Largest Tech Companies in Mississippi

Largest Tech Companies in Mississippi

Largest Tech Companies in Mississippi

It is no surprise that Mississippi has become such an attractive destination for technology companies. Thanks to its relatively low costs of living, business-friendly tax incentives, and local and state government support, many businesses have found the climate ideal for setting up the largest Tech Companies in Mississippi. Additionally, the state is well-connected, with access to major cities throughout the United States via highways and public transportation.

For these reasons, Mississippi is quickly becoming an up-and-coming destination for the tech sector. The future of tech in Mississippi looks bright, with more and more companies drawn to the state’s economic incentives and business-friendly environment.

Which Tech Companies Were Founded in Mississippi?

Mississippi has a growing and diverse economy, which includes several sectors like Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Healthcare, and many more. You can find some startups and small technology companies in Mississippi focused on various areas like software development, healthcare technology, and others. Here are some of the tech companies that were founded in the state:

EdgeTheory – 2012 

EdgeTheory is a technology company born in 2012 specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for enterprise clients. The company operates on the cutting edge of AI research and development, focusing on natural language processing, computer vision, and other advanced technologies. They work with clients in various industries, providing them with the tools and solutions they need to unlock the full potential of AI.

Peavey Electronics – 1965

Largest Tech Companies in Mississippi
Peavey Electronics is an American company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets professional audio equipment.


Peavey Electronics is an American company that designs, manufactures, and sells audio equipment and musical instruments. Founded in 1965 by Hartley Peavey, the company is based in Meridian, Mississippi, and employs over 2400 people.

Peavey offers a wide range of products, including amplifiers, speakers, mixers, microphones, and musical instruments such as guitars and basses. The company’s most popular products include the Classic 30 guitar amplifier, the PVXp active speaker, and the XR-S powered mixer.

Hyperluxe Gaming- 2020

Hyperluxe Gaming is a Mississippi-based technology and gaming company specializing in developing, manufacturing, and distributing products related to gaming and entertainment. Founded in 2020, the company has grown to become one of the largest tech companies in the state. They have an expansive portfolio of digital, physical, and software products ranging from custom-made gaming controllers and console accessories to digital games for mobile devices.

Their mission is to create an immersive and engaging gaming experience through their innovative products. 

They use cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering principles to develop their products and create the most user-friendly and entertaining experience possible.

Hyperluxe Gaming also works closely with game developers to ensure their products are designed to meet the needs of their customers. They strive to provide their customers with high-quality gaming experiences. They offer support and advice to developers and custom solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.

WISPR Systems- 2017

Wispr Systems is a leading drone manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and provides versatile, rugged, and reliable commercial drones made in the USA. The company, established in 2017, focuses on creating UAS with various payload options for commercial use and supporting various industries, including Utilities, Telecommunications, Public Safety, and more. The company is known for its commitment to providing top-quality drones and services to its customers and serves as a one-stop shop for all commercial drone needs.

Rocketing Systems -2019

The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Starkville, MS. It offers software solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. They specialize in software development, custom solutions, business process automation, and other services.

Buzzbassador, the leading product of Rocketing Systems,  is a powerful platform that automates the management of brand ambassador marketing campaigns. It provides an end-to-end automation solution to help businesses manage their campaigns more effectively and scale their operations. It is available on Shopify, a global e-commerce platform, and has already powered over 1,000 merchants worldwide.

What Are The Biggest Tech Companies Located in Mississippi?

Mississippi is home to many innovative tech companies making a big impact in the industry. From software development to healthcare IT, these companies are helping to drive technological advancement across the state.

VSS – $112.0M In Revenue 

VSS provides managed IT solutions such as cloud computing, storage, disaster recovery, and security services to businesses and organizations throughout the state. Founded in 1990, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry, providing cost-effective solutions that help businesses improve their efficiency and performance. VSS is committed to delivering the latest technologies and helping customers stay ahead of the competition. 

Bomgar – $58.3M In Revenue

Bomgar is a company that specializes in remote access and support software for enterprise businesses. Their software allows for secure and efficient remote support for employees and customers, enabling IT teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and remotely.

One of the key features of Bomgar’s software is the ability to remotely access and control a user’s device, allowing IT teams to diagnose and fix issues easily. This can be especially useful for companies with a remote workforce or multiple locations, as it eliminates the need for on-site support.

Next Gear Solutions – $12.0M In Revenue

Next Gear Solutions, a subsidiary of CoreLogic, is a premier provider of workflow platforms for the property restoration industry. They offer a complete, cloud-based set of tools that include claims estimates, job communications, CRM, business intelligence, and more, all aimed at streamlining and improving workflow processes in the industry.

The Largest Private Tech Companies in Mississippi 

Several companies are impacting the tech space in Mississippi, but they are not known to the public because they are not listed on any stock exchange. Here are some of them.

American HealthTech

American HealthTech is one of Mississippi’s largest and most successful healthcare technology companies. Founded in 1995, they provide a comprehensive suite of software, services, and consulting solutions to skilled nursing facilities and senior living communities across the United States. 

Their innovative software enables providers to improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiency. American HealthTech offers cloud-based and integrated electronic health record (EHR) solutions.


SkyGolf is a technology company in Mississippi and has been around since  2001. produces and markets golf GPS devices, golf rangefinders, and golf software. SkyGolf is headquartered in the small town of Ridgeland, Mississippi, and employs over 200 people.


Navagis is one of the leading tech companies in Mississippi and has become a leader in geospatial visualization solutions. Their team of experts is available to help clients develop and implement customized solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Navagis helps organizations utilize their data to gain better insight into their processes and customers. Their custom mapping platforms allow organizations to easily visualize their data to gain new insights and make more informed decisions. The company has implemented solutions for a variety of industries, including government, health care, oil and gas, agriculture, and more.

Largest Tech Companies in Mississippi
Mississippi has a variety of tech companies that contribute to the economy of the state.

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Forgotten Tech Companies in Mississippi

Several companies have come and gone out of the market through acquisitions or mergers. Some of these companies include.

Casino Magic Corp

Founded in 1992, Casino Magic Corp. revolutionized the gaming industry in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. They gained a well-deserved reputation for offering an unbeatable gaming experience and top-notch products to customers. In 1998, Hollywood Park, Inc. (now known as Pinnacle Entertainment) acquired the company and its legacy of excellence continues to this day.

MCI Inc.

MCI Inc. was a global telecommunications leader with an extensive reach of over sixty countries and more than twenty million customers. It started out in Clinton, Mississippi, before moving to Ashburn, Virginia when it acquired MCI Communications in 1998. During its time at the top, MCI Inc. held the title of the second biggest long-distance telephone provider in the US, right after AT&T. However, financial difficulties and an accounting scandal in 2002 led to the conviction of several executives, including CEO Bernard Ebbers, for schemes that increased the company’s value. In 2006, Verizon Communications purchased MCI Inc. and then integrated it into Verizon Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the big tech companies in Mississippi?

Jackson, Mississippi, is home to some of the biggest tech companies in the United States.




Is Mississippi a tech hub?

Mississippi is not typically considered a major technology hub like Silicon Valley, New York City, or Boston. However, the state has a growing technology sector, with companies in telecommunications, healthcare technology, and IT consulting.

Are there any notable startup companies in Mississippi's technology scene?

There are some notable startup companies in Mississippi’s technology scene, though the state’s startup ecosystem is less developed than in other states. Some notable startups include WISPR Systems, Hyperluxe Gaming, and EdgeTheory.

What products and services do the other major tech companies in Mississippi provide?

The other major tech companies in Mississippi offer various products and services, such as software development, IT consulting, and cybersecurity services, as well as specialized solutions for specific industries such as healthcare or finance. Companies may also provide hardware and equipment, such as computer peripherals or networking equipment.

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