Largest Tech Companies in Georgia

Tech companies in Georgia

Largest Tech Companies in Georgia

If you’re looking for some of the largest tech companies in the United States, Georgia is the state to look at. It is home to some of the largest and most diverse tech companies with the biggest strengths in the health IT, software, and digital entertainment industries.

There are over 14,000 tech companies in Georgia. Down below, you can quickly get an insight into the largest companies that pull the most revenue or hire the most employees.

You’ll also find some of the largest private companies, publicly traded companies, and even forgotten tech companies that are out of business or acquired, so keep on reading!

Which Tech Companies Were Founded in Georgia?

Atlanta alone has over 30 powerful and large tech companies. With the Georgia Tech university producing the most tech graduates each year, many of them stay in Georgia. They end up working for some of these tech companies that hold strong roots while rapidly growing.


Tech companies in Georgia
Mailchimp is a very well-known email marketing company.

Mailchimp has been around for over two decades, being founded back in 2001. Today, Mailchimp is one of the most known email marketing companies in the world.

Mailchimp was founded by Ben Chestnut, Dan Kurzius, and Mark Armstrong, right in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

It grew to be an all-in-one marketing suite that can be very handy to have. It can help users run digital campaigns, grow their traffic, gain better brand exposure, and ultimately increase revenue.

Even today, Mailchimp is keeping up with the tech industry. It’s relevant and very user-friendly since anyone can start with a free domain name. From there, you can choose any of the tools from their marketing suite to match their needs.

Mailchimp makes about $700 million in revenue and employs has just over 800 employees.


Urjanet was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Atlanta, GA. It’s a software company that provides on-demand data access tools to companies in any industry.

Their tools help with sustainability reporting, energy management, utility or bill management, financial services, or even developer solutions.

Urjanet tools easily integrate into a business from the cloud. This way, they can provide accurate on-demand data by capturing and standardizing the company’s online accounts and data into one.

Being a private company, Urjanet employs somewhere between 50-100 people and has an estimated revenue of about $15.3 million.


Secureworks is a cybersecurity tech company founded in 1999 in Atlanta, GA. Since then, Secureworks grew to employ over 10,000 employees and is a public company that makes $108-$108 million in revenue.

The company was founded in one of the well-known tech states in the United States. But today, Secureworks does business in 50 other countries around the world serving about 4,000 customers.

Secureworks provides leading cybersecurity solutions such as network security, endpoint security, and detection & response to companies of all sizes. They even work with some of the biggest Fortune 100 companies, which helps them grow at a rapid pace.

What are the Biggest Tech Companies Located in Georgia?

Georgia is home to some of the largest tech companies by providing great headquarters space and connections in the industry. 

Therefore, for the biggest tech companies located in Georgia, we used revenue criteria to showcase the biggest and the best tech companies. They might not have necessarily been founded in Georgia but they operate from Georgia on the largest scale.

Cox Enterprises – 19.2 Billion

Tech companies in Georgia
Cox Enterprises Inc. comprises a lot of different companies, the best known which is Cox Communications.

Cox Enterprises is one of the largest tech companies in Georgia. It was founded in 1898 and today, it employs about 55,000 employees.

The company makes about 19.2 billion in revenue and is on track to make nearly 22 billion the next year. Of course, with steady growth that’s worth mentioning.

Cox is lot more known as a company that consists of many enterprises such as Autotrader, Cox Business, Gamut, Kelley Blue Nook, and even Cox Automotive, which stretches across Asia, Europe, and even Australia.

However, probably one of the most known Cox companies is Cox Communications. It serves millions of households and businesses in 18 different states with broadband services.

Global Payments – $7.42 Billion

Global Payments was founded in 1967 and today operates out of its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

This company provides the leading payment processing technology, helping connect the global e-commerce system through the use of their technology.

Any business can take advantage of Global Payments payment processing technology. It’s best experienced through its software that can help even the smallest businesses deliver their services to customers.

With such an innovation, Global Payment had a lot of success right from the beginning. Their steady growth led them to be named a Fortune 500 company by making $7.42 billion in revenue.

CharterUP – $150 Million

CharterUP is a logistics and transportation company that provides a solution through a platform. It took advantage of technology to create easy shuffle solutions for businesses and organizations.

The company was founded in 2017, which makes it still a relatively new company, but its results look very promising. CharterUP experienced 100% growth and is already making about $150 million in revenue.

Its services are available in 25 cities, they own 3,000+ busses, and they currently own 500 bus companies. They closely work with schools, teams, organizations, companies, and even large enterprises. They can help get employees safely to work and to even easily organize team building, vacations, and more.

The Largest Private Tech Companies in Georgia

While not all tech giants in Georgia are public and can be publicly traded, there are still many private companies that take advantage of the tech industry to make a change. Almost all of them are located in the heart of Georgia, which is Atlanta. While you might not know about them, they’re the type of companies you’ll hear about sooner or later!

Greenlight Financial Technology – 536 Employees

Greenlight empowers parents to teach kids and teens trade-off decisions, money management, and saving.

Greenlight Financial Technology is still considered a start-up and it’s a private company that was founded in 2014.

This company is all about changing the way we deal with finances from an early age. They’ve developed a smart debit card system that helps kids get to know their money better. But it’s also useful for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s spending and money.

Greenlight Financial Technology allows investing for the family as a whole, 1% cash back, up to 5% on savings, and even earnings that parents can distribute to their children for all types of tasks and chores.

Even though it’s a private company, they have an estimated revenue of $88.5 million, and it employs 536 people.

Calendly – 554 Employees

Calendly is a private company based in Atlanta, GA that was founded in 2013, and yet it’s already employing 554 employees and has an estimated revenue of $98.5 million.

This tech company developed a smart approach to keep the schedule better when it comes to appointments. It can eliminate emailing back and forth or even picking up the phone since the calendar system provides automation.

With a growth of 87% last year, they’re rapidly looking for new employees to help them grow. Considering it’s a tech company that provides software, they’re growing quickly while they help companies do the same through its tool’s features.

These features include better recruiting, better marketing and sales, and better schedule keeping, but also a much easier way to increase customer satisfaction.

Sundayapp – 51-200 Employees

Sundayapp is a private company based in Atlanta, GA and it provides a great solution for bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and even hotels to help improve the payment system.

This tech company is actually an app that helps simplify payments in public places by combining tech and the finance industries. As a result, businesses can allow customers to pay via QR code to eliminate the waiting time and provide a better customer experience. With Sundayapp, a usual 10-15 minute wait to pay the bill can turn into a 10-15 seconds wait.

As a result of this brilliant idea, Sundayapp makes about $35.7 million in revenue and it employs somewhere between 101-250 employees.

The Largest Publicly Traded Tech Companies in Georgia

There are many large publicly traded tech companies in Georgia, but the top three ones deserve the top spots because of the revenue they can make with headquarters right in Georgia.

NCR – $7.16 Billion

Tech companies in Georgia
NCR is one of the leading companies in IT Support and in computer hardware, software and electronics.

NCR provides a digital banking solution that also includes POS systems and other payment options.

It was founded back in 1884 and it has headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Nowadays, NCR makes $7.16 billion so it’s the largest publicly traded tech company in Georgia.

You might have come across NCR before since you are probably withdrawing money from ATMs they made, or have used software on the registers or banks.

You can even use NCR’s digital banking system, or if you’re a business, take advantage of its retail solutions to keep your customers happy.

First Data – $12.05 Billion

First Data might not be a known tech company, but that’s because they’re a fintech company that provides electronic commerce, and payment solutions for merchants, and even helps other financial institutions and card issuers with their services.

Regardless, First Data has a long history since it was founded in 1971 and is making about $12.05 billion in revenue. It employs over 10,000 employees.

Even though First Data is stationed in Atlanta, GA, it has a nationwide reach and is responsible for almost a third of all US debit cards we get to use.

Ebix – $259.9 Million

Ebix is an insurance software company founded in 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a company that provides end-to-end services by employing thousands of tech professionals to provide products, support, and consultancy to other businesses.

On top of insurance, Ebix also provides financial services and can even develop custom software for their clients. This software range from carrier systems all the way to exchange systems.

Ebix makes one of the largest publicly traded tech companies in Georgia since they make $257.9 million in revenue.

Forgotten Tech Companies in Georgia

While tech companies in Georgia are on the rise and Georgia seems to be the place to be to develop a tech company, there are also plenty of companies that closed down, were sold, or have rebranded, and here are some of the most known ones.


BoardSync was a tech company with headquarters in Georgia and it was founded in 2014. They took advantage of technology to create automated solutions for managing meetings and creating effortless agendas.

The company was founded by Doug Shumway, but unfortunately, BoardSync doesn’t exist anymore because it was acquired by CivicPlus in 2017.

Regardless, BoardSync was doing very well by generating $402.4K in revenue with only about 20 employees.


RenterUp was a company that approached the real estate industry through a tech app that helped simplify the management of rental properties with user-friendly tools that anyone can use.

It was founded in 2014 by David Favero and David Cummings, where Fevero was a part-time renter and had been struggling with the simplest yet time-consuming tasks as a landlord.

Even though RenterUp was based on a great idea making $1.5 million in revenue, it eventually closed down.


Georgia, specifically Atlanta, is the place to be since the tech industry is on the rise and it’s a home to anyone from successful start-up companies to some of the largest publicly traded companies in the tech industry.

The Georgia Institute of Technology produces tech graduates who are eager to find a place in developing tech companies that end up doing business worldwide.

While you probably know some of the largest tech companies in Georgia, there are companies that you haven’t heard of and yet are doing amazingly well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is tech industry in Georgia?

The tech industry is very large in Georgia and not only it is a base for some of the largest tech companies, but it is also a place to be to get one of the best education in the tech majors.

What is Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech is well known as a Georgia Institute of Technology and is the main university in Atlanta, GA if you’re interested in tech majors.

What are most popular majors at Georgia Tech?

Some of the most popular majors at Georgia Tech include engineering, computer and information science, health professions, physical science, and more.

Why do so many tech companies have headquarters in Atlanta, GA?

While there isn’t a specific reason, one of the reasons is probably that Georgia, specifically Atlanta, produces a large number of qualified tech students that often get jobs straight away after graduating, helping these companies employ more efficiently to improve their growth.

Is Georgia home to the largest tech companies?

We’d say that Georgia is home to some of the largest, but not the largest tech companies in the United States.

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