Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV: Which One Wins?

kia ev6 vs sony afeela ev

Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV: Which One Wins?

At CES 2023, Sony Honda Mobility unveiled the prototype for its entertainment-focused Sony Afeela EV. Two years before the brand’s planning on taking pre-orders, Afeela is already making waves. At the moment, Sony and Honda keep most details under wraps, but we can compare what we know so far with other electric vehicles.

A popular contender is the Kia EV6. When the time comes, should you make the switch? This comparison between Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV might help you make up your mind.

Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV: Side-by-Side Comparison

The table below compares the disclosed features of the Sony Afeela EV and Kia 2023 EV6 GT.

FeaturesKia EV6 GT (e-AWD)Sony Afeela EV
Model year20232026
Length184.8 in192.7 in
Width74.4 in74.8 in
Height60.8 in57.5 in
Wheelbase114.2 in118.1 in
Front tire size255/40R21245/40R21
Rear tire size255/40R21275/35R21
Suspension typeDual lower arm and multi-linkDouble wishbone and multi-link
AutonomySemi-autonomousLevel 3 autonomous driving
Safety and securityFour external cameras45 cameras and sensors
In-car entertainmentAudioAudio, video, and gaming console
Exterior entertainmentN/AMedia bar

Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV: What’s the Difference?

Comparing a car that’s already on the market with a prototype isn’t completely fair. While we know all there is to know about the Kia EV6, the Sony Afeela EV is pretty much a mystery.

The first vehicle from Sony Honda Mobility, Afeela, promises to be a revolutionary addition to the automotive market. Yet, almost everything about it is still under wraps.

Neither Sony nor Honda revealed much about the vehicle’s specs, such as engine power, battery life, or mileage per charge. The specifications made public only disclose the vehicle’s size, tire types, suspension, and drive.

During the unveiling, Sony also talked about some of the car’s entertainment and safety abilities. With this in mind, let’s see how the Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV compare.


kia ev6 vs sony afeela ev
The 2023 Kia EV6 offers 310 miles of EPA-estimated range.

Perhaps the most striking difference between Kia EV6 (2023 GT) and Sony Afeela EV is the type of car itself. The former is a sports utility crossover with all-wheel drive. It might be compact compared to other SUVs, but it maintains the sporty lines of vehicles adapted to both urban and off-road use.

Sony Afeela EV also features all-wheel drive, but this car is essentially a sedan. Its fluid lines are more reminiscent of Tesla X’s elegance than of Kia EV6’s sporty allure. Similar to Tesla, Sony Afeela presents a minimalist interior inspired by a futuristic world. What makes it different is the enhanced level of entertainment you can find both inside and outside the car.

In-cabin infotainment includes a sleek touch console that integrates audio and video entertainment, but also gaming options. Perhaps you won’t find the newest PlayStation in the car, but the entertainment center developed in collaboration with Epic Games integrates real and virtual worlds seamlessly.

Meanwhile, Kia EV6 features a high-end infotainment system, but its in-car entertainment is limited to audio and ambient lights – at least while the car is moving. Nevertheless, the Meridian Premium sound system with 14 speakers creates an immersive experience no matter what you listen to.


Kia EV6 and Sony Afeela alike are full-size cars with four-plus-one doors and a capacity of five passengers. As a sports utility car, Kia EV6 is spacious and delivers a comfortable drive. Surprisingly, though, Sony Afeela is more spacious.

This car is 7.9 inches longer and 0.4 inches wider than the Kia. It is shorter, but likely because of the chassis design; all sedans are shorter than SUVs and other utility vehicles. While the difference in size isn’t jaw-dropping, it still translates into a larger space and likely a more comfortable drive in the Afeela.

Another size-related difference regards the tires. Both cars come with 21-inch tires, but Kia’s have the same width both in the front and the back. Meanwhile, Afeela has narrower tires on the front wheels and wider tires on the rear wheels, which are wider than Kia’s.

Wider wheels provide more traction and enhance acceleration. While we don’t know Afeela’s engine power and acceleration specs, we can only assume they won’t disappoint.


With government plans to end gas-powered vehicles by 2035, electric vehicles are the new mainstream – and there are quite a few expectations regarding their capabilities. One of them is the autonomous drive, a feature that is not as new as it seems.

In fact, self-driving cars have been around for decades, and Tesla already provides full self-driving packages for its cars. Sony Afeela EV is expected to deliver similar features with its Level 3 autonomous driving that’s optimized for specific conditions.

This feature will be an addition to the Level 2+ autonomy for urban and non-urban conditions as well as driving assistance features, including parking aid. Kia EV6 only features semi-autonomous systems, such as smart cruise control and intelligent speed limit assist.


kia ev6 vs sony afeela ev
The Afeela EV prototype’s dash is entirely made up of screens, which stretch from door to door.

Both Kia EV6 and Sony Afeela EV feature an array of safety systems, but Sony Honda Mobility doesn’t disclose which systems will be present on their electric vehicle. The only thing we know is that Afeela features 45 cameras and sensors, as well as the integration of the SoCs from Snapdragon Digital Chassis that delivers safe, secure, and customizable mobility experiences.

Meanwhile, all safety systems present in Kia EV6 are fully disclosed. This car includes a variety of driver assistance and safety systems, including lane assist, 360-degree view, parking assist, blind-spot and forward collision-avoidance assist, and even safe exit assist that warns occupants when they’re trying to open a door while a vehicle is approaching.


As you’d expect from a car developed by Sony, Afeela impresses with expansive in-cabin entertainment options that extend to the outside of the vehicle. You can easily infuse personality into the minimalist interior with endless customization options for the console. These can include original designs, games, and movie themes.

Ambient lights make it easy to set the mood and turn the cabin as relaxing or vibrant as you want for a seamless driving experience. An exterior media bar even allows you to interact with other traffic participants. This bar displays your chosen theme and other information you might want to share with those around you.

As if this wasn’t enough, Afeela promises to take in-cabin entertainment to the next level with movies and video games. These options can be accessed from the main control panel, but for safety reasons, movie streaming and video games are only available on rear seat multi-screens while the vehicle is moving. Audio is also expected to be spectacular, with surround audio for each seat.

Kia EV6 also features a wide dashboard screen and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, in-cabin entertainment options are limited to audio – which is spectacular – and ambient lights. The console can be customized with a variety of themes, but options are not as expansive as Afeela promises.

kia ev6 vs sony afeela ev
The Afeela EV will take in-cabin entertainment to the next level with surround audio for each seat and rear seat multi-screens.

Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV: 6 Must-Known Facts

  1. Kia EV6 is an electric vehicle first released on August 2, 2021. Its third edition, Kia EV6 2023, arrived on the market in December 2022.
  2. Sony Afeela EV is a prototype developed by Sony Honda Mobility. According to the brand’s timelines disclosed at CES 2023, pre-orders will start in 2025, with the first cars expected to be delivered in the U.S. in 2026.
  3. Kia EV6 is a sports utility vehicle crossover, whereas Sony Afeela EV is a sedan. Both vehicles feature all-wheel drive (AWD).
  4. Sony Honda Mobility hasn’t yet made public any information regarding the car’s power, battery life, and other performance specs.
  5. Kia 2023 EV6 GT features a 576-horsepower engine and a fast-charging battery that can go from 10 to 80 percent in about 18 minutes at 350kW.
  6. The Afeela EV promises an immersive in-cabin entertainment experience that extends to the outside of the car. Kia EV6 features limited in-cabin entertainment options.

Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

The Sony-Honda collaboration has the potential to become an exquisite car, but it just isn’t available right now. While the prototype looks nice, your only real option at the moment is the Kia EV6.

Kia’s 2023 edition includes rear-wheel and all-wheel drive options, with suggested retail prices starting at $48,700 for the EV6 Wind model. The brand’s top-of-the-range EV6 GT is more expensive, with a manufacturer-suggested retail price starting at $61,600.

kia evs
Kia EV6 GT features a 576-horsepower engine and a fast-charging battery.

Recent Technology Updates for Kia EV6 and Sony Afeela EV

Both KIA and Sony have made updates to the technology of their electric vehicles since February 2023. A few of these updates are:

Kia EV6

  • Battery range: The battery range increased to 310 miles (500 kilometers) on a single charge. This is up from the previous battery range of 239 miles (385 kilometers).
  • Fast charging: The EV6 has a new 800-volt charging system that can now charge from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes.
  • Advanced driver-assistance features: The EV6 now comes standard with a suite of advanced driver-assistance features, including adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring.
  • New infotainment system: The infotainment system has a larger touchscreen display with a new user interface.

Sony Afeela EV

  • Production date: The Afeela EV has been delayed by a year and is now scheduled to go into production in 2025.
  • Battery range: The battery range is expected to be around 234 miles (378 kilometers).
  • Augmented reality navigation: Augmented reality navigation will be featured in the Afeela EV. The augmented reality will project directions onto the windshield in real time.
  • Autonomous driving: Level 3 autonomous driving technology will be introduced in this electric vehicle. This will allow it to drive itself in certain conditions.

Possible Future Technology Updates for Kia EV6 and Sony Afeela EV

Some examples of the technological advancements we could see in the next six to 18 months for both the Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV are:

  • Use of new battery technologies: New battery technologies, such as solid-state batteries, could increase the range of Kia’s and Sony’s electric vehicles.
  • Improved fast charging capabilities: Higher voltage charging systems may decrease the time it takes to charge these vehicles. Kia and Sony could also start using more efficient batteries.
  • New advanced driver-assistance features: New advanced driver-assistance features, such as traffic jam assist and lane centering assist, could be introduced to both electronic vehicles.
  • New infotainment systems: Upgrades like larger touchscreen displays and new user interfaces may be introduced to both the Kia EV6 vs. Sony Afeela EV. New features, such as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, may also be added to these vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does EV6 cost?

The starting price for the basic 2023 model (EV6 Wind) is $48,700 and goes up to $61,600 for the all-wheel drive GT.

Is the EV6 worth it?

Kia EV6 is worth it if you’re looking for an SUV that prioritizes driving enjoyment. If you’re more interested in in-cabin entertainment, there are better options out there.

When was Sony Afeela EV released?

Sony Afeela EV is a prototype that was presented at CES 2023. The estimated release year is 2026.

Is Sony Afeela better than Kia EV6?

The two vehicles can’t be compared as far as performance is concerned. Sony Honda Mobility didn’t disclose any information regarding the car’s power or battery life.

Is Sony Afeela a SUV?

No. While the vehicle features all-wheel drive, a characteristic typically seen in SUVs, Sony Afeela is a sedan.

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