Kobalt 40V Mower Vs Hart 40V Cordless Mower: Which One Wins?

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Kobalt 40V Mower Vs Hart 40V Cordless Mower: Which One Wins?

As a busy homeowner looking to keep your yard in tip-top shape, a lawn mower is a welcome addition to your gardening tool set. Kobalt 40V Mower and Hart 40V cordless mower are two fantastic options on the market. Both have strengths and weaknesses and picking the right one can be daunting. To help you make an informed decision, we will look at Kobalt 40V mower vs Hart 40V cordless mower in great detail. Keep reading!

Kobalt 40V Mower vs. Hart 40V Cordless Mower: Side-by-Side Comparison

FeatureKobalt 40V MowerHart 40V Cordless Mower
ModelKMP 5040-06HLPM061US
Charging duration90 mins60 mins for each battery
Cutting yard size¼ to ½ Acre½ Acre
Height adjustment7-Position7-Position
Battery systemSingle 5Ah battery systemDouble 6Ah battery system
CompatibilityKobalt 40-Volt Products BatteryHart 40-Volt Tools Battery
Blade size20-inch21-inch
Great Warranty
Kobalt 40-Volt Brushless Lithium Ion 20-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower (Battery Included)
  • Up to 40 minutes runtime per charge.
  • Mulch, rear bag, and side discharge grass.
  • Mows up to 0.5 acres.
  • 7-position single lever.
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Kobalt 40V Mower vs. Hart 40V Cordless Mower: What’s the Difference?

Self-propelled battery-powered lawn mowers have won the hearts of many. Kobalt 40V and Hart 40 V mowers are known to run quieter. Both have mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities. However, they differ in terms of performance, design, setup process, comfort, and value. Let’s dive into the details.


Kobalt 40V Mower mows between a ¼ and ½ acre yard with a single charge running almost 32 minutes. Its cutting height ranges from 1.38″ to 3.75 inches. Besides, its blade speed tends to accelerate on rough surfaces. You may carry extra batteries when mowing a uniformly smooth yard with thick, long grass.

The Mower comes with a brushless motor which requires more energy to power the blades when under a heavier workload. So, expect a decrease in the runtime cutting grass that’s longer than the recommended height (3.75 inches).

The brushless motor spins the single 20-inch blade quietly, so, no need for ear protection devices. It’s worth noting that the Kobalt Mower will create a bit more noise whenever it senses resistance or tackles heavy loads.     

Conversely, a fully charged Hart 40V Mower can mow up to ¾ acre. It can cut up to ½ acre and run for about 30 minutes. Its grass-cutting height ranges from 1-4 inches. The mower runs quietly. A brushless motor powers the 21-inch blade and ensures no bogging down.

Hart 40V has an activation knob that, when pressed, will boost the blade’s power and speed on a rough surface. Unlike the Kobalt 40V Mower, the Hart 40V grass cutter has a bay for an extra battery.

Hart 40V Ryobi 80V
Kobalt 40V Mower mows ¼ to ½ acre with 32 minutes runtime. Hart 40V Mower mows up to ¾ acre on a full charge.


Kobalt and Hart mowers come with a convenient push-button for start and a single-point height adjustment system. The steel deck has seven grass-height positions, house blades, and brushless motors. The deck gives the grass mowers momentum to move on a straight track.

As for Kobalt 40V Mower, it has a single battery system to accommodate a 5.0 AH lithium-ion battery. However, the mower’s initial price does not include battery and charger, meaning you will buy them separately. Remember, you can always buy extra batteries to increase the mower’s runtime. But ensure you get 40V Kobalt batteries.

Conversely, Hart 40V Mower is built with a dual battery system. It comes with dual battery ports and two 6.0AH lithium-ion batteries, including a fast charger. It is also compatible with all 40V Hart batteries.


Kobalt 40V Mower has 8-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels to maneuver around obstacles easily. The self-propelled tool is easy to start and operate. Foldable handles give it a compact size during storage. The clipping bag at the back is easy to fix and pull.

Hart 40V Mower has similar features as the Kobalt 40V Mower, but its rear wheels are slightly smaller. The nine and ½-inch back wheels give the lawnmower stability while clearing fields. Additionally, it has LED lights for dawn and dusk lighting.

Hart 40V vs Ryobi 40V
The Kobalt 40V Mower and the Hart 40V Mower are self-propelled, easy to start, and have foldable handles for compact storage.

Unboxing and Setup

Kobalt 40V Mower box is sturdy, with bold graphics and detailed information about the lawnmower. The package includes the mower, battery, charger, grass collection bag, instruction menus, detached handles, side discharge plates, and knobs.

When assembling the mower, fix the grass catcher bag at the back to create space to assemble the tool. Also, ensure the wing nuts hold the handles in place while the side discharge plates enhance the lawnmower’s versatility in side discharging. Remember, the mowing machine won’t run until you fit in the battery correctly.     

As for the Hart 40V Mower, the box comes well-made with luring fonts and graphics outlining the Mower’s specifications. The package has the 40V Hart Mower, start key, grass catcher bag, mulch plug, two batteries, manuals, and charger.

You might start by fixing the bagging bag and the side discharge plates, then adjusting the handles to your desired height. Remember, the Mower has a storage bay for the extra one.  For proper setup, follow up the instruction menu or seek expert help.


Kobalt 40V Mower and Hart 40V Cordless Mower are known to address customer lawn needs pretty well. Many users term them as lightweight and easy-to-use mowers that offer an enhanced experience, with a majority recommending the Kobalt for its battery capacity.  Even so, both come with a 5-year tool and 3-year battery warranties.

They use lithium-ion technology, with better performance than their gas-powered counterparts. This explains why they tend to be costlier. However, their prices differ. Expect to pay approximately $598 for the Hart 40V model and about $379 for the Kobalt 40V model (excluding the battery and charger).

Kobalt 40V Mower vs. Hart 40V Cordless Mower: 8 Must-Know Facts

  • Hart 40V Mower has a pair of three front LED lights.
  • Kobal 40V and Hart 40 V mowers have a single point to adjust the deck height.
  • Both mowers are corrosion-resistant and come with mulching and bagging accessories.
  • Both grass cutters have foldable and adjustable handles.
  • These mowers retain a compact size when folded for storage.
  • They are cordless grass trimmers with a noise level below 80 dB (A).
  • Hart 40V and Kobalt 40V blade speed depends on the lawn surface.
  • Hart 40V Mower has a bay to store an extra battery.   

Kobalt 40V Mower vs. Hart 40V Cordless Mower: Which One Is Better?

Ultimately, your choice of cordless mower will depend on your needs and what you want in your next mower. Hart 40V and Kobalt 40V are pretty good mowers. Both lawnmowers are perfect for residential yards and have durable steel decks.   

However, Hart 40V comes with two batteries, while Kobalt 40V has one battery. You may need an extra Kobalt 5 Ah battery when mowing larger grasslands. The Hart mower has LED lights to illuminate your lawn at night or before dawn. On the contrary, you can only cut grass during the day using a Kobalt 40V lawn mower.

All the same, both mowers have outstanding features, exceptional build quality, and have 5-year and 3-year warranties. With either, you are assured your mower will last longer and have fewer repairs within this period. 

Kobalt 40V Mower and Hart 40V Cordless Mower: Technology Updates

Both the Kobalt 40V Mower and Hart 40V Cordless Mower have received technology updates since February 2023.

Kobalt 40V Mower:

In March 2023, a new feature called “Dynamic Torque Control” was introduced. This feature automatically adjusts the mower’s power output based on the terrain, improving battery efficiency and preventing bogging down. The update also included support for the Kobalt iSeries App, enabling users to control the mower from their smartphones.

Hart 40V Cordless Mower:

In April 2023, the Hart 40V Cordless Mower received a new feature called “EdgeGuard,” which prevents the mower from cutting the edges of the lawn. Additionally, the update introduced support for the Hart iSeries App, allowing users to control the mower using their smartphones.

Kobalt 40V Mower and Hart 40V Cordless Mower: What’s Next

Potential technology updates for the Kobalt 40V Mower and Hart 40V Cordless Mower in the next six to 18 months include:

  • Improved battery life: Both brands may enhance battery efficiency or offer larger batteries to extend mowing time.
  • New features: Additional features like self-propelled mode, rain sensors, or Bluetooth connectivity could be introduced.
  • Updated software: Both companies may release newer software versions for improved security and additional functionalities.
  • Next-gen models: Kobalt and Hart might launch updated versions with more powerful motors, larger decks, or extended runtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety precautions when using Kobalt 40V Mower and Hart 40V Cordless Mower?

Use the correct chargers to avoid fire and explosion risks and avoid exposing the mowers to rain or water and direct sunlight for a long time. Also, remember to store your Mower at room temperature.

Does Kobalt 40V Mower support grass shredding and clippings disposal?

The Kobalt 40V Mower supports bagging, mulching, and side discharging since it has the rear bag and side discharge outlets.

Is Kobalt 40V Mower or Hart 40V Mower safe to cut wet grassland?

No, using an electric mower on a wet lawn is unsafe. The Mower’s manual outlines the safe grounds to mow.

Is it worth buying a Kobalt 40V Mower?

The Kobalt 40V Mower is durable, easy to set up, use, and store, and it would make a great tool for homeowners with a small yard.

What is the charging duration of a Kobalt 40V Mower battery?

Kobalt 40V Mower uses a 5.0 Ah battery that takes 1½ hours to charge fully.

Is it safe to leave Kobalt 40V Mower battery charging?

Disconnect the battery from the charger once it’s fully charged. Leaving it connected will tamper with its durability.

Can I use other batteries on my Hart 40V Mower?

You can pick any Hart 40V lithium-ion battery for your Hart 40V Mower.

What is the charging duration of a Hart 40V Mower battery?

Hart 40V Mower uses two 6.0 Ah batteries, which will take approximately one hour to fully charge one battery.

Does Hart 40V Mower support other grass-cutting modes?

The HART 40V Cordless Mower has side discharge outlets and bags to support mulching and bagging.

Where can I purchase the HART 40V Lawn mower battery?

The HART 40V Mower battery and other accessories are available on the company website as well as leading sellers such as Amazon at discounted rates.

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