Jasper AI vs. ChatSonic: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

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Jasper AI vs. ChatSonic: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

AI-powered content creation tools have been on the rise, especially following the ChatGPT craze. This article considers two of these tools, one that existed before the craze, Jasper AI, and a promising new entrant seeking to dethrone ChatGPT, ChatSonic.

The two tools overlap in several ways while also differing significantly. Here is a full comparison to make it easier for you to choose between them.

Jasper AI vs. ChatSonic: Side-By-Side Comparison 

Jasper AIChatSonic
Powered byGPT-3.5GPT-4
Text GeneratorYesYes
Image generatorYesYes
Voice commandsNoYes
Starting price$29$12.67
Free trial limit5 days10,000 words

Jasper AI vs. ChatSonic: What’s the Difference?

Jasper AI is a powerful AI platform with several in-built features that make it a general-purpose AI writing and content creation assistant. It is powered by the GPT-3.5 model. There are mainly two versions under the Jasper AI umbrella; Jasper Chat and Jasper Art. Jasper Chat is the writing tool, while Jasper Art is an AI-powered art generator.

Jasper AI has undergone several improvements over the years, the most notable being its name change. Before it became Jasper, it started off as Conversion AI and then as Jarvis. Like the sector’s pace-setter, ChatGPT, you can interact with Jasper AI through its chat tool. However, several interaction options exist, such as the Boss Mode editor for writing, Chrome Extension, Templates, and ready-to-use recipes.

ChatSonic is an AI-dependent chatbot tool by Writesonic. It uses natural language processing, NLP, to write content and machine learning, ML, to create visual output. It runs on GPT-4 and has “memory.” Thus, it can remember previous questions and conversations by a specific user and use the information in the next sessions.

As a rule-based AI platform, ChatSonic outputs are more accurate than those of most of its competitors. Due to its machine learning capabilities, it creates content 3 times faster than other content creation platforms.

ChatSonic uses machine learning to create visual outputs.

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Text Generation

Jasper AI runs on the OpenAI GPT-3.5 architecture hence is most suitable for text-based tasks. It can generate blogposts, create emails, summarize paragraphs and passages, and write stories and poems. To help users achieve this faster, Jasper comes with over 50 templates.

The main platform for text generation using Jasper is its Boss Mode editor. It is an AI writing chatbot that helps generate both short-form and long-form content. For fast responses on social media and Google Docs, the Chrome Extension enables the creation of content anywhere on the internet.

ChatSonic also delivers the same text-generating feature as Jasper AI. With basic information, it can deliver text-based outputs such as emails, essays, blogposts, summaries, and translations. The main difference between it and Jasper AI is that it works faster and requires fewer inputs to produce accurate content.

The other difference between the text-generation capability of the two chatbots is that ChatSonic offers more up-to-date results than Jasper AI. It is because Jasper AI is based on GPT-3.5, which can only process and analyze information published before June 2021. ChatSonic, on the other hand, depends on Google search and can provide real-time updates and reliable facts on the latest trends, events, and topics.

Image and Art Creation

Jasper AI comes with Jasper Art, though at an additional cost. This version of the Jasper AI uses written commands to generate images. Users can add an existing picture or art to the text-based instructions, and the tool will produce new art in seconds.

Jasper Art uses an OPenAI system, the DALL-E2 model, to generate images for book covers, blog posts, emails, ads, and social media posts. Therefore, it is helpful to digital artists, filmmakers, graphic designers, and authors. The generated images are not from the rummaging of the internet but copyright-free one-of-a-kind images.

Besides, for every art creation prompt, the tool provides four outputs to choose from. It is a plus, as most AI-powered art generators only produce one image for every request. Also, you get to choose the image size you need, though this is only available in higher-priced plans.

Unlike Jasper AI, which has a separate tool for image generation, ChatSonic incorporates a text-to-image generator on the same tool using a text generator. Interestingly, you do not need to pay more to use it. Also, it is more advanced than Jasper Art, as it integrates both DALL-E and Stable Diffusion models. A brief message describing the image you need is all the chatbot requires to generate a high-quality copyright-free image.

Code Writing

As an AI-powered platform, it is possible for Jasper AI to provide codes for basic solutions and programming tasks. However, writing codes for full-fledged solutions is not one of its intended purposes. If you really need an AI-backed code generator for your programming gig, then Jasper AI is not what you need. Try ChatSonic.

ChatSonic can write codes for software development tasks. However, the generated code appears in unformatted plain text, something no developer likes. Also, like any form of AI-generated output, human intervention is necessary to make the code useful.

Simply put, while both AI platforms claim coding powers, none is good enough to warrant a recommendation. So, if you need AI’s help with your software development,  consider ChatGPT and other code generators such as GitHub Copilot, AskCodi, AIXcoder, and PyCharm.

Integrated Features

Jasper AI is popular amongs written-content creators because it provides several essential writing features and tools on one platform. However, most of these are not in-built into the platform but are integrations of third-party tools.

Some of these integrations include plagiarism checkers like Copyscape, proofreaders like Grammarly, document editors such as Google Docs, Quillbot for rewriting, and Blend for translation. Since most of these come in both free and premium versions, it is important to understand the version available on Jasper AI and the cost. For example, Jasper AI only integrates the free version of Grammarly, which you can also get outside the platform for free.

ChatSonic, on the other hand, comes with GPT-4 capability; hence has most of these tools in-built, such as a spelling checker and translator. So it does not depend on third-party tools. Nonetheless, passing the created content through other tools, such as plagiarism checkers and proofreaders, is important.

There are, however, two noteworthy ChatSonic integrations. The first one is voice command. Just like Google Assistant or Siri, it analyzes and translates the user’s sound into instructions, and then it executes those instructions. All it takes is a quiet background and clear pronunciation. The second integration is avatar creator for those who need personality avatars.


Jasper AI comes with a 5-day free trial, but it does offer very basic access. There is the Starter Plan for hobbyists and those who do not wish to put AI into heavy use. It costs $40/month and comes with basic features like Jasper Chat, AI templates, chrome browser extension, and a word limit of 35,000 words per month.

Boss Mode editor is the most popular, costing about $80/month. It adds to the Starter Plan Grammarly, Copyscape, Surfer SEO, and a monthly limit of 50,000 words. With this plan, you also get Jasper Art and access to Jasper recipes.

At the top of the pricing hierarchy is the Business Plan. While the previous two plans allow up to 5 users, this customized plan allows more than 5 users and is ideal for businesses. It comes with automated workflows, custom templates, API access, document sharing, and user limit control. Also, instead of email and live chat support, it has a dedicated account manager.

For ChatSonic, Writesonic also provides a free trial limited to 10,000 words. The Long-form plan costs $12.6/ month for 1 user and 60,000 words limit. There are different price points for the various user capacities and word limits. For example, the same features for 5 users cost $32.67, but the word limit is 200,000 words. At $666/month, you can get access for 15 users and a limit of 4 million words per month.

ChatSonic is also available on Custom Plan for businesses and teams. On this plan, one gets all the features of the Long-form plan, a customized number of users and word limit, and premium support that includes a dedicated account manager and training sessions.

Pros and Cons

Jasper AI


  • Easy to use
  • Great for short texts such as meta titles and social media posts
  • More than 50 templates to choose from
  • Provides content ideas and topics
  • Integrates several third-party features
  • Translation in 30+ languages


  • Provides no sources list for the content for cross checking
  • Long-form content only available on the Boss Mode editor
  • Might get confusing when using the in-built commands
  • It is primarily text-based

ChatSonic AI


  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Relatively cost-effective
  • Free trial limited to 10,000 words


  • Prone to self-repetition, repeating the same corrections and ideas several times
  • Suggestions require fact-checking
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Jasper AI uses the OpenAI DALL-E2 model to generate images for book covers, blog posts, ads, and more.


Jasper AI vs. ChatSonic: 6 Must-Know Facts

  • Jasper AI is available in Jasper Chat and Jasper Art versions for text and image generation, respectively, while ChatSonic is an all-in-one tool.
  • ChatSonic is powered by GPT-4; hence, of the two, it is the ideal alternative for ChatGPT.
  • To get quality content, you have to comb through the output of either chatbots and edit before using it.
  • The images generated by AI-powered platforms are copyright-free, but you should still check if the tool has not used a proprietary logo or image in the creation.
  • Both ChatSonic and Jasper AI are accessible using mobile apps.
  • ChatSonic API is available to all users, but Jasper does not have a general-use API.

Jasper AI vs. ChatSonic: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Jasper AI and ChatSonic are suitable for anyone who needs to create content regularly and quickly. However, the choice to use either depends on several factors, such as purpose, capability, budget, and personal preference.


Jasper AI has a very limited number of words and is therefore suitable for short-form content creations such as descriptions, titles, video descriptions, short product reviews, and emails. ChatSonic, however, has a more generous word limit making it suitable for long-form content creation such as long articles, essays, and book writing. Also, consider ChatSonic if you need to generate images within the generated text at no additional cost.


ChatSonic is like a high-performance version of ChatGPT, and it is suitable if you are looking for a powerful AI platform. It is also viable if you need content that provides the latest facts and covers trending topics.


Jasper AI costs more than ChatSonic, especially the Boss Mode editor. However, since the latter is more powerful and has almost all the integrations in the other, it is a more suitable choice if you can meet the cost. Chatbots and AI-powered tools are growing in number as well as capability. Therefore, it might be good to start interacting with these tools to have an idea of what they can offer. Whether you choose to use Jasper AI or ChatSonic, remember that it will be a long time before AI assistants make human input in content creation dispensable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ChatSonic and ChatGPT?

ChatSonic is powered by GPT-4, while ChatGPT uses lower GPT versions. Therefore, ChatSonic is more powerful and uses advanced algorithms. Nonetheless, ChatGPT is to thank for starting the revolution that ChatSonic and similar chatbots are furthering.

Do I need to edit Jasper AI and ChatSonic content?

Every A-generated content has flaws, often factual mistakes; in some cases, part of the content might be pure gibberish. As a rule, always edit the AI-generated content before sharing.

Why did Jasper AI change its name from Jarvis?

The name had overlapped with that of the AI that served as Tony Stark’s assistant in the Marvel Noir world. Apparently, Jarvis was more than just a name on a movie script for Tony Stark, and Marvel made this clear to the owners of Jarvis AI, now Jasper AI, prompting the name change.

What are some of the alternatives to Jasper AI and ChatSonic?

The list of alternatives is long, and it’s bound to grow. However, at the time of writing, ChatGPT tops the list. It does most of what you get from Jasper AI and ChatSonic. Moreover, this comes at no fee. However, if you need the right answers to questions as well as related topics and sources, consider Perplexity. For pros and cons, you may opt for Rationale, and for any other use, just Google.

Are there APIs for ChatSonic and Jasper AI?

ChatSonic has APIs, making integrating other tools and programs easy. Jasper AI claims that its API is only available for Business Plan users. It is not easy telling if it actually exists, as most users purchase the Boss Mode Editor.

Are Jasper AI and ChatSonic free?

Yes and no. You can get a 5-day free trial with Jasper AI and 10,000 words on ChatSonic at no fee. However, after exhausting the free offer, you have to buy a plan to continue using the AI platforms.

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