collisions if they can’t help the mower avoid one altogether. AIM is something every mower has, and it’s how they navigate your property.

These mowers use the Automower connect app and guidewires from the base station to map and cut your lawn. Those wires enable remote start points to provide an even cut while the Weather Timer works to maintain a healthy lawn by adjusting its schedule to the weather. That’s a patented feature, just like automatic passage handling and electronic height adjustment.

While most of their mowers share features, some have more than others. You’ll only find an articulated body on their AWD robotic mower, but their patented tech is on all their mowers. One thing to keep in mind are updates, which may influence your buying decision if you’re interested in a Husqvarna robotic mower.

As with most high-tech devices, you can update Husqvarna robotic mowers as needed or required. The process varies, however, as some allow for FOTA updates while others require a trip to the dealer. These mowers are portable, but it’s something to consider if you’re torn between two models.

Husqvarna Robotic Mower Pricing

If you want to buy a robotic lawnmower from Husqvarna, it’s best to think of it as an investment. The entry-level model has an MSRP of $699 which is affordable compared to other models from top brands in the field. The next step up with the AUTOMOWER 415X is considerably more expensive at $1,999 while their all-wheel-drive mower is $4,799.

Pricing on some models is lower if you choose the self-install option. Adding a professional installation raises the price between $800, but it’s something only offered through Husqvarna or authorized retailers.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. Husqvarna Robotic Mower: 4 Must-Know Facts

  1. The LawnMeister H1 is the first robotic mower with a Class-3 driving system.
  2. Husqvarna introduced its first commercial motorized lawnmower in 1947.
  3. You can create custom zones or change the cutting height on the fly through the LawnMeister app.
  4. The first Husqvarna robotic mower was the Solar Mower which was launched in 1995.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs. Husqvarna Robotic Mower: Which One Is Better?

Sometimes, when you compare products, it can leave you more confused than you were to begin with. With the LawnMeister and Husqvarna, it’s simple. Husqvarna is an established presence with a long and storied history. Their robotic lawnmowers have received positive reviews, and their professional line is used by landscapers and homeowners across the United States.

If you purchase a mower from Husqvarna, you know what to expect and should be pleased with the results. With LawnMeister, you’re dealing with a new company that hasn’t produced its first product. Their crowd-funded campaign will provide more details on their plans. But, for now, we feel it’s a product you should just keep on your watch list.  

Recent Technology Updates for the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and the Husqvarna Robotic Mower

Since February 2023, LawnMeister and Husqvarna made the following enhancements on their robotic mowers, including:

  • Improved navigation: Both manufacturers have made improvements to their navigation systems. LawnMeister can now navigate lawns without a boundary wire due to the Heisenberg Pilot System (HPS). Husqvarna’s models, like the AUTOMOWER 450X, are using Pentasearch technology to improve their navigation system.
  • Increased intelligence: With more intelligent mowers, cutting height and frequency can be adjusted based on grass type, season, and weather. Some models have GPS theft protection.
  • Extended battery life: The battery life of the latest models can last between five to 10 hours on a single charge.
  • New features: The LawnMeister updated their newer models with a built-in leaf blower, and Husqvarna updated their models with ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance.

Future Technology Advancements for the LawnMeister Robotic Mower and the Husqvarna Robotic Mower

LawnMeister and Husqvarna are continuing to make advancements on their robotic mowers. Here are some possible technology advancements we might see from both manufacturers in the next six to 18 months:

  • Navigation updates: Both LawnMeister and Husqvarna have improved their navigation systems, and they are continuing to advance in this area. Navigation could include using advanced sensors, such as LiDAR, which would lead to more precise navigation.
  • Intelligence improvements: Increased intelligence could include the ability to learn your lawn’s layout for more efficient mowing.
  • Battery life: Battery life extension may be achieved by using multiple batteries that are easily swapped out or by utilizing more efficient batteries.
  • New features: New features to these robotic mowers may include blowing leaves, trimming edges, and possibly even applying fertilizer.

LawnMeister Robotic Mower vs Husqvarna Robotic Mower: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do robotic lawnmowers work on tall grass?

That depends on the model and how high it allows you to adjust the cut height. You may be able to cut thick, tall grass but it could drain the mower battery quickly.

Are robotic lawnmowers good for edging?

That’s one area where these systems struggle, as it depends on where the perimeter wire is laid. Areas like flower beds can be challenging for robotic mowers without a good navigation system.

Is it safe to leave a robotic mower outdoors all year long?

It’s not advised, although most are weatherproof. Over time, sun and elements will take a toll on the exteriors, so it’s best to store the mower when not in use for extended periods.

Are their accessories for Husqvarna robotic mowers?

Yes, the company does have a small line of accessories including storage for your mower and different grades of the boundary wire.

Can you get a professional AUTOMOWER installation anywhere?

While you can contract someone to install and set the mower up properly, Husqvarna only provides its service in select cities.

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