Is the Nomad Titanium the Best Apple Watch Ultra 2 Band Money Can Buy?

Titanium Band from Nomad Review

Is the Nomad Titanium the Best Apple Watch Ultra 2 Band Money Can Buy?

Apple just released its Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Neither of these watches are major advances, but they do offer plenty of improvements over prior iterations. I recently purchased an Apple Watch Ultra 2 and after years of using sports bands, I was looking for something a bit fancier.

I settled on the Titanium Band from Nomad. At $300, it’s one of the most expensive third-party wristbands you can find. Is it worth the money? Find out in this full review!

Other Ultra Titanium Wristbands I Considered

Nomad Titanium Watchband for Apple Watch Ultra 2

A view of the Nomad Titanium Wristband in my hand

As noted above, the Nomad comes in on the more expensive side of available third-party metal band options. If you’re looking for cheaper metal bands, there is no shortage across Amazon. However, if you’re like me and would rather spend more on a band knowing you could use it for a decade or more, you may want to avoid the inconsistency you’ll find on a search of Amazon.

Instead, I narrowed my focus on a few titanium bands from more established brands:

  • Ultra Supply Co: Selling titanium bands for as low as $65, I was more interested in the Grade 2 Titanium Band that matches well with the Ultra 2. It costs $120.
  • Sandmarc: Sells a titanium band that comes in at $200. Once again, this is a Grade 2 Titanium Band. However, reviews for this band have been quick to note that it scratches easily.
  • Nomad: The watch I ultimately purchased. It’s worth noting I purchased the Nomad independently and am compensated in no way for this review.

l should also note that Sandmarc announced a Grade 4 Titanium Band recently. The Watch certainly looks beautiful and matches the Ultra Watch 2 well. In addition, it’s comparably priced at $330.

I may have considered it. Unfortunately, it’s still in pre-order as of the date this article was published.

Why I Purchased the Titanium Band from Nomad

Nomad Titanium Watchband

The Nomad with no metal links removed. I eventually had to remove four metal bands for a better fit.

So why did I purchase the Nomad among these options?

  • I’ve bought sports bands from Nomad and they’re high-quality. In short, I trust the brand.
  • The Ultra has a titanium casing and I thought the Nomad matched its aesthetics well. I plan to wear my titanium band the majority of the time, but it’s also supposed to look better and match the Ultra Watch as well as possible. The appearance of different watchbands is highly subjective, but I thought the Nomad was the most attractive.
  • Finally, I plan to use this band throughout the life of my Ultra 2 (and hopefully beyond to a future Ultra model), and the presence of its DLC coating gave me more confidence the band will look much better a few years down the road.

Here’s another important point, the Nomad is frequently sold out. That doesn’t happen without very positive word of mouth.

Knowing that the Apple Ultra 2 was just released and titanium bands that match its aesthetics would surge in popularity, I wanted to purchase the band before it was out of stock. Sure enough, days after I purchased the Nomad, it was once again back-ordered.

If you’re reading this review, you may want to check whether the Nomad Titanium Band is even available in the size needed for pairing with the Ultra 2 (45mm/49mm).

Is The Nomad Titanium Worth $300?

Wearing the Titanium Band from Nomad

Wearing the Titanium Band from Nomad

At this point, I’ve been wearing my Nomad Titanium for about a week. Here are a few of my initial observations.

First, setting up the watch isn’t the easiest, but it’s not hard either. If you’ve ever taken the links out of a watch, the Titanium Band from Nomad won’t be any different. Are the directions the best? No, not really.

There’s a QR code to watch a video that took me to a site where I couldn’t find a video. I searched on YouTube and found an instructional video, but it was using a tool that’s slightly different than what you’ll receive (picture below).

Link Removal Tool for Nomad Titanium Band

Link removal tool for the Nomad Titanium Band

Overall though, it wasn’t a difficult process. Removing links and sizing took me about 15 minutes. My band is probably slightly loose, but not to an uncomfortable degree.

The magnetic clasp of the Nomad is very nice and worthy of the price tag. It closes shut quickly and the band never feels insecure.

Finally, aesthetics for any watch band are important, and just walking around I’ve received several compliments about the watchband and people asking how to buy it. As I’ve noted above, the Nomad Titanium Band is often back-ordered, and it’s because of strong word of mouth.

In my experience, this is the ultimate band for pairing with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. At the end of the day, if you’re using the default bands Apple ships with the Ultra 2, they’re all based around being very active. The Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band are all fine options. However, they’re not beautiful like a titanium band that matches the Ultra’s casing.

If you’ve bought an Ultra 2 because you want to dive 40 meters, run ultra marathons, and climb the world’s highest 7 peaks, the Nomad Titanium isn’t for you.

However, if you’ve purchased the Ultra 2 because you want a better battery life and see some value in its added features, then this is a perfect band that looks stunningly beautiful and in my limited experience turns heads.

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