LaMDA vs Chat GPT-3: What’s the Difference, and Which Is Better?

LaMDA vs Chat GPT-3

LaMDA vs Chat GPT-3: What’s the Difference, and Which Is Better?

AI has taken the world by storm. Among the many projects using AI, Chat GPT has been one that has been on the minds of many. OpenAI’s flagship project has attracted attention from investors and users alike. They are far from the only tech company using AI for their own projects.

Google is no stranger to pioneering technology, and the tech magnate has its own AI chatbot. LaMDA, Google’s AI bot, has much less lip service than Chat GPT, but bears mentioning, nonetheless.

With these two chatbots, how do they stack up against each other? AI is a burgeoning technology, and the landscape is dotted with dozens of new projects leveraging it. Let’s take a closer look at these two projects, see how they compare, and check their overall use.

LaMDA vs Chat GPT-3: Side-by-Side Comparison

PurposeLanguage model specializing in human-like dialogue with automatic responsesLanguage model which can generate a variety of responses and can be further trained with user input
Type of AI ModelTransformerTransformer
AvailabilityLimited access through AI Test KitchenOpen to the public, limited slots available at any given moment for free users
PricingN/AFree for everyone, or $20 monthly for higher availability

LaMDA vs Chat GPT-3: What’s the Difference?

Both of these AI chatbots are based on similar models. Both use the transformer method of training a model, as opposed to something like a neural network. Despite these similarities, there are some quite stark differences between the two AI chatbots.


LaMDA is Google’s attempt at creating an AI that can replicate human speech. This has been achieved with 137 billion parameters fed to the model, with a further 1.56 trillion words, documents, and dialogue examples to train it.

As such, LaMDA excels at replicating the cadence and creativity of human speech. Early users have reported that the responses from LaMDA are close to the responses you might expect any given person to give. It doesn’t excel at generating code, but it could very easily be the first point of contact for customer service in the future.

By comparison, Chat GPT-3 will readily generate code for developers. Where it falls short is in the authenticity of its responses. Though most answers generated by Chat GPT-3 are correct, they lack a human touch.

lamda vs chat gpt-3
LaMDA gained widespread attention in June 2022, when a Google engineer claimed that the chatbot had become sentient.

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Also, when prompted, responses seem almost to be assembled of pre-generated phrases. Chat GPT-3 isn’t built to be a means of replicating human conversation; rather, it functions as an information resource.

It excels at generating responses on a wide variety of subjects and can be further refined with user input if the output received is inaccurate. This puts it ahead of LaMDA in some regards, but their use case seems to be very different from the onset.

The difference in usage might actually see particular niches developing for both chatbots in the future. Companies are already relying upon Chat GPT-3 as a means of content generation, after all. One can only imagine what the future holds when it comes to LaMDA’s usage in the business landscape.


The pricing structure of LaMDA is not known currently, and time will tell if that is something Google plans to reveal in the immediate future. Currently, LaMDA is in testing through the AI Test Kitchen App. This is available free to all testers, but availability is extremely limited. You can certainly apply for your own space in the testing program, but approval is not guaranteed.

Pricing for Chat GPT-3 is a known quantity. The most famous product available from OpenAI is the free tier of Chat GPT-3, which anyone can easily access with an account. Slots are limited, of course, but OpenAI’s product has seen traffic exceed Microsoft’s Bing on a regular basis.

For those looking for more availability and priority access, a paid subscription is available. Users can pay $20 monthly and get access to Chat GPT-4, a far more refined language model which surpasses the capabilities of Chat GPT-3.

Accuracy and Coherency

Any AI model is only as good as the accuracy of its responses. LaMDA is a stunning conversation partner and reacts promptly, as you might expect a particularly quick-witted person to do. The accuracy of LaMDA’s responses is also something that has been fine-tuned by Google. Every response must adhere to a given standard of safety, quality, and groundedness.

This means it won’t generate malicious outputs, but only fact-based and proven responses. This adherence to safety gives LaMDA an edge when it comes to overall accuracy, and the wide variety of data fed to it makes for a fairly diverse base to pull from when it comes to answering prompts.

Jasper AI vs Chat GPT-3
When introducing GPT-3, 31 OpenAI researchers and engineers warned of its potential dangers, calling for research to mitigate risk.


That said, it isn’t meant to be a source of information, but rather a language model meant to communicate with others as a means of providing customer service.

Chat GPT-3 provides less overall accuracy. However, that isn’t to say that the responses you receive are useless. Chat GPT-3 relies on older data sets, and it doesn’t follow the same guidelines as you might expect from its successor.

As such, it can easily be tricked into allowing malicious prompts and giving factually untrue information. Now, this can be mitigated by giving detailed prompts. Chat GPT-3 also has an issue with providing authoritative responses on niche subjects, but can be trained to respond in a proper manner.

LaMDA vs Chat-GPT-3: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. LaMDA was developed with a focus on conversation and accuracy.
  2. LaMDA adheres to multiple safety guidelines to give accurate and correct responses.
  3. LaMDA is capable of creative outputs, and can even be prompted into roleplay.
  4. Chat GPT-3 is currently the most popular AI utility on the market.
  5. Chat GPT-3 is capable of generating boilerplate code, summarizing text, and much more.
  6. Chat GPT-3 was surpassed by the recently released Chat GPT-4, but is still available for free.

LaMDA vs Chat GPT-3: Which One is Better? Which Should You Choose?

AI is the way forward in many regards, as anyone can see with these language models. As to which one is better, that really depends on your intended use case. It can certainly be said there is space for both chatbots in the future.

LaMDA excels at communication, first and foremost. Being an exceptional conversation partner points towards LaMDA seeing more widespread adoption in an automated customer service role. This has been common usage for AI, but having a more robust and responsive option could see it being adopted across multiple industries.

Chat GPT-3 has already been embraced by businesses and people alike. While the ethical dilemmas surrounding content generation are swirling in headlines, it has certainly already led to the creation of jobs. Where it falters is in its inability to provide true information, but as Chat GPT-4 gains more steam, this will likely fall by the wayside.

One thing is certain, however, and that is AI becoming something many will rely on going forward. While it might shake up the employment landscape, it could very easily allow users to automate the more boring aspects of their jobs and work less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LaMDA available to the public?

Currently, no, you’ll need to join the alpha testing program to give LaMDA a shot. As it stands currently, LaMDA might not be a publically available product. Google specializes in technologies aimed toward other businesses, which might prove to be of little utility to hobbyists or the average layperson.

Is Chat GPT-3 used in professional capacities yet?

Yes, Chat GPT-3 has seen a fair bit of use with a variety of industries. One of the industries most heavily affected currently is content creation, namely for blogs and the like.

Chat GPT-3 can readily generate content to fill a variety of pages, and you can even give it targeted keywords to aim for. It does lack a certain human touch to the content generated, however.

Can LaMDA generate content?

Not currently, LaMDA is more aimed toward spaces where conversations might occur. As such, it isn’t really geared toward developing content.

Should I use Chat GPT-3 to write a college essay?

You certainly can use Chat GPT-3 for that purpose, but there are a number of ethical dilemmas you may run into. There is also the simple fact that many academic bodies are already checking papers for plagiarism, and AI generation has already joined the fold. You would probably be better off just writing your paper and seeking external help in the form of a writing tutor if needed.

Is Chat GPT-3 free?

Yes, the most basic version of Chat GPT-3 is readily available and free for public use. You might run into limited availability during peak usage, however.

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