Largest Tech Companies in North Dakota

largest tech companies in north Dakota

Largest Tech Companies in North Dakota

Key Facts

  • Most of North Dakota’s technology companies deal with business process outsourcing. 
  • The state is home to some of the most notable firms in that niche within the US.
  • Many companies with a country-wide reach call North Dakota their home, like SRL Communications, Forum Communications, and Packet Digital.

While North Dakota is primarily known for its agricultural and oil drilling industries, there is no shortage of technology companies here that market to the whole USA. Still, tech isn’t as big here as in other states, so it’s difficult to find all the info we’d want on these companies. 

However, in this article, we’ve curated all you need to know about the largest tech companies in North Dakota. Let’s jump straight in!

Which tech companies were Founded in North Dakota?

While North Dakota isn’t at the top of the list of relevant tech states, some interesting firms are founded here. Let’s have a look at the biggest ones. 

Packet Digital

Founded in 2003, Packet Digital deals with technology and engineering, particularly power management and product development. They patented a pioneering approach to using autonomous power management systems to achieve power savings for their customers. For this, they’ve received over 4.5 million dollars over four funding rounds. They have also received a contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop components for future U.S. space missions. 


This company was founded in 2006 and based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, that developed business software and delivered it to medium-sized companies. It received an impressive 570 thousand dollars in its first funding round in 2008, with which it created a successful customer relationship management application for Mac OS X computers called “Elements CRM.” The application was introduced during Apple’s keynote address at the 2007 World Wide Developer’s Conference. The company sadly went defunct in 2016.

A lot of the businesses in North Dakota are in the business process outsourcing section.

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What Are the Biggest Tech Companies Located in North Dakota?

While you may not expect it, North Dakota holds some impressively-sized technology companies. Here are the two with the most revenue and the highest amount of employees.

SRT Communications – $50 Million in revenue

Founded in 1951, SRT Communications is the largest cooperative in North Dakota that deals with internet, security, and business services. They take pride in having built much of the infrastructure for communications in rural North Dakota, being the largest telephone cooperative. They employ over 200 people, serve over 50 thousand customers and hold assets valued at around 147 million dollars. 

Forum Communications – $61 Million in revenue

Forum Communications was founded in 1891, making it the oldest tech company on this list. They are mainly centered around television and other multimedia services but are also an internet provider. Proof of this is that they own four television stations in the state, all affiliated with ABC. They employ over a thousand people to develop websites and apps, operate radio and television stations, and offer advertising solutions. 

They are a vital player in the state and the country’s media industry. 

The Largest Private Tech Companies in North Dakota

The state’s largest privately held tech companies are SRT Communications and Forum Communications. While this might seem weird at first, you need to understand that these two companies are titans when compared to others in the state. Let’s review them again and see why.

SRT Communications

SRT Communications, established in 1951, is a leading internet, security, and business services cooperative in North Dakota, known for building much of the communication infrastructure in rural areas. The company has over 200 employees and provides its customers with everything from internet access to home security systems and business phone systems. They are probably the most established tech company in the state.

Forum Communications

Forum Communications, founded in 1891, is the oldest tech-only company on the list, primarily focused on television and multimedia services but also offering internet services. They are also present in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, where they own over 15 print newspapers. They own four ABC-affiliated television stations in the state and employ over 1,000 individuals for multimedia operations and also software development.

The Largest Publicly Traded Tech Companies in North Dakota

While there aren’t any publicly traded companies dedicated exclusively to tech and based in North Dakota, there is one that deals with tech to some extent. Let’s review it in a bit more detail.

Alerus Financial Corporation

Alerus consists of a chain of financial institutions.

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Alerus is actually a chain of financial institutions headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota. They were founded in 1879 and began as the second bank in the Dakota Territory. However, it has grown and provides various financial services, including banking, mortgage, and retirement. They also deal with technology in the form of software aimed at delivering wealth management solutions.

They completed their IPO in 2019 and now trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker ALRS. 

Forgotten Tech Companies in North Dakota

Some tech companies aren’t big enough to compete with the biggest cooperatives and corporations in the state. However, through their ups and downs, they’ve been some of the most influential in the history of tech in the state. Let’s talk about some of them. 

Intelenet America LTD

Founded in 1999, Intelenet America is dedicated to providing business process outsourcing and call center solutions. They pretty much make sure that businesses’ customer service, customer acquisition, contract management, and other things are always on point. It was formerly called Upstream, LLC, but it changed to its current name over seven years after its founding when Intelenet, a much bigger company, bought it. 

They currently employ 670 people and operate with a base of operations in Fargo, North Dakota. However, they have multiple offices outside the US in places like Dubai, India, and Brazil. 

Mision & Vision

As they have been a subsidiary of Intelenet since 2007, they don’t have a webpage where you can read about their mission or vision. However, Intelenet states they have a vision of a world where “the future cannot be predicted, where the options increase exponentially” and is founded on the necessity to find new ways to think about such options and possibilities.

High Point Networks

Founded in 2003, High Point Networks also provides various solutions for companies. However, they claim that their principles, purpose, mission, and values make them stand out from the competition. They employ 300 people to deal with company infrastructure, unified communications, data center solutions, security, and management.

Mision & Vision

Their page states that their mission revolves around providing “worthwhile work for like-minded professionals in the world of information technology and security that enhances business outcomes for those we serve.”

While they don’t have a section on their mission, they insist that they wish to support their customers by taking away “the stress and difficulties that technology can bring.”

Razor Consulting Solutions

This company has been focused on providing technology and business intelligence solutions to its customers since its founding in 2010. They also develop software and deal with data storage. The main thing that sets them apart from the other companies on this list is their many successful dealings with government agencies. 

Since 2017, they’ve worked with nine federal agencies and won 42 contract awards, showing they are at the top of the game, employing around a hundred people and making millions in yearly revenue.

Mision & Vision

Their page states that their mission is to give solutions and transparency to their customers and partners. They also say their core values are expertise, excellence, and innovation. 

Largest Tech Companies in North Dakota FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is North Dakota a tech hub?

Quick answer: no. However, many companies from here are relevant domestic players in their respective fields, like Forum Communications. While there is a growing startup scene in Fargo, ND, there aren’t enough relevant companies here to call it a “tech hub”.

What are the most notable tech companies in North Dakota?

The most notable companies exclusively dedicated to tech are SRL and Forum Communications. They both report millions in revenue and employ hundreds of people.

What do the tech companies in North Dakota do?

They are mostly oriented toward BPO (Bussiness Process Outsourcing) and technology consulting. However, the two biggest are in communications, managing internet services, developing software, and broadcasting multiple news outlets.

Are there any notable partnerships in which these companies participate?

Yes. Forum Communications collaborates with ABC News, a much bigger organization, for their television broadcasts. Razon Consulting Solutions has also worked with many federal agencies in the past.

What is the future outlook for the technology industry in North Dakota?

The future outlook is bright, particularly in the state’s biggest cities. Its capital, Fargo, has seen a massive rise in the number of tech-related startups, and that number is only expected to grow from now.

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