Largest Tech Companies in Idaho

Tech Companies in Idaho

Largest Tech Companies in Idaho

Idaho, renowned for its stunning natural landscape and vibrant agricultural past, is also home to an expanding technology industry. Due to its friendly business climate, low cost of living, and access to top talent, Idaho has become increasingly attractive for tech firms in recent years.

Many of these businesses were founded and developed in Idaho, contributing to the state’s economic development and providing employment opportunities for its residents. This article will examine the technology companies founded in Idaho, and also both publicly and privately traded firms.

This article will assess the largest tech companies in Idaho based on revenues and their impact on the state’s economy. Ultimately, this guide seeks to give readers a comprehensive view of Idaho’s technology industry, showcasing its growth and influence over recent years.

Which Tech Companies Were Founded in Idaho?

Regarding technology companies, Idaho may not be the first state that comes to mind. Yet over the years, Idaho has become home to several successful and innovative tech firms that have significantly impacted the state’s tech landscape.

In this section, we will look at some of Idaho’s most notable tech firms founded there and assess their influence over the state’s ecosystem.

Kount (2007)

Kount is a fraud prevention and digital identity company founded in 2007 in Boise, Idaho. They offer various solutions to help businesses protect against fraudulence and manage their digital identities.

Kount’s technology utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze billions of transactions and interactions globally, offering real-time fraud detection and prevention solutions. Kount’s customers come from various industries, such as financial services, retail, gaming, and more.

MetaGeek (2005)

MetaGeek is a technology company founded in Rigby, Idaho, in 2005. They specialize in wireless network analysis tools and offer hardware and software solutions to help businesses, and IT professionals optimize and troubleshoot their wireless networks.

MetaGeek’s products range from Wi-Fi and spectrum analyzers to packet capture tools, all designed to give users insight into their wireless networks and enable them to identify and fix issues quickly.

MetaGeek’s customers range from small businesses to large enterprises in various industries, such as education, healthcare, and hospitality. For its innovative products, the company was recognized with numerous awards in 2020, including “Best Wireless Network Testing Solution” by Network Computing Awards.

Balihoo, Inc. (2004)

Balihoo, Inc. is a marketing technology firm founded in 2004 in Boise, Idaho. They specialize in local marketing automation solutions for multi-location businesses to streamline their campaigns and boost customer engagement at the local level.

Balihoo’s software enables businesses to design and manage customized marketing campaigns across multiple channels. This includes search, social, display, and mobile. Balihoo has earned several accolades for pioneering solutions, including being named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner and “Best Local Marketing Platform” by the Local Search Association.

What are the Biggest Tech Companies Located in Idaho?

This section will examine some of Idaho’s largest tech companies by revenue. These firms have made major contributions to the state’s economy and earned themselves a reputation as leaders in their fields.

Clearwater Analytics ($323.5 Million)

Tech Companies in Idaho
Clearwater Analytics has won numerous awards for its innovation.

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Clearwater Analytics is a renowned software company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. It provides investment accounting and analytics solutions to institutional investors around the globe.

Established in 2004, this leading tech company has grown tremendously, expanding its services and client base to include major names in finance. As of 2022, Clearwater Analytics reported $323.5 million in revenues. All in all, this has earned the company a place as one of Idaho’s largest and most successful tech businesses.

Clearwater Analytics has earned numerous accolades and awards for its growth and innovation. This includes inclusion on Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list and SaaS Awards for Best SaaS Product for Business Intelligence or Analytics.

As it continues to expand its services and reach, it recently opened a European office in Edinburgh, Scotland. Clearwater Analytics has become an industry leader and major contributor in Idaho’s growing tech sector through advanced technology and commitment to client satisfaction.

CradlePoint ($75.3 Million)

CradlePoint is a technology company headquartered in Boise, Idaho, developing cloud-based networking solutions for businesses. Established in 2006, the business has seen impressive growth due to its focus on secure, dependable, scalable networking solutions.

CradlePoint earned a revenue to reach approximately $75.3 million by 2022 which is growth from the previous year’s figure. This remarkable surge can be attributed to CradlePoint’s innovative products and services, which have seen great success in the market.

Businesses use CradlePoint’s networking solutions across various industries, such as healthcare, financial services, transportation, and retail. Its products range from wireless routers and cellular gateways to cloud-based network management software.

CradlePoint’s success can be attributed to its dedication to customer satisfaction and outstanding service and support. With continued growth and success, they are on track to become one of the biggest tech companies in Idaho and across America.

Preco Electronics ($30 million)

Preco Electronics is a pioneer and leader in designing and manufacturing collision mitigation technology for heavy-duty equipment. Established in 1947 and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, their services now encompass cutting-edge radar and camera systems. These resources are used to prevent accidents in the construction, mining, and transportation industries.

As of 2022, Preco Electronics reported $30 million in revenues – making them one of Idaho’s largest tech firms. Preco Electronics has earned numerous accolades for its innovation and dedication to safety. This includes the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award in Product Innovation in Collision Avoidance Systems.

Furthermore, they have expanded their services into fleet management solutions and telematics technology. Preco Electronics has become a driving force in Idaho’s tech sector. It is also an important global heavy-duty equipment manufacturing player by developing cutting-edge safety solutions.

Largest Private Tech Companies in Idaho

Idaho boasts growing technology companies, from start-ups to established industry giants. Thus, this section will look closely at some of Idaho’s largest private tech firms, their products and services, and their influence on the state’s economy.

Strata Inc. ($520.0 million)

Strata Inc. is a technology firm headquartered in Boise, Idaho, that offers software solutions to the mining industry. Founded in 1974, they have experienced tremendous growth due to their focus on creating innovative products that help mining firms boost efficiency and safety.

By 2021, Strata Inc.’s revenue was $520.0 million, and expected to report a higher figure in 2022. This remarkable higher projection can be attributed to the company’s continued investment in research and development and its dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the mining industry.

Strata Inc. provides underground mining communication and tracking systems, roof support systems, and safety solutions. However, with a stellar reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer service, their solutions are used by mining companies around the globe.

With its steady growth and success, Strata Inc. is set to become one of the biggest technology companies in Idaho.

T-Sheets ($18.8M)

T-Sheets is an Idaho technology firm headquartered in Eagle that provides businesses with time-tracking and scheduling software. Established in 2006, they have become one of the leading providers of time-tracking solutions within this sector.

By 2022, T-Sheets’ made a revenue of $18.8M, an impressive increase from its previous year’s revenue figure. This impressive expansion can be attributed to the company’s relentless dedication to offering innovative and user-friendly solutions for customers.

Businesses use t-Sheets’ software across various industries, such as construction, healthcare, and retail. It offers features like GPS tracking, project management, and automated timesheets – to name a few!

T-Sheets is on track to become one of the biggest technology companies not just in Idaho but in all of the time-tracking industry. Their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction guarantees they will remain a leader in this market for years to come.

The Largest Publicly Traded Tech Companies in Idaho

Idaho is home to several publicly traded technology companies making major contributions to the industry. This section will examine one of Idaho’s largest tech firms, its products and services, and its impact on the state’s economy.

Micron Technology ($30.76 billion)

Tech Companies in Idaho
Micron is a leading company in semiconductor manufacturing.

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Micron Technology, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, is a publicly traded technology company that produces memory and storage solutions for various applications. Established in 1978, it has become one of the largest global semiconductor manufacturers.

By 2022, Micron Technology’s revenue reached $30.76 billion, an impressive rise from its previous year’s revenue of $27.71. This remarkable rise can be attributed to the company’s sustained investment in research and development. However, it also gains growth from its dedication to meeting the escalating demands of the technology industry.

Micron Technology’s products are used in various applications like computers, smartphones, and data centers. The products include dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), NAND flash memory, and solid-state drives (SSDs).

Micron Technology’s continued growth and success guarantee it a place among the biggest technology companies, not just in Idaho, but around the globe. Their dedication to innovation and quality guarantees they will remain influential in the semiconductor industry for years.

Forgotten Tech Companies in Idaho

Idaho is known for its vibrant technology industry though many companies have been overlooked. In this section, we’ll look into some of Idaho’s forgotten tech firms, their contributions to the sector, and why they chose to cease operations.

Albertson’s Inc.

Albertson’s was acquired in 2006 by investors led by Cerberus Capital Management, taking it private and making significant operational and management changes. The company expanded its online ordering and home delivery options. This assisted the company to meet the COVID-19 pandemic demands for food items and other necessities.

Albertson’s Inc. is a forgotten tech company from Boise, Idaho, founded in 1939. It had an influential role in developing online retail shopping and home delivery services.

Though not a household name in tech, Albertson’s remains at the forefront of retail technology, emphasizing innovation and customer satisfaction.

Washington Group International

Washington Group International, a provider of engineering, construction, and management services, was acquired by URS Corporation in 2007.

URS Corporation was a San Francisco-based engineering, construction, and technical services firm. Their merger created one of the world’s largest engineering and construction firms with over 90,000 employees and operations across 30 countries. Ultimately URS Corporation was acquired by AECOM in 2014. Washinton Group International was founded in 1964.


To sum up, Idaho may not be as well-known for its tech industry as other states. However, it is home to numerous private and publicly-traded tech firms that have made major contributions. From Cradlepoint to Micron Technology, these businesses have helped put Idaho on the map as a growing center of technology innovation and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the economic impact of tech companies on the state of Idaho?

Tech companies have a significant economic impact on Idaho, creating jobs, increasing wage growth, and tax revenue.

How does Idaho's tech industry compare to those in neighboring states?

Idaho’s tech sector may be smaller than neighboring states such as Washington, Oregon, and Utah, but it is growing rapidly and has attracted significant investment recently. Idaho’s low cost of living, business-friendly environment, and access to talent make it an appealing destination for tech companies looking to expand.

What is the role of the state government in supporting the growth of Idaho's tech industry?

Idaho’s state government plays an integral role in stimulating the tech industry with initiatives such as tax incentives, workforce development programs and investments in infrastructure. Furthermore, they have created several public-private partnerships to foster innovation and entrepreneurship within the state.

What is the projected future outlook for Idaho's tech industry?

The future outlook for Idaho’s tech industry is promising, with continued expansion and job creation anticipated over the coming years. The state’s business-friendly environment, access to the talent pool, and low cost of living will likely attract more companies and investments to the region.

What are some of the challenges facing the tech industry in Idaho?

Some challenges facing Idaho’s tech industry include a shortage of skilled workers, competition for talent from neighboring states, and limited access to funding for early-stage startups.

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