LawnMaster Robotic Mower vs. GARDENA Robotic Mower: Which One Wins?

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LawnMaster Robotic Mower vs. GARDENA Robotic Mower: Which One Wins?

Whether a big area or small, mowing a lawn can be frustrating, especially when you don’t have the equipment to reach narrow spaces. That’s when choosing the right robotic mower is essential. The quality robotic mower will reduce most of your manual work while accessing all those tiny spaces your bulky mower failed to target. 

So, which one should you go for? The classic LawnMaster or GARDENA? Both brands have built quite a reputation over time. But the question is, who will win the robotic mowers battle?

Let’s find the answer by comparing the two best robotic mowers of both brands: the LawnMaster L10 Robotic Mower and the GARDENA Sileno Life 750 Robotic Mower. While the former is designed for areas up to 400m², the latter can mow lawns up to 750m². Moreover, both products have almost similar height adjustment and blade quantity. 

Let’s compare the two in greater detail to help you decide the winner. So, let’s get started!

LawnMaster Robotic Mower vs. GARDENA Robotic Mower: Side-by-Side Comparison

LawnMaster Robotic Mower (L10)GARDENA Robotic Mower (Sileno Life 750)
Best forSmall to medium lawns. It’s designed to cut up to 400m²Small to medium lawns, measuring up to 750m²
Height Adjustment20mm to 60mm20mm to 50mm
Cutting Deck18cm22cm
Operation TimeUp to 10 hours a day65 minutes
Blades 33
Battery2.0Ah Li-ion2.1Ah Li-ion
Battery Power18V18V

LawnMaster Robotic Mower vs. GARDENA Robotic Mower: What’s the Difference?

LawnMaster and GARDENA both have been in the business for years. Today, both companies have multiple lawnmowers in their respective product lineups, but robotic mowers are the best products they offer. They are compact, easy to use, and do the job well to take the pressure off of you!

You may have already seen a significant price difference between LawnMaster L10 and GARDENA Sileno 75 from the table above. But what else? Let’s discover some distinguishing features of both.

Power System 

The LawnMaster L10’s package comes with a charging station featuring a power cable of 10m. All you have to do is place the charging station anywhere where the mower can quickly return to. The cable is also long enough. 

The LawnMaster L10’s 2.0Ah Li-Ion battery is located underneath the mower, next to the USB port, and it ensures an operating time of up to 10 hours a day.

On the other hand, we have GARDENA Sileno Life 750 with a 2.1Ah Li-Ion battery. The best part? This robotic mower automatically goes to its charging station whenever it needs to regain power.

Make sure to make the station accessible for the mower so it can easily reach it. The total charging time for the Sileno Life 750 is almost 60 minutes. With this robotic mower, you can mow your 750m² lawn for up to 65 minutes. 

The LawnMaster clearly beats the GARDENA mower in terms of operating time. But, when it comes to coverage area, the GARDENA has the upper hand. 

gardena robotic lawnmower
The GARDENA mower is capable of covering large areas, and automatically returns to its charging station when the battery runs low.


Navigation System

One exciting thing about the LawnMaster L10 is that you can adjust the mowing duration. The available options are four, six, eight, and ten hours, which suffice your daily mowing needs. 

If you don’t want to mow daily, you can set the robotic mower for alternate days. Enter the PIN and press any of the four buttons longer than three seconds to turn on the alternate day feature. The navigation system is super easy in L10. 

You can also set a specific boundary for your mower to prevent it from going outside your lawn. The package comes with 250 pegs and 150 meters of wire that lets you do so. Use the peg driver kit to establish your robotic mower’s perimeter quickly. 

Typically, the LawnMaster L10 will operate within the border on its own, but you can start it manually too. The mower will automatically return to its charging station whenever it falls out of power. You just have to sit back and let the robot do all the work!

Meanwhile, the GARDENA Sileno Life 750 mows the lawn discretely. It allows the appliance to trim different parts of the yard equally. But, if you want to focus on a particular area, you’ll have to set the perimeter on your own. The process is the same as the LawnMaster L10. 

You can adjust the mowing plan on the Sileno 75 on your own. The random navigation system of this mower is supported by collision sensors and SensorCut System. The sensor enables the device to move away from obstacles and continue mowing. 

The SensorCut System ensures that no line stays behind on your lawn after the mowing is completed. This way, the GARDENA Sileno Life 750 gives you an even, neat yard. 

robotic lawnmower
The LawnMaster L10 has mowing durations of four, six, eight, and ten hours.

©Andrej Privizer/Shutterstock.com

Control Panel and Setup

The LawnMaster L10 is straightforward to set up. You just have to choose the mowing hours from the 4, 6, 8, and 10” buttons on the keypad, and you’re done. The mower has no app or additional software you need to download on your smartphone. This makes the process pretty straightforward. 

However, for many lawnmowers, this is too old-fashioned, and the mower must come with an app to let them set the device from a distance. So, in this case, the LawnMaster L10 lacks. But it actually depends on personal preferences and expectations. 

Comparatively, GARDENA robotic mowers have a lead here. They are also simple to set up, and you can control them via an app. You can enter your preferred mowing days, start time, and lawn size to let the device mow the lawn the best. Just secure the area with boundary wires, start the mower from its clear display, and allow the machine to calibrate itself.

Most of the functions on GARDENA Sileno Life 750 are automated, but you can change them manually anytime you want. The programming assistant on the mower will also guide you throughout the process. 

Whether you have the LawnMaster L10 or GARDENA Sileno Life 750, you must observe how your robotic mower works for a few days. This will help you determine the right mowing hours and make necessary adjustments. After that, leave the machine on its own and see the magic!

Mowing Features

The LawnMaster L10 is a versatile robot mower that performs several functions for effective mowing. It won’t gather the clippings but will mulch them back into the lawn. This way, you will keep your lawn greener and healthier without worrying about emptying the mower’s collection bag. 

There is a tie between the LawnMaster Robotic Mower and the GARDENA Robotic Mower for mowing features.

Like the GARDENA Sileno Life 750, the LawnMaster L10 also offers random cutting for lawns. Both robotic mowers can also mow sloped areas in your lawn, but the inclination shouldn’t be more than 35%.

Set perimeters for both robotic mowers to help them mow the right areas. This also allows both devices to handle narrow passages quite well. With the spot-cutting feature, the LawnMaster L10 and the GARDENA Sileno Life 750 can efficiently access hard-to-reach spaces, such as garden furniture and under areas of trees. 

However, with GARDENA, you can operate the mower in multiple zones. You’ll have to pass a wire from one area to another and turn the Man mode on. The downside is that you will have to carry the mower back to the docking station.

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Both the LawnMaster L10 and GARDENA Robotic Mower offer advanced features and great running times so you can sit back and relax while your robot mower does the job.

©Birgit Reitz-Hofmann/Shutterstock.com


The blade performances of the LawnMaster L10 and the GARDENA Robotic Mower are exceptional. Each mower features three quality razor-sharp blades that ensure a clean and neat cut. They also offer precise finishing. 

However, you will occasionally have to sharpen the blades in both robotic mowers. If doing so doesn’t give you desired results, you should replace them after some time. 

Height Adjustment

To ensure efficient cutting throughout the year, you must change your mower’s cutting height with the shift in the weather. The height adjustment for a LawnMaster L10 is between 20mm and 60mm, which is enough to keep a large lawn area well-maintained. But remember, it won’t be suitable for mowing longer grass. 

Fortunately, the GARDENA Sileno Life 750 also offers a height adjustment feature. It ranges between 20mm to 50mm. You can adjust your ideal height by rotating the dial located at the machine’s top. 

LawnMaster Robotic Mower vs. GARDENA Robotic Mower: Complete History

LawnMaster is owned by Cleva, established in 2004 to manufacture high-performing appliances. Since then, Cleva has come a long way. The company has a workforce of 1,200 that has manufactured 40 million+ machines in-house. 

Currently, Cleva offers a range of lawn mowers, including LawnMaster cordless mowers, robot mowers, electric mowers, grass trimmers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers. These are sold in almost 97 countries, including Europe. In 2016, Cleva Europe Ltd was founded in the UK, which allowed the company to improve its robotic lawn mowers even more. 

On the other hand, GARDENA is a German company established in 1961 by two salesmen named Eberhard Kastner and Werner Kress. They used to import French garden tools and soon succeeded in introducing the Original GARDENA System in 1968. 

In just a few years, GARDENA emerged as a high-quality garden equipment manufacturer in the world. The company launched its first robotic mower in 2012 to motivate gardeners to hand over their work to the machine. 

GARDENA also offers a range of gardening tools, including smart systems, pumps, lawn, tree, and shrub care, robotics, and more. Today, the company is operating in Europe, along with 80 countries across the world. 

LawnMaster Robotic Mower vs. GARDENA Robotic Mower: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • You can control your GARDENA robotic mower from the Bluetooth app installed on your smartphone. Simply enter your desired mowing days, starting time, and lawn size to get started. You don’t have this feature on LawnMaster L10; only the keypads are available to set the operating time and enable different modes. 
  • The Bluetooth connectivity on GARDENA Sileno Life 750 also lets you control the appliance from 10m away.
  • Both robotic lawn mowers ask for a PIN before the operation. This keeps unauthorized persons away from using the device. 
  • The LawnMaster Robotic Mower and GARDENA Robotic Mower come with “bump and lift” sensors that stop the blade when the mower hits an obstacle in the lawn. 
  • Both lawn mowers are weather-proof and safe to use on 35% inclinations. Not only that, but they are also compact enough to squeeze into narrow areas. 

LawnMaster Robotic Mower and GARDENA Robotic Mower in the News

Both LawnMaster and GARDENA continue to improve their products to offer consumers top-of-the-line robotic mowers. Since February 2023, LawnMaster has upgraded their mower’s battery life, allowing the robotic mower to cover more ground in a single charge. The navigation system has also been updated, making it easier for the mower to cover larger lawns. And, the collision sensors have been improved. GARDENA has increased the mowing width of its robotic lawnmower to 22 inches, allowing the mower to cover larger lawns in less time. GARDENA has also included more cutting heights, ranging from 0.4 to 2.8 inches, allowing consumers greater control over their lawn height. Lastly, the company has also revamped its weatherproofing for the GARDENA robotic mower, making it less likely to incur damage if caught in bad weather.

The LawnMaster Robotic Mower and GARDENA Robotic Mower: Looking Forward

As both companies continue to improve on robotic lawnmower technology, we can expect to see more updates to their products. In the following six to 18 months, we could see improved connectivity features, possibly allowing for control via smartphone or tablet, or even over-the-air update capabilities. We may see even better navigation capabilities, and possibly features involving custom mowing patterns. And, both brands may continue to increase the battery life of their products, allowing the robotic mower to run for longer and cover a larger area.

LawnMaster Robotic Mower vs. GARDENA Robotic Mower: Which One is Better?

LawnMaster Robotic Mower and GARDENA Robotic Mower have been the best in the market for years. The above comparison between LawnMaster L10 and GARDENA Sileno Life 750 gave us no clear winner. Both products are one-of-a-kind and offer all the modern features a robotic mower should have. 

If you want to control your mower from your smartphone, you can resort to GARDENA robotic mower. You can also cover a bigger lawn area with the Sileno Life 750 than the LawnMaster L10. 

However, LawnMaster L10 robotic mowers have a better running time than GARDENA’s mower. So, if you want to mow your lawn for up to 10 hours, L10 will be your right choice. So, it all boils down to your preferences and gardening expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a robot mower?

You can choose the right robot lawn mower by evaluating a few things, such as your lawn’s size, how you want to control the mower, and the slopes and obstacles in your yard.

Are robotic lawn mowers worth buying?

Robotic lawn mowers are worth buying if you don’t want to mow fully-grown grass in your lawn. These appliances only trim short grass and are ideal for small to medium-sized yards.

Which robotic mower is best for acreage?

The Husqvarna Automower 315 X Robotic Lawn Mower is the best for covering a lawn area of up to 4 acres. It can also work on slopes with 22 degrees of inclination.

Who makes GARDENA Sileno?

GARDENA Sileno has been a part of the Husqvarna Group since 2007. However, the company has been offering watering systems, tree care, garden tools, and robotics since 1961.

How long do robot mowers last?

The robot mowers usually last more or less than 10 years. You can extend your mower’s lifespan by getting it installed professionally and serviced regularly.

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