Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2: Which One is Actually Better?

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Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2: Which One is Actually Better?

Key Points

  • The reMarkable 2 is the world’s thinnest tablet and has a 10.3 inch screen, mimicking the feel of notetaking on a real notebook. It can be used for reading and notetaking.
  • The Kindle Scribe is weighs only 430g and has a screen size of 10.2 inches, making it a compact tablet easy for storing in a small bag or purse.
  • Both tablets use pens instead of fingers for notetaking and navigating. The recommended premium pens are sold separately.

Kindle Scribe Tablet and reMarkable 2 are two of the more popular e-ink tablets on the market today. Both devices have several features that make them excellent choices for people who want to read books on their devices and take notes.

The Kindle Scribe is an excellent e-reader for those that want a simple, affordable alternative to the more expensive models. The reMarkable 2, on the other hand, is the better option if you want something more powerful, like editing PDFs and taking notes.

Both devices offer access to thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers, so you’ll never run out of reading material.

In this article, we will review Kindle Scribe and reMarkable 2 to help you make an informed decision when buying either one of these devices.

Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2: Side-by-Side Comparison

Amazon Kindle ScribereMarkable 2
Screen Size10.2in10.33in
Screen QualityPaperwhiteMonochrome
Storage Options16/32/64GB8GB/Unlimited cloud storage with Connect subscription
Dimensions196 x 229 x 5.8 mm187 x 246 x 4.7 mm
Battery life3 weeks2 weeks
microSD slotNoNo
Stylus PenBasic pen included. Premium Pen sold separatelyNo charging is required. Premium pen with erasing functions sold separately
Kindle ebooksYesNo
Audible eBooksYesNo
Cloud StorageAmazon Cloud StorageGoogle Drive, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive
Waterproof (IPX8)NoNo
ConnectivityWiFi, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, USB-CWiFi, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, USB-C
Color OptionsTungstenSilver
Price$339 with a basic pen. $369 with premium pen$399
Pen Price$59 for a premium pen$129 for marker plus
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Best for Writers
Kindle Scribe
  • 10.2”, 300 PPI glare-free display
  • Take notes with the included Basic Pen
  • Four brush types to write and sketch
  • A single charge via USB-C powers months of reading and weeks of writing
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Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2: What’s the Difference?


The reMarkable 2 is a stunning device. It’s solidly built, with an aluminum shell and glass screen that comes in a tungsten color. The bezels on the side are relatively thick, which helps keep the tablet from slipping out of your hands. At just 4.7 mm / 0.19 in, the reMarkable 2 is the world’s thinnest tablet and undoubtedly looks and feels more like a notebook than a tablet.

The reMarkable 2 is an e-reader with a 10.3-inch screen that can be used for reading eBooks or creating handwritten notes or drawings. It also has a stylus that is easy to use and firm enough to hold. There are two types of stylus pens available; the basic pen and the premium model. The basic handles all the basic tasks you’d expect from a stylus pen. However, I would recommend the premium pen, which has an erase feature and costs $80 more. Both stylus pens adhere magnetically to the side of the e-reader.

The Kindle Scribe is also very well built, with a solid metal body and side bezels that feel great to touch. The Kindle Scribe is the more compact e-reader and has a 10.2-inch display. It weighs around 430g making it easy to carry around.

Like the reMarkable 2, the Kindle Scribe has two stylus pen options. The most impressive part of the pens is that they never have to be charged, and you can use them as long as the device lasts. Both pens allow you to take notes and annotate on eBooks and PDF documents. However, their premium stylus pen has an erase feature and shortcut buttons. Again we recommend you go with the latter for the added features, considering that the price difference is not that much.

Regarding the design, both devices look great and feel comfortable to hold. Both devices have an aluminum back cover with an aluminum frame around the edges, making them easy to grip without being too slippery on your hands.

Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable

The compact size of an e-reader electronic book makes reading convenient.

Battery and Performance

The battery life is an area where the Kindle Scribe wins. If you turn off the wireless connection, the Kindle Scribe can last you up to 12 weeks if you use it to read for 30 mins a day. If you do a lot of writing and note-taking, a single charge can last up to 3 weeks. The battery life can vary and may be reduced depending on factors such as audiobook streaming and annotation.

The reMarkable 2’s battery life is also outstanding. It can last about two weeks if you use it primarily for reading books. If you’re using it as a notebook, expect about a week of use on a single charge. This is similar to the Kindle Scribe, but the clear winner is the Scribe in this category. The Kindle Scribe has a great battery life considering its size and price point.

Interface and Pens

The Kindle Scribe and reMarkable 2 are both pen-based e-ink readers offering a similar experience. However, some key differences between these two devices could help you decide which is right for you.

The Kindle Scribe has a more traditional interface than the reMarkable 2. It has a touch home button at the bottom of the screen that takes you back to your home screen whenever you want. On the other hand, the reMarkable 2’s interface is more modern, with no buttons but a touchscreen interface that lets you navigate different scenarios — from reading books to taking notes and making sketches.

Both devices use pens instead of fingers to navigate their screens, write notes, or take notes during meetings or lectures. The Kindle Scribe’s pen has two buttons: One that acts as a right-click in most applications. At the same time, another opens up a menu of options like formatting text or searching within your documents. The reMarkable 2’s pen doesn’t have any buttons but instead uses gestures to perform certain functions — like drawing.

Where the reMarkable 2 shines is the customization features. The reMarkable 2’s interface is much more customizable than the Kindles. You can change your paper type, choose from different fonts and sizes, and even change whether you want to see all of your notes or just those from today or yesterday.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Software and Features

The features and usability of the two products are pretty similar. Both platforms support multitouch input, so you can use your finger or stylus to interact with the device’s screen. They also both allow you to import PDFs and other documents into their apps so that you can annotate them.

The Kindle Scribe software is basic, but it does what it needs to do. You can use it to write in different fonts and sizes, change the color of your text, and highlights texts in eBooks and documents. The Kindle Scribe has one significant advantage over the reMarkable 2: it supports access to millions of Kindle eBooks from their store, which you can download and edit as you like.

However, the most impressive feature that the reMarkable offers, is the ability to send emails and download documents from your cloud storage. They recently introduced this feature and has proven to be very useful for tablet enthusiasts around the world. You can also export your notes as PDFs or images that can be saved locally or sent over email or messaging apps.

The History of E-readers

The first eReader was the Sony Librie, which was released in 2004. Then the Nook and Kindle followed in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

The Kindle was an instant hit with customers and became the most popular eReader on the market. But Barnes & Noble’s Nook quickly gained ground as well. Both companies were locked in a fierce battle for eReader supremacy until 2012 when Amazon dropped the price of its Kindle Fire tablets.

The low-cost tablets were so successful that they’d helped drive down the price of other Android-powered devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series, Google’s Nexus line of tablets, and Apple’s iPad line.

Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • The Kindle Scribe features the world’s first 10.2-inch, 300 pixels per inch (PPI), Paperwhite display e-reader. It also comes with a stylus pen that never needs charging.
  • The Kindle Scribe is built around a 10.2-inch, glare-free E-Ink screen with a front light that automatically adjusts the screen brightness to account for a room’s ambient lighting.
  • The Kindle Scribe and reMarkable 2 allow eBooks and PDFs to be annotated directly on the page text.
  • For reading, a single charge of the Kindle Scribe lasts up to 3 weeks based on a half hour of reading per day, with wireless off and the light setting at 13.
  • With reMarkable, you can access documents directly from your paper tablet in popular cloud storage apps. Includes Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive integration.
Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable
Remarkable 2 e-ink tablet with standard marker is an amazing all-round e-reader.

Pros and Cons of Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2

Pros of Kindle ScribeCons of Kindle Scribe
Excellent battery life – a single charge can last up to 3 weeksCustomization is limited
More storage options to choose from – 16/32/64GB models are availableA bit more costly
Access to Kindle eBooksAccess to cloud storage is not available
Pros of reMarkable 2Cons of reMarkable 2
Access to files stored in your cloud storage – Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and DropboxBattery life is not the best
More customization features and the ability to send emailsNo access to Kindle eBooks
Great battery life

Kindle Scribe vs. reMarkable 2: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Which is the better Kindle tablet? The Kindle Scribe tablet or reMarkable 2?

The latest Kindle e-reader tablet from Amazon, the Scribe, has many great features. It’s got a great display and 300ppi, which is pretty good for reading books. It has solid battery life (up to three weeks between charges) and offers more storage options.

The reMarkable 2 has a similar form factor to the Kindle Scribe Tablet. It has a larger display and excellent screen quality. The e-reader allows you to access documents from your cloud and annotate them as you wish. The reMarkable 2 also comes with a stylus pen and keyboard cover (although these aren’t included with the base price); however, its storage is only 8GB.

You Should Buy the Kindle Scribe if…

  1. You want an easy-to-use e-reader
    Many people prefer to have a simple e-reader that they can use. That’s exactly what the Kindle Scribe offers. It doesn’t have a fancy interface, and the overall interface is reasonably easy to learn. You also have access to millions of Kindle eBooks on their store, which you can download and store on your device. This is a feature you won’t find on the reMarkable 2. While the reMarkable 2 tablet supports digital files in PDF and pub formats, the Kindle Scribe supports those formats as well as GIF, PNG, JPG, and many more.
  2. You use Microsoft products already
    With the Kindle Scribe, you can create notebooks, journals, and lists, as well as sticky notes in Microsoft Word. It will also be possible to send documents directly from Microsoft Word to the Kindle Scribe early next year. You will find this feature more helpful if you already use Microsoft Office.

You Should Buy the reMarkable 2 if…

  1. You want an all-around note taking device.
    The reMarkable 2 makes it easy to take notes without distractions. The interface is easier to learn and won’t be a steep learning curve. In addition, the reMarkable gives you access to documents you have stored in the cloud, which you can download and make notes on as you please. This is a feature you won’t find on the Kindle Scribe. It’s a more versatile device for taking notes and organizing your thoughts.
  2. You want more customization features.
    The reMarkable 2 has many more features on offer regarding customization. The e-ink tablet offers eight pen brush options when writing: ballpoint pen, fine liner, marker, and more. These features make it easier to take notes and organize thoughts, offering greater flexibility overall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Kindle Scribe and reMarkable 2?

Kindle Scribe and reMarkable 2 are two of the most popular e-readers today. Both devices have similar features and options, but there are some differences between them that you should know about before making your decision.

The best choice for you depends on what you want from your e-reader. If you are looking for something lightweight, portable, and easy to use, then the Kindle Scribe may be a good option. However, if you want a larger screen with more features, you may prefer the reMarkable 2.

What generation of Kindle is the newest?

The Kindle Paperwhite is the newest generation of the Kindle. It was introduced in 2021.

The Kindle Paperwhite features a waterproof design, an adaptive front light with adjustable brightness levels, and built-in Bluetooth audio support. It also has twice as much storage space as its predecessor at 8 GB or 32 GB and comes with free cloud storage for all Amazon content.

What generation of reMarkable is the newest?

The new reMarkable 2 is the latest addition to their lineup. The first generation was released in 2015 and was called the reMarkable e-Reader.

The new reMarkable has a better screen than its predecessor, with a higher resolution and brighter colors. It also has a larger screen, which makes it easier to read books on.

The new reMarkable has a faster processor than its predecessor, meaning it can do more things simultaneously without slowing down or freezing up. It also has more memory so that you can store more books on the device at once than before.

Can you read books on a reMarkable like a Kindle?

Yes, you can read books on a reMarkable like a Kindle.

reMarkable is a tablet with a large screen and an e-ink display that looks and feels like paper. It’s the perfect device for reading books in the Kindle format.

reMarkable also supports PDF, DOCX, and EPUB files. You can open these files on reMarkable by downloading them from an online library or emailing them to yourself from your computer or mobile device.

Is the Kindle Scribe worth getting?

The Kindle Scribe is an excellent option for people looking for a new eReader. It’s cheaper than most other Kindle models and has many of the same features.

The main highlight of this tablet is its battery life, which can last up to 3 weeks on a single charge. This makes it ideal for people who use their devices often throughout the day without access to power outlets.

The Kindle Scribe is also ideal for people who don’t want to spend too much money on an eReader. The fact that it’s affordable means that it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get their hands on an eReader without breaking the bank.

Is the reMarkable 2 worth getting?

The reMarkable 2 tablet is an excellent e-reader for those looking for an affordable alternative to the Kindle. The reMarkable 2 has a great screen and touch interface, almost like paper.

The reMarkable 2 also comes with powerful customization features. The tablet also comes with 2GB of RAM, which is more than enough for multitasking on this device.

The main highlight of this tablet is the ability to download documents from your cloud storage like Google Drive and OneDrive. This feature you won’t find on the Kindle Scribe can come in handy.

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