Largest Tech Companies in South Carolina

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Largest Tech Companies in South Carolina

Key Facts

  • Founded in 1972, Kyocera AVX is a company with about 11,000 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of $1.3 billion.
  • Blackbaud was founded in 1981 and specializes in cloud software that digitizes and manages workplace processes. It has an annual revenue of $913 million.
  • 3D Systems specializes in 3D printing, scanning, engineering, and manufacturing. It was founded in 1986 and earns $557 million annually.

Some of the largest tech companies in South Carolina exist and are growing steadily for very good reasons.

The tech industry in South Carolina has been steadily surging for over 20 years, experiencing a labor expansion that was occurring faster than on the national level.

If you want to get a good tech-based job or set up a tech company, your best option may be to go to South Carolina.

Here are ten of the largest tech companies in South Carolina.

Large Tech Companies Founded in South Carolina

Let’s dive into the largest tech companies in South Carolina ranked by their number of employees.

Crunchy Data – 81 employees

Crunchy Data is a technology company that specializes in developing open-source-based software programs that are used by companies for data management purposes. The company was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 2012.

Crunchy Data is a software technology company that specializes in using open-source code-based software programs to create cloud-viable data management systems.

The company’s business plan is to offer secure and trustworthy open-source code software programs to its clients, like PostgresSQL, instead of customized and proprietary data management software programs written from scratch to keep costs down and engender trust.

PostgresSQL is an open-source computer code that has been used by companies for over 30 years and is trusted for use in data management software products.

Crunchy Data is a small company with 81 employees and an annual revenue stream of $2.3 million.

TM Floyd and Company – 150 employees

TM Floyd and Company is an IT management and consulting company that was founded in Columbia, South Carolina in 1976.

The company offers IT management and consulting services to businesses in the insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare industries, as well as various government agencies.

The company has over 40 years of experience in training IT staff experts and consultants in helping companies improve their operating infrastructures.

TM Floyd and Company is a small business with less than 150 employees. It generates about $17 million in annual revenues.

PhishLabs – 165 employees

PhishLabs is a cybersecurity technology company that was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 2008.

PhishLabs is one of the country’s leading and most trusted cybersecurity technology companies. The company’s cybersecurity technology products and IT management services are used by some of the country’s largest corporations and financial institutions.

PhishLab’s proprietary cybersecurity programs are designed to expeditiously detect, identify, analyze, and prevent sophisticated cyberattacks before they compromise their client’s operations.

The company offers technological protections against ransomware attacks, phishing, trojan horses, phony mobile phishing apps, and other cybersecurity dangers. PhishLab’s open-source commercial software products are regularly evaluated and certified for safety and efficiency by third-party experts.

PhishLabs is a small company with about 165 employees. The company generates about $12 million in annual revenue.

Foxfire – 200 employees

Foxfire is a warehouse data management software and business solutions company founded in 1985 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Foxfire is a South Carolina-based software company with a business focus on helping warehouses transition from being inefficient paper-based organization bureaucracies to streamlined, data management software organizations.

The company’s data management software products can be customized to each client’s signature needs.

Foxfire recruits and hires 11% of its workforce in-state from Clemson University. It is a small company with less than 200 employees and an annual revenue stream of $16 million.

ACS Technologies – 200 employees

ACS Technologies develops and manages data management software products specifically marketed to churches, religious institutions, offices, and schools. The company was founded in Florence, South Carolina in 1978.

ACS Technologies creates information management software products designed and marketed for use in churches as well as offices and schools. 

The company’s software products are user-friendly and are used to help churches and religious institutions efficiently organize their finances, office paperwork, events calendar, and other church business. 

ACS Technologies’ data management software can be accessed via the internet, desktop, and proprietary mobile apps. The company’s technologies and software are used in over 50,000 churches, offices, and schools.

ACS Technologies has satellite offices in Seattle, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona. But, the company still fosters ties with its headquarters city by recruiting and hiring talent from Francis Marion University, making up over 47% of its workforce.

ACS Technologies is considered a small business and employs 200 people. It generates annual revenues of $75 million.

Largest Private Tech Company in South Carolina That You May Not Know About

Ramboll – $2 billion

Ramboll is a globally viable engineering, software, and architecture consultancy consortium that was founded back in 1945 in Denmark.

Along with offering consultancy, design, and engineering help, the company produces organizational software that helps its clients run their operations more efficiently. Ramboll has an office in South Carolina but the company has 16,000 employees working in 35 countries. The company generated $2 billion in revenue in 2021.

Ramboll HQ headquarters denmark
Ramboll has over 16,000 employees working in 35 countries.


The Largest Publicly Traded Tech Companies in South Carolina

Here are some of the largest publicly traded tech companies in South Carolina as ranked by their 2021 revenues.

Benefitfocus – $268 million

Benefitfocus is a technology company that develops software and apps to digitize employer-based work benefits and accompanying paperwork. The company was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 2000.

Benefitfocus is arguably the leading innovator of workplace benefits digitization cloud technology. The company also creates software that manages and integrates work benefits into one convenient and user-friendly digital platform. The goal of the company is to efficiently serve and educate employees and employers about digitizing, streamlining, and simplifying the benefits management, administration, and enrollment process.

The company launched in 2000 in an abandoned factory at the tail-end of the dot-com bubble. Their revolutionary idea of completely digitizing the employee benefits process was birthed in an era when it was almost exclusively done on paper.

The original goal of the company has been supplemented with the addition of cloud technologies, online platforms, and apps.

Benefitfocus is a large company with about 1,500 employees and annual revenue of $268 million.

BenefitFocus website
Benefitfocus has digitized the employee benefits process.

©iStock.com/Pavel Kapysh

3D Systems – $557 million

3D Systems is a 3D printing, scanning, engineering, and manufacturing company that was founded in Rock Hill, South Carolina in 1986.

3D Systems is a 3D printing and engineering company that was pioneering 3D printing conceptualization and printing technologies back in the late 1980s. The company obtained patents for its 3D printing proprietary technology back in 1986, the same year it was founded. 

The company contracts services requiring 3D conceptualization of models and exactingly precise prototypes. Plastics, ceramics, metals, and edibles can be used as the building materials in the company’s 3D printers.

Additionally, 3D Systems develops, designs, engineers, and sells 3D printers, scanners, software, 3D printing machines, 3D sculpting devices, and accompanying equipment. 

The company has been so successful that it expanded its South Carolina headquarters facility by over 100,000 square feet.

3D Systems is a large company with about 2,700 employees and has an annual revenue of about $557 million.

3D Systems
3D Systems has been a pioneer of 3D printing from the late 1980s.

©Own work (3d systems) / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license – License

Blackbaud – $913 million

Blackbaud is a software technology company that is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. The company was founded in 1981.

Blackbaud is a software technology company that develops cloud software that digitizes and manages the bureaucracy and paperwork of the workplace. The company offers software that can help a business manage its payroll, accounting, benefits, management, and so on.

Blackbaud differentiates itself from competitors with similar business plans by espousing a social good or social impact business mindset. Social impact businesses are businesses that give back to their local communities just as much as they aim to profit. 

The company regularly partners with nonprofit organizations, social volunteer groups, and education advocacy groups to fundraise and raise grant funds for local and worthy social and humanitarian organizations.

The company is also experimenting with how AI can be used to enhance social impact endeavors.

Blackbaud is a large company with over 3,400 employees. The company has an annual revenue of $913 million.

Blackbaud website
Blackbaud has a social impact business model that focuses on supporting nonprofits and humanitarian organizations.

©Pavel Kapysh/Shutterstock.com

AVX (Kyocera) – $1.3 billion

AVX Corporation, now known as Kyocera AVX, is an international technology and electronics manufacturer founded in Fountain Inn, South Carolina in 1972.

AVX was founded as a technology company based in South Carolina. The company was acquired by the Japanese international technology company, Kyocera, in 1990. However, AVX did not officially change its business name to Kyocera AVX until October 2021.

Kyocera AVX is now a globally reaching developer, manufacturer, and supplier of technological products, capacitors, sensors, antennas, circuit protectors, and all kinds of accompanying electronic equipment. 

The company controls and manages over 30 manufacturing plants in 16 countries globally. Kyocera AVX hires and recruits almost 15% of its workforce from Coastal Carolina University.

Kyocera AVX is a large corporation that employs almost 11,000 people globally. The company generates $1.3 billion in revenue annually.

Kyocera AVX website
Kyocera AVX was originally AVX Corporation, but was acquired by Kyocera in 1990.


Forgotten Tech Companies of South Carolina


WYNIT was a wholesaler, logistics, and distribution company that was founded in New York City in 1987.

WYNIT was a nationally viable distributor and wholesaler of electronics and electronics products. It specialized in opening strategic manufacturing hubs in places like Tennessee, Minnesota, Nevada, and Ontario, Canada to help national and local retailers get access to wholesale electronic products and goods. 

The company moved its New York-based headquarters to Greenville, South Carolina in 2015. It specialized in the whole distribution of high-end electronic products like drones, 3D printers, wearable tech sensors, and more.

By early 2017, WYNIT was considered one of the best and most reliable employers in South Carolina.

By August 2017, the company abruptly went out of business and closed its Greenville headquarters due to financial problems and mounting bills. Over 140 people in Greenville lost their jobs.

Publicly available data suggests that WYNIT generated revenue flows between $10 to $50 million annually before it ceased operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How valuable is the South Carolina tech industry?

The South Carolina tech industry is worth $89 billion.

How many South Carolinians work in the state’s tech industry?

Over 180,800 South Carolinians are employed in the state’s tech industry.

How fast is the tech sector in South Carolina growing?

The tech industry growth in South Carolina was fast outpacing the national tech industry back in 2017 and has kept steady.

What is an example of this growth in the South Carolina tech industry?

The tech industry in South Carolina grew by 254% from 2000 to 2020.

How has the continued growth of the tech industry in South Carolina affected the labor market?

The tech industry in South Carolina expanded the state’s labor market with 5,000 new tech-related jobs in 2019.

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