Kinsta vs AWS: How Do They Compare?

kinsta vs aws

Kinsta vs AWS: How Do They Compare?

Key Points:

1. All Kinsta sites are protected by Cloudflare. This consists of automatic wildcard SSL certificates, a firewall with application-specific rule sets, and DDoS protection at the enterprise level. Compared to other managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta provides free WAF and DDoS protection with Cloudflare.

2. Due to its variable pricing structure, AWS makes economic sense for startups and small businesses. AWS is ideal for launching a new enterprise since it offers businesses the resources they need to establish their operations in the cloud. Because of Amazon‘s low-cost migration services for established enterprises, your present infrastructure can be moved to AWS with minimal impact.

3. Kinsta provides 24/7 live chat and email support from its WordPress experts. It has a knowledge base with in-depth articles and tutorials on various topics, including performance, security, development, and more.

WordPress on computer laptop
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system.


Are you stuck on which cloud hosting to use for your WordPress website? We saved you the trouble of looking into the matter by doing it for you. You should be able to choose the best service for your specific needs with this Kinsta vs. AWS analysis.

It’s no secret that WordPress is a popular platform for building and managing websites. If you already have or plan to create a WordPress site, you’ll need a web host that can provide the necessary speed and features. Kinsta and AWS are both great WordPress hosting options, but their operations are very different. It’s a technical challenge to set up and maintain an AWS environment. However, while Kinsta makes website administration more manageable, it usually comes at a much higher cost.

Kinsta and AWS: Side by Side Comparison

DefinitionHigh-performance hosting on Google’s Apps servers, allowing your site to benefit from the same technology that powers GoogleAn all-inclusive cloud computing platform which offers adaptable and reasonably priced cloud computing solutions
DevelopersWordPressAmazon Web Services
Release1 December 201314 March 2006
ServiceGoogle Cloud PlatformOpen-source cloud database service
Available in EnglishEnglish

Kinsta and AWS: What’s the Difference?

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company founded in 2013 by Mark Gavalda. It provides high-performance WordPress hosting services to businesses of all sizes worldwide. Kinsta has a team of talented engineers who work around the clock to ensure your website is always running at top speed. In addition to offering excellent performance, Kinsta also provides outstanding customer support.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon subsidiary that provides flexible and scalable cloud computing infrastructure. Through its more than 165 services, AWS provides users with a comprehensive set of infrastructure and computing tools and building blocks.

Infographic Kinsta vs AWS

Features of Kinsta

kinsta vs aws
Kinsta offers managed WordPress hosting.


Let’s discuss a few known Kinsta features.


Kinsta’s foundation is built on Google Cloud’s C2 virtual machine and ultra-high-performance network. As a result, Kinsta customers benefit from a 200% increased performance, a 30% reduction in latency, and a 50% increased bandwidth. Moreover, Kinsta’s high-performance, limitless Content Delivery Network (CDN) supports HTTP/3, accelerating delivery times. Plugins are not required because of Kinsta’s fast server-level caching system. It also automatically optimizes databases once per week, which significantly improves performance.


Kinsta guarantees that your site will be up and running 99.9% of the time with their Service Level Agreement, and remain safe from hackers. It also offers multiple layers of protection to keep your website secure, including automatic backups, Cloudflare DDoS protection, free SSL, two-factor authentication, and SFTP/SSH protocols.


Kinsta customers have access to live chat support on the MyKinsta dashboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Kinsta provides multilingual chat support in five different languages, as well as multilingual resources and documentation. It also checks the status of all the websites it hosts every two minutes. It’s not uncommon for their engineers to start looking into the problem before realizing there’s one. Over more than five years in business, 97% of all customer support requests have been satisfactorily resolved.


Kinsta’s sophisticated hosting settings make it simple to expand your WordPress site. What’s more, your website and its associated software are safe from prying eyes thanks to Kinsta’s virtual machine technology. Customers can customize their website’s traffic, storage space, and content delivery network via the MyKinsta Dashboard. You can also upgrade to a larger storage plan with a single mouse click.

Site Management

The MyKinsta control panel prioritizes your site’s speed and security while reducing the required routine maintenance. The dashboard allows for an unlimited number of roles to be assigned in both the production and development environments.

Users have granular control over multiple environments via the MyKinsta interface. These include production, staging, development, and even a template environment. So, with just a few mouse clicks, you can add new sites, update themes and plugins, or relocate an existing site. The MyKinsta control panel also makes managing PHP versions and creating white-labeled sites a breeze.

Developer Tools

It’s simple to manage your website the way you want with Kinsta. WP-CLI, SSH, Git, ionCube Loader, and one-click cloning are among the developer-friendly tools provided by Kinsta. It also simplifies the resolution of issues, such as 404 pages and poor search engine rankings for developers. Developers can access various resources, including Nginx reverse proxy, Redis, and others.

Pros of KinstaCons of Kinsta
Easy to useNo telephone support
Blazing fastMonthly subscriptions (starting at $30)
Cloud-based manufacturing made for speedLimited features
Excellent technical support
Optimized for e-commerce

Features of AWS

kinsta vs aws
AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs.

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Easy To Sign Up

Using AWS does not require you to sign any user agreements. You only need your email address and credit/debit card details. AWS also offers a free tier that grants you access to many of its most popular features for an entire year.

Simple and Per-Hour Billing

With micro-billing, you’ll know exactly how much you spend per hour on everything from an EC2 instance to an S3 bucket. Managing your AWS bill is a breeze thanks to the company’s streamlined billing dashboard, from which they can generate a report tailored to your specific requirements.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

By creating groups, users, and roles in IAM, as well as assigning appropriate permissions, you can control who has access to services such as VPC, EC2, and RDS. Through IAM-issued credentials, you can restrict an AWS user’s access to the specific services and resources they require. 

When an IAM Multifactor Authentication-enabled user attempts to access an AWS resource, they will be required to provide the usual authentication information (username and password) and an authentication code found only on their MFA-configured device. Furthermore, IAM is backward compatible with the current version of Active Directory.

Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)

You can isolate EC2 instances and RDS deployments, among other computing resources, by creating virtual private clouds (VPCs) on Amazon. These allow you to manage all incoming and outgoing data traffic. So, if you’re concerned about the safety of your application, you can (and should) use virtual private clouds to restrict traffic to and from the Internet. Through virtual private networks (VPNs), on-premises servers can connect directly to your VPC in the cloud, bypassing the need to use public networks.

Security Groups

Using Security Groups enables you to create firewall rules to manage inbound and outbound traffic to and from an instance level. Traffic can be restricted based on IP address, port, and protocol type ( UDP, TCP, or ICMP).

Data Encryption

AWS can encrypt data stored in EBS volumes, S3 buckets, RDS data stores, and Glacier data stores. When an instance is attached to an encrypted EBS volume, all data on the EBS volume, disk I/O, and snapshots from the volume are encrypted. AWS encrypts each S3 object with its own unique key when using this configuration. The server-side encryption used by Amazon S3 is 256-bit AES, one of the most secure block ciphers available. 

Each RDS DB Instance receives its own unique SSL certificate. The DB instance and your app will exchange encrypted data once a secure connection is established.

Pros of AWSCons of AWS
User-FriendlyVarious restrictions in terms of EC2 and security
SecureFew professionals with AWS or other cloud service experience (can become costly)
Flexible services and featuresFluctuating monthly payment (depends on the cost of land, fiber, electricity, and taxes)
Cost-effectiveWhile AWS is feature-rich, it can be complex and challenging to use for specific workloads

Kinsta vs. AWS: Which one Should you Use? Which is Better?

If you need a host that is easy to use and offers WordPress-specific features, support, and tools, Kinsta is your best bet. It’s recommended because we believe it provides the best value for money. It also provides various modifications to guarantee that WordPress websites run smoothly. What’s more, automatic backups and high-level security are included to ensure that your website is always secure. So, when looking for a reliable WordPress host, Kinsta should be your first choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kinsta, a good host?

Yes, Kinsta is an excellent choice for hosting your website. In fact, Kinsta not only offers outstanding functionality (as I previously stated), but it also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. This vote of confidence is due to its cloud hosting infrastructure. In reality, cloud hosts are far more likely to keep websites operational.

Is Kinsta a VPS?

No, the WordPress hosting infrastructure is different from other traditional hosting systems because it’s entirely based on Google cloud and Cloudflare, a different system from the typical shared VPS or dedicated servers.

What is Kinsta used for?

Kinsta, a cloud-based host, offers managed WordPress solutions on powerful, optimized servers. In my tests, it outperformed the rest of the field while being relatively straightforward to use.

Does Kinsta use Google Cloud?

Kinsta began migrating its servers to Google Cloud roughly two years ago. Kinsta uses Google Compute Engine’s scalability features to keep its clients’ websites up and to operate, especially during peak traffic.

Is Kinsta fast?

Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting is lightning fast and trustworthy. It specifically makes use of Google’s Cloud Platform. It is popular among its users, becoming one of the fastest-growing WordPress businesses in recent years.

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