Kia Ev6 Vs Volvo XC40: Which One Wins?

Kia Ev6 Vs Volvo XC40: Which One Wins?

2023 has seen an increase in the production of EVs. The boom has also brought its fair share of competition, giving consumers options. Take Kia EV 6 and Volvo XC40 and for example. Both are pretty good Evs with impressive performance. So, picking one can be a really tough decision.

Stick around as we unpack the two EVs. We shall look at their specs, key differences, and outstanding features. Kia EV6 vs Volvo XC40, which will you pick? Keep reading to learn all there is to know.

Kia EV6 vs Volvo XC40: Side-by-Side Comparison

Let’s look at the table below to understand these two cars better.

SpecificationsKia EV6Volvo XC40
Release dateOctober 2022Fall 2022
Horsepower576 hp402 hp
0-60 mph time3.4 seconds4.7 seconds
Range 328 miles223 miles
Fast charge speed10-80% in 18 minutes10-80% in 37 minutes

Kia EV6 vs. Volvo XC40: What’s the Difference?

With its improved design, the Kia EV6 GT elevates the thrill of driving to an entirely new level. The EV6 GT is unlike any other electric vehicle because of its premium features and striking aesthetic elements. The insanely fast GT comes equipped with an adjustable suspension and 576 horsepower. It has a green button on the steering wheel that unlocks the maximum power of the propulsion system.

The EV6 can launch from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Along with the GT’s improved performance, Kia has given the interior sporty touches like neon green trim and sporty seats. It’s the first car to utilize Kia’s E-GMP architecture. The result is a robust and lighter car with ultra-high strength steel, giving it a wheelbase similar to that of many mid-size SUVs.

The Volvo XC40, on the other hand, is a compact yet roomy vehicle that offers good value and practicality. The whole package is decent, even though it fails to provide the most exhilarating performance or luxurious interior. It’s a well-rounded crossover worth checking out.

With the XC40, you don’t have to compromise between safety and power, as it has all of that. Take a seat, start the car, and experience the convenience of one-pedal propulsion and smooth acceleration while emitting no exhaust pollution.  


EV6’s interior is inspiring, with adjustable ambient lighting and top-notch features that create an atmosphere of refinement while on board. This car is based on the ground-breaking E-GMP platform. It has flat flooring for easy entry and exit, giga-steel seats for a roomy cabin, and a unique cargo space beneath the center console.

interior of Volvo XC40 7
Xc40 has a design-oriented cabin with a portrait screen and leather-trimmed seats.

The XC40 Recharge’s interior is a living example of responsible luxury as it doesn’t feature any leather. Translucent back-lit furnishings with topography inspiration gives the cabin a modern feel and a natural, calming radiance.


Check out some of the fantastic features of the Kia EV6.

Meridian audio system – The EV6 has a 14-speaker premium audio system, woofer, and external amplifier that provide superb sound.

Blind spot monitor – Activated by the turn signal, the system shows a live feed of your blind areas in your instrument panel. When the system identifies a vehicle in the blind spot and you attempt to change lanes, the Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist-Rear helps keep you on a safe path.

Highway driving assist – The system can help you maintain a preset distance and speed from the vehicle ahead of you through a front-facing camera, navigation data, and radar sensors. With a one-touch button setting for speed, this driving assist feature can help control the steering wheel when changing lanes.

Auto-emergency braking – The conventional system prevents potential crashes by detecting oncoming vehicles and applying brakes. When crossing across an intersection, the forward- collision-avoidance-assist can detect oncoming vehicles from the side and assist in avoiding potential collisions.

Outstanding features of the XC40 include;

Harman Kardon sound system – You can feel the polished sound performance of the highly refined audio system all around you. Whatever the genre, it draws you in, inspires you, and allows you to savor every second. A 600W digital amplifier drives the system, which consists of 13 hi-fi speakers, one of which is an air-ventilated subwoofer. A potent, engrossing audio experience is waiting, tailored to the acoustics of your Volvo’s cabin.

360 degrees parking view – The car has four cameras that provide a 360° view and flank sensors that increase awareness of nearby objects. This technology can help you park comfortably, even in small spaces. 

Cross-traffic alert – When reversing with limited vision, the system alerts you if there’s a nearby object behind. It even applies the auto brake if necessary. 


For the Kia EV6, the large, long-range battery has EPA-rated for up to 310 miles, while the smaller, regular battery features an EPA-rated range of 232 miles. The performance-focused GT variant has the biggest batteries but the shortest range at only 206 miles.

When connected to a 350-kW fast charger, Kia claims that the battery can charge from 10 – 80% in less than 18 minutes. This setup can add 70 miles in under 5 minutes. When on a Level 2 outlet, the onboard charger, which is 11 kW, can juice up the battery from 10-100% in just 7 hours.

Currently, the EPA calculates that a Volvo XC40 Recharge can travel 223 miles before needing a recharge. The range estimate, however, might be affected by factors including towing, weather, vehicle condition, feature usage, and driving behavior.


Kia EV6 has a tow ball weight of 100 kg, a maximum towing capability of 1600 kg, and a practical 490-liter boot with a variable-height boot floor.

The Volvo XC40’s maximum towing capacity is 3,500 pounds. All you’ll need to do is fit a supplementary Volvo XC40 tow hitch if you intend to transport bulky items.

Speed and Performance

kia evs
Kia EV6 is a well-rounded electric car with exhilirating performance.

The rear-wheel-drive EV6 vehicles have a maximum speed of 115 mph and, according to Kia, can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds. The 0 to 60 time for the AWD Wind and GT-Line versions is 5.1 seconds, and their top speed is 117 mph. The EV6 GT can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and tops out at 161 mph.

According to Volvo, the XC40 Recharge can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. The 2023 Volvo XC40 is an eco-friendly SUV with serious speed, with a staggering 402 horsepower and the quick torque delivery of two electric motors. It tops out at 180kph.

Kia EV6 vs Volvo XC40: 7 Must-Know Facts

  • The Kia EV6 GT and EV6 wind models can tow up to 2,300 pounds and have 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque between them. 
  • 2023 Kia EV6 has five variants; EV6 GT (e-AWD), EV6 wind (RWD), EV6 GT Line (e-AWD), EV6 wind (e-AWD), and EV6 GT Line (RWD).
  • The combined EPA rating for each single-motor EV6 is 117 MPGe. For the dual-motor model, the combined ratings are 109 MPGe.
  • Volvo XC40 has a sophisticated air purifier system that can stop up to 80% of dangerous PM 2.5 particles from entering the cabin. 
  • The Thor’s Hammer-inspired pixel lights on the CX40 help you see better without blinding other drivers. 
  • Each headlamp unit on XC40 has 84 Pixel LEDs, which effectively illuminate the road while adjusting to the traffic ahead of your XC40.
  • You can remotely access the Volvo car app by subscribing to a digital services app. 

Kia EV6 vs. Volvo XC40: Which One is Better? Which One Should You Buy?

Ultimately, the choice between Kia EV6 and XC40 comes down to what you want in your next car. Both are unique and have their strengths and weaknesses. EV6 is fun to drive, has no road noise, and has a range of 500+ kilometers. The AWD has excellent acceleration. On the other hand, the Volvo XC40 has a classy interior, top-notch safety features, and superb performance.

We like the XCVO but have to give it to the EV6 GT line for its hair-raising performance and exclusivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Volvo XC40 unveiled?

The XC40 debuted with conventional gasoline and diesel engines in September 2017. A plug-in hybrid model followed in 2019, and the XC40 Recharge, a battery-electric vehicle type, was produced the following year. 

Is the XC40 a luxurious car?

Yes, the 2023 XC40 is a base-level crossover combining stylish appearance, luxurious comfort, and cool features. The XC40’s drive might not be the most exciting in its category, but it is exquisite and smooth.

Which EV6 has the highest range? 

The Kia EV6 RWD long-range can travel up to 499 kilometers. It has a 77.4KW battery, making it the model with the longest range in the EV6 family.

Which is the fastest Kia model?

The fastest Kia to date is the EV6. It boasts a standard all-wheel-drive system that uses two electric motors, one driving the front wheels with 160 kW/215 hp and the other the back wheels with 270kW/362 hp.

Why is the EV6 AWD more expensive than other models?

The EV6 AWD version’s high price is primarily due to the dual high-performance motors.

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