The Largest Tech Companies in Every Sector

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The Largest Tech Companies in Every Sector

Key Points

  • Apple is the most valuable tech company with a market cap of $2.74 trillion.
  • Tesla is the largest EV company with a market cap of $870.91 billion.
  • NVIDIA is the leading graphical processor company with a market cap of $1.08 trillion.
  • TSMC is the largest semiconductor company with a market cap of $453.62 billion.
  • Amazon is the largest online retailer with a market cap of $1.45 trillion.

What are the largest tech companies in every sector? Technology has a fairly broad meaning and encompasses things from computers all the way down to refrigerators and other appliances. As you can imagine, there are titans in any industry.

The companies illuminated in today’s guide are the biggest of the big, with stratospheric valuations and an enormously strong market presence.

What Makes for the Largest Tech Companies in Every Sector?

So, before diving into this list at large, it is important to note the criteria selected. The companies featured in this showcase are leading figures in their respective industries, while also having substantial market caps. Yes, there are other competitors with similar levels of name recognition, but the likes of LG’s smartphone offerings pale next to a giant like Apple.

As such, there are likely other major players in these market segments, but few with the same extreme value, recognition, and overall presence felt when discussing these selections.

Largest Computer and Smartphone Company: Apple

iphone xr vs. se
Apple had US $394.3 billion in 2022 revenue.

Any list of the largest tech companies on the planet wouldn’t be complete without Apple. Apple is a giant of the industry, with quite a few products on offer. The tech company is currently the most valuable business in existence.

Market Cap and Valuation

Apple is publicly traded, with stock readily available at about $175.01 per share. The tech giant has a massive valuation, with the company having a market cap of $2.74 trillion dollars as of September 2023. Signs are pointing toward higher valuation in the coming months, especially with the launch of the latest iPhone and Apple Watch imminent.

What They Are Known For

Apple is primarily known for its line of smartphones, the iPhone, and the MacBook line of computers. In addition to computers and smartphones, the company also manufactures tablets and smartwatches. Apple is the only manufacturer on this list to have a self-contained ecosystem, as all Apple computers and smartphones run their own personally developed operating systems.

Largest EV Company: Tesla

largest tech companies
Tesla was one of the first companies to really bring viable electric vehicles to the masses.

One of the largest tech companies in the world for EVs is Elon Musk’s Tesla. The auto manufacturer has been instrumental in promoting affordable electric vehicles to the masses and just so happens to be the largest EV manufacturer in its sector.

Market Cap and Valuation

As you will see with most companies on this list, Tesla is publicly traded. Current stock prices are around $274.39 a share, but that is always subject to change. The EV manufacturer has a market cap valuation of $870.91 billion, with some notable growth since June of 2023.

What They Are Known For

Tesla is primarily known for its slew of electric vehicles. The auto manufacturer currently has the most popular EV in the United States, the Model 3, as well as a line of cars that will suit every need. Eyes have been on Tesla since the announcement of its Cybertruck, with models expected to ship later this year. Tesla has also done quite a bit to further autonomous driving, with technology like AutoPilot being one of the few viable options available for mass market usage.

Largest Graphical Processor Company: NVIDIA

largest tech companies
Nintendo’s next-gen Switch 2 is said to feature over a thousand NVIDIA GPU cores.

For PC gamers, NVIDIA is a company that needs no introduction. As one of the largest tech companies in the world, NVIDIA is leading the charge in terms of advancing graphical hardware and advancing AI development.

Market Cap and Valuation

NVIDIA’s stock pricing is quite high, with the company trading at $439 a share. Market valuation is likewise quite high, with the tech company having a market cap of $1.08 trillion. NVIDIA has experienced explosive financial growth in 2023, with the company’s valuation being placed at $686.27 billion back in April.

What They Are Known For

NVIDIA is most famous for its line of GeForce graphical processors. However, the company itself makes a number of products fit for a variety of niches. Among the top uses of NVIDIA hardware is graphical processing with enterprise-grade equipment in larger render farms. NVIDIA has also been instrumental in allowing the increased development of AI modeling, thanks to the specialty CUDA cores the company utilizes.

Largest Semiconductor Company: TSMC

Your average customer has likely never heard of TSMC. However, for those in the computing business, few names carry the same weight as TSMC. Now, TSMC doesn’t have any killer apps of its own, but the company is the manufacturer of choice for hardware and semiconductors.

Market Cap and Valuation

TSMC’s current stock price is around $89.25, but that is always subject to change. The company has a decent market cap, with a total valuation equaling $453.62 billion as of September 2023. Growth has been steady, and the company’s financial prospects look stable at the moment.

What They Are Known For

TSMC is one of the largest tech companies in existence when it comes to developing and manufacturing processing chips and semiconductors. The title of largest in the world was once held by Intel, but this Taiwanese company has taken the crown as of April 2022.

TSMC makes processors, chips, and semiconductors for a veritable who’s who in the computing world. Some of its customers include Apple, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, AMD, and Intel.

Largest Online Retailer: Amazon

largest tech companies
Amazon is one of the largest online retailers on the planet, with services ranging over the entire globe.

It’s hard to think of someone who hasn’t heard of Amazon. It’s one of the largest tech companies around and is a giant in a number of different spaces. While the company has its streaming services and hardware, its primary driver is the online retail space.

Market Cap and Valuation

Amazon is currently trading at around $140.39 a share, which is reasonable for a company of its size and stature. That said, its market cap currently is valued at $1.45 trillion. Amazon has experienced steady financial growth this year, despite a lack of standout product announcements.

What They Are Known For

Amazon has its hands in a number of different ventures. While it has hardware like the Kindle line of e-readers, the ever-popular Amazon Echo, and Fire Sticks, it is best known for its online retail service. Amazon is one of the largest retailers on the planet and has a shipping apparatus that many companies have come to envy due to its speed and efficiency.

Largest Social Platform Company: Meta

meta quest pro update
In science fiction, the “metaverse” is a version of the Internet seen as a universal, immersive virtual world.

Meta might not be a household name, but its current ventures certainly are. While many users aren’t familiar with the parent company as a whole, Meta owns popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Along with its social platforms, it’s one of the driving forces in virtual reality, with products like the Meta Quest and Metaverse doing quite a bit to further interest in the field.

Market Cap and Valuation

Meta has a stock price of around $300.31, which is fairly decent all things considered. The company has experienced explosive financial growth since the start of the year, and its current market valuation sits at $772.75 billion.

What They Are Known For

Meta’s primary products are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Social media seems to be the primary focus for Meta, but it is also a robust platform for the likes of advertising. Meta also has quite a diverse portfolio when it comes to ventures like virtual reality in the form of its line of VR headsets.

Largest Game Developer: Tencent

Interestingly, the largest game developer in the world isn’t a behemoth like Activision or Electronic Arts. That honor belongs to China-based Tencent, which is one of the largest tech companies in existence for video games.

Market Cap and Valuation

Tencent is publicly traded at $40.39 currently. This software monolith is currently valued at a staggering $386.22 billion for its market cap. Tencent’s financial prospects have been a little dicier than some of the companies mentioned so far. Its overall valuation has dropped steeply since March of 2023, when the valuation was $90 billion higher than its current value.

What They Are Known For

In the hardcore gaming scene, Tencent is known as the giant behind the popular League of Legends. Aside from that, it has a massive mobile gaming portfolio, with investments in popular titles like Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite. Tencent also owns a controlling stake in Roblox, a popular free-to-play title for kids and young adults.

Largest Search Platform Company: Alphabet

largest tech companies
Alphabet is the parent company of Google, one of the largest search engines in the world today.

Alphabet is one of the largest tech companies when it comes to internet search engines. It is the parent company of Google, one of the most popular search engines on the planet today. Google itself accounts for nearly 90% of all search traffic on the internet.

Market Cap and Valuation

Alphabet is currently trading at $138.30 a share. Its market valuation places it in league with some of the most valuable companies around. As of September 2023, Alphabet itself is valued at $1.738 trillion. Alphabet’s financial prospects have been grand, with steady growth noted since the beginning of the fiscal year. This comes despite the current anti-trust lawsuit being pushed by the Department of Justice.

What They Are Known For

Alphabet’s most famous product is Google, but it is home to a whole suite of products and services. In addition to having a dominant search engine, it also hosts Google Docs, a comprehensive web-based suite of office productivity software. Google Drive is also a popular cloud storage solution, which comes with a free 15 GB of storage for every free Google account.

Largest Company for Electronics Manufacturing: Samsung

Google's Pixel Fold VS Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
According to Samsung’s founder, the meaning of the Korean hanja word Samsung is “three stars.” 

Samsung is an absolute juggernaut of electronics manufacturing. When it comes to general products, few companies can really approach the level and scope of Samsung. The company is perhaps most famous for its line of televisions and smartphones, but it also manufactures staple household appliances like washers and dryers.

Market Cap and Valuation

Samsung is currently trading for around $52.99 a share. Granted, this is converted from the South Korean won. The market valuation currently hovers around $350 billion. Samsung has been experiencing steady growth throughout the year and looks to maintain its hold as one of the top consumer electronics manufacturers on the planet.

What They Are Known For

Samsung has so many well-known products that it is hard to pinpoint an exact claim to fame. In the smartphone world, the company is best known for its Galaxy smartphone line. Television enthusiasts are likely familiar with its line of QLED TVs, as well as its proprietary HDR10+ contrast support.

Largest Company for Network Hardware: Broadcom

Much like TSMC, Broadcom isn’t a major household name. However, you’re likely using some of this tech giant’s products without even realizing it. With a specialty in network hardware, Broadcom is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wireless network chips.

Market Cap and Valuation

Broadcom stock is currently trading for $854.50, which is arguably the highest individual stock price seen on this list so far. The market cap for Broadcom is equally impressive, ranking in at a valuation of $352.48 billion. Broadcom’s own financial prospects this year have been up and down, with explosive growth from January to July before a dip in overall valuation.

What They Are Known For

Broadcom is one of the world’s leading chip and semiconductor manufacturers. One of the more common products most individuals will interact with is the wireless chip found in laptops. Broadcom is one of the primary manufacturers of these diminutive wireless cards, with multiple revisions and models seen across a slew of different laptops from the likes of Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Largest Streaming Platform: Netflix

largest tech companies
Netflix provides streaming content with original shows, movies, and documentaries being among its selections.

Netflix likely needs no introduction for even the most casual browser on the web. The streaming giant is one of the largest tech companies in the world and specializes in one particular customer service. Netflix is arguably the biggest dedicated streaming platform and benefits from being one of the most well-known.

Market Cap and Valuation

Netflix is currently trading for $397.47 a share. Now, the market cap for Netflix doesn’t come close to approaching some of the big players like Disney or Amazon. However, when you consider that Netflix’s primary source of revenue is its streaming model, it’s impressive. That said, Netflix has a current market cap of $175.9 billion, which is a loss when looking at the $195.2 valuation seen in June of this year.

What They Are Known For

Netflix is one of the leading figures in streaming video. Its popular streaming service is one of the most famous around. Netflix also finances and funds various shows and movies that are intended to be exclusive to its own streaming service.

The streaming giant was instrumental in being one of the drivers of online-only content. This very same model has been adopted by every major streaming outfit in the business, with Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, and many others following in Netflix’s footsteps.

Largest Point-of-Sale Company: Salesforce

Largest SaaS companies
Salesforce’s Einstein GPT combines public and private AI models with CRM data.

Salesforces is an industry leader for point-of-sale software and other business-related services. While the name doesn’t carry the same weight and gravitas of some on this list, Salesforce is a major player in the business-to-business market segment and one of the largest tech companies catering exclusively to businesses.

Market Cap and Valuation

Salesforce is currently trading for $214.59, which is always subject to change given the volatility of the stock exchanges around the world. The market cap for the company is $208.91 billion. Salesforce’s prospects are generally good, and its market cap has seen a significant increase since the start of the year.

What They Are Known For

Salesforce is known for offering a comprehensive suite of software and services to businesses. Aside from point-of-sale systems, the company also provides customer relationship management platforms in the cloud. This helps to guide sales metrics, gather data on customers, and help companies realize their full potential.

Largest Company for Programming Languages: Oracle

largest tech companies
Oracle specializes in database management systems.

Oracle is one of the leading names in enterprise software. It manages and maintains the popular Java programming language, which is arguably one of the most popular and widespread across the world. In addition to programming languages, it offers a variety of information technology services the world has come to rely upon.

Market Cap and Valuation

Oracle is currently trading at $113.50 a share, which will likely change in the near future. Oracle has a significantly high market cap valuation, especially given its particular niche. With a market cap of $310.91 billion, Oracle is the largest and most valuable business in its sector.

What They Are Known For

Oracle is known for Java but has a slew of other services to its name. In addition to programming languages, Oracle is one of the leading names in databases, with its relational database management system being a popular service for a number of clients.

Largest Company for Multimedia Software: Adobe

Adobe has been a constant figure in the world of computing since its debut. Its humble beginnings have given way to one of the leading companies for multimedia software on the planet today. Popular products like the Creative Cloud have been a staple of creative professionals for decades, and entire classes are taught around mastering the software.

Market Cap and Valuation

Adobe’s stock price is exceptionally high, coming in at an impressive $528.89 a share. Its market cap is equally impressive, with a valuation of $241.06 billion. The company has seen substantial growth since the start of the year and looks to be trending upward until the year’s end.

What They Are Known For

Adobe is a name synonymous with quite a bit of software used by creative professionals. Applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and Audition see constant use in their respective fields. While there are alternatives on the market, few companies offer a comprehensive suite that is as widely documented as Adobe.

Summary Table

SectorCompanyMarket Cap and ValuationWhat They Are Known For
Computer and SmartphoneApple$2.74 trillioniPhone, MacBook, tablets, smartwatches
EVTesla$870.91 billionElectric vehicles, AutoPilot technology
Graphical ProcessorNVIDIA$1.08 trillionGeForce graphical processors, AI development
SemiconductorTSMC$453.62 billionDeveloping and manufacturing processing chips and semiconductors
Online RetailerAmazon$1.45 trillionOnline retail service, Kindle, Amazon Echo, Fire Sticks
Social PlatformMeta$772.75 billionFacebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, VR headsets
Game DeveloperTencent$386.22 billionLeague of Legends, Mobile gaming portfolio
Search PlatformAlphabet$1.738 trillionGoogle, Google Docs, Google Drive
Electronics ManufacturingSamsung$350 billionGalaxy smartphone line, QLED TVs, household appliances
Network HardwareBroadcom$352.48 billionWireless network chips
Streaming PlatformNetflix$175.9 billionStreaming video, exclusive shows and movies
Point-of-SaleSalesforce$208.91 billionPoint-of-sale software, customer relationship management platforms
Programming LanguagesOracle$310.91 billionJava programming language, databases
Multimedia SoftwareAdobe$241.06 billionPhotoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple have the largest market share for smartphones?

Android is actually the prevailing operating system of choice for most smartphone users. However, this is fragmented around many different manufacturers. Apple accounts for the rest of the market share and is a single global entity.

Do IT departments still use Oracle?

Oracle is still a driving force in the world of information technology. While there are numerous database solutions on the market, Oracle offers one that functions regardless of operating system and allows users to freely manage it on the cloud.

Does Samsung only make smartphones?

Samsung makes a bit of everything, honestly. You’ll find TVs, fridges, washers, dryers, computers, and much more bearing the company name.

Does TSMC manufacture chips for one specific company?

No, TSMC is a provider of chips and semiconductors for a variety of hardware developers. You’ve likely got RAM using some of the TSMC chips in your laptop or desktop right now.

Are all of these companies industry leaders?

Some certainly are. However, companies like Apple aren’t a dominant force when it comes to computing and smartphones. That said, when you look at its competition it is extremely impressive that one company holds such a prominent place on the market.

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