Is the HyperX Orbit S Worth Buying?

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Is the HyperX Orbit S Worth Buying?

A gaming headset is one of the essential gadgets you need to improve your gaming experience. A headset enhances sound quality, blocks external noise, and improves communication when playing multiplayer games. However, you should not settle for any headset you come across; otherwise, you might purchase the wrong one, undermining your gaming experience.

A good gaming headset helps you immerse yourself in the game, whether playing a first-person shooter game like Call of Duty or a sports game like NBA 2K. HyperX has a reputation for making some of the most reliable headsets in the gaming industry. One of their best products is the HyperX Orbit S.

Below is a detailed dive into the headset’s specifications and features and a comprehensive review of said attributes. Let’s dive in!

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HyperX Cloud Orbit S-Gaming Headset, Head Tracking, Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, Planar Magnetic headphones (HX-HSCOS-GM/WW) (Renewed)
  • Audeze planar magnetic drivers
  • Waves Nx fully immersive 3D . Sound pressure level - >120 dB
  • Waves Nx head tracking technology
  • Advanced audio customization
  • Detachable noise cancellation mic with pop filter
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HyperX Orbit S Overview

Release Date and Price

HyperX launched the Orbit S headset in January 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The launch price was $329.99; however, today, you can get a refurbished Orbit S for around $200 or less. 

Different Models

HyperX does not make any other Orbit S models. However, the basic version of the Orbit S is known as the HyperX Orbit, which was also launched at the CES at a starting price of $299.99. The primary difference is that the Orbit S has the Waves Nx head tracking technology.


The standout feature on the HyperX Orbit S is the Waves Nx head tracking technology that logs the slightest head movements nearly 1,000 times a second to help stabilize in-game sounds. The headset also has the Waves Nx full immersive 3D audio to help improve sound positioning.

The HyperX Orbit S has planar magnetic drivers based on the high-end headset Audeze Mobius to improve sound reproduction and reduce sound distortion. However, the planar magnetic drivers contribute to the headset’s chunky feel as it weighs 368g (0.81 lbs).

The HyperX Orbit S also comes with the HyperX Orbit software, enabling gamers to select in-built EQ profiles and set up 3D settings. The left ear cup also features audio and mic controls that allow users to change EQ profiles and audio settings, increase and reduce volume, and mute the mic.

Lastly, the HyperX Orbit S has three detachable cables to facilitate use with multiple devices. They include a USB Type C to USB Type A cord, a USB Type C to USB Type C cable, and a 3.5mm plug.


Weight0.81 lbs (368g)
DriverPlanar transducer
Minimum Frequency Response10Hz
Maximum Frequency Response50,000Hz
Cable TypesUSB Type C to USB Type A
USB Type C to USB Type C
3.5mm plug
Cable LengthUSB-C to USB-A – 3m
USB-C to USB-C -1.5m
3.5mm Plug – 1.2m
Battery LifeAnalog 3.5mm mode – 10 hours
Charge3 hours
ConnectionUSB 2.0
Warranty1 Year

HyperX Orbit S Review


Comfort is a crucial element when looking for a headset because you might spend extended periods wearing them while gaming, listening to music, or working. An uncomfortable headset can irritate or give you a compression headache. Luckily, people using HyperX Orbit S will not have to worry about such factors.

HyperX makes the Orbit S headband and headphone pads from memory foam. That means the headphones only get more comfortable as you use the headset, as the foam will mold itself around the shape of your head and ears. 

However, users with wider ears may experience some discomfort after prolonged use as the headphones are a bit narrow. In addition, the headband on the HyperX Orbit S is loose-fitting and flexible; thus, users do not have to worry about experiencing tightness when they wear the headsets.

hyperx gaming headsets headphones
HyperX has some excellent gaming headsets in its gear lineup.


A driver or a transducer produces the sound you hear whenever you plug in your headphones. The driver generates sound by converting electrical energy to acoustic energy through the transduction process. The HyperX Orbit S spots the patented Audeze planar magnetic drivers.

The drivers have ultra-thin and large speaker diaphragms and powerful magnets. The ultra-thin diaphragms reduce sound distortion, contributing to an accurate representation of the generated sound. Ultimately, users enjoy a more realistic and immersive sound when playing their favorite games or listening to music. 


The HyperX Orbit S comes with three detachable cables to facilitate compatibility with most gaming devices in the market. All three cables have reasonable lengths, enabling users to comfortably use them from a reasonable distance from their device screens.

The first is a USB Type C to USB Type A cable that is three meters long, the second is a USB Type C to USB Type C cable that is 1.5 meters long, and the final cable is a 1.2-meter long 3.5mm plug cable. Users can expect high-quality and durable cables as they are all braided and hence have a lower probability of becoming damaged, unlike standard cables.

Device Compatibility

When gamers make a significant investment, like buying a headset, they expect it to be compatible with multiple gaming devices and consoles. Compatibility with multiple devices negates the need to purchase more than one headset or find extension cables that might distort the sound output. HyperX accounted for compatibility by making the headset cable detachable and providing three different types of cables. As such, the Orbit S is compatible with PCs, mobile devices, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch


The HyperX Orbit S not only borrows the planar magnetic driver from Audeze, but also borrows heavily from the design of the Audeze Mobius headset. That includes the headset’s shape, button placement, and ear cups’ design.

All the buttons and controls on the HyperX Orbit S are on the left ear cup, including the power button and a microphone mute on the ear cup’s outside. Holding down the power button for three seconds will power on or off the headset. Moving the microphone mute switch up disables the microphone while moving the switch down mutes it. On the side of the ear cup are the microphone volume scroll wheel, headphone volume scroll wheel, and 3D button.

Each has multiple functions, which will require some time to get used to, considering you will most likely be using them while playing an intense game. The microphone volume wheel adjusts the microphone volume, changes the EQ preset, and changes the audio modes. 

The headphone volume wheel adjusts the volume, flips through tracks when listening to a playlist, and disables USB charging. Lastly, the 3D button sets a new center point, selects between USB and analog input modes, and changes the 3D mode. The left ear cup also has three ports to plug in the 3.5mm, the USB-C cable, and the detachable boom mic that comes with the headset.

Having all the controls on one ear cup can be convenient for most users as you only need to free one hand from a gaming controller to make changes that will improve the gaming experience. However, for some, having all controls on one ear cup can cause them some discomfort. That is because it can be slightly congested, and you can easily make a mistake when turning a scroll wheel or pressing a button. 

Audio Performance

The HyperX Orbit S has three audio modes that can only be selected when you connect the device via USB. The modes are 7.1 channel, 2 channel, and Hi-Res, which you can select by holding down the microphone scroll wheel for 2 seconds and then scrolling to choose your preferred mode.

The default audio mode is the 7.1 channel mode, which provides a consistent surround sound that drowns the listener, which is ideal for gaming and watching content like movies and TV series. The 2-channel mode supports devices with non-high resolution stereo sound output like the PS4. The Hi-Res mode is straightforward; it allows you to listen to high-resolution audio content but does not support 3D listening.

The HyperX also has eight preset equalizer (EQ) settings to enhance the sound experience. The default EQ preset is the Audeze house curve. Other presets include the footsteps preset to improve the sound of approaching and receding footsteps and the racing preset for creating a more immersive experience when playing racing games. The ballistics preset guarantees a realistic experience when playing first-person shooter games, and the RPG preset enhances sounds in role-playing games. The last three presets include music to enhance your musical effects, warm to lower the treble and increase the bass, and flat, which has no EQ enhancements.  

3D Modes

The 3D audio modes on the HyperX Orbit S help in audio positioning, allowing listeners to enjoy more accurately generated sounds. There are four modes: 3D on, 3D off, 3D Manual, and 3D automatic.

3D off is the default mode and is convenient for users who do not use the function. 3D on activates 3D audio but does not enable the Waves Nx head tracking technology. Lastly, 3D automatic and 3D manual activate 3D audio and head tracking features. 3D automatic sets a center point with every head movement, making it ideal for playing games while in motion, for instance, when in a moving vehicle. On the other hand, with the 3D manual mode, you have to set your center point, making it perfect for playing games in one place, like at a gaming station.

Battery and Charging

The HyperX Orbit S has a very reliable battery life of 10 hours, even for the most avid gamer who prefers prolonged gaming sessions. In addition, the headset fully charges in 3 hours, which is very reasonable and enough time to take a break from a gaming session before getting going again. 

HyperX Orbit S Pros and Cons

The HyperX Orbit S is a premium device and one of the best in the market. As such, it has some standout features, but it also has several downsides.

Audeze planar magnetic driversNo Bluetooth
Waves Nx immersive 3D audioCrowded buttons and controls layout
Waves Nx head tracking technologySlightly complicated mode switching
Reliable battery life
Preset EQ modes
Memory foam in the headphone and headband pads

HyperX Orbit S: is it a Buy?

The HyperX Orbit S has numerous specifications and features for its price range. However, it is only ideal for some.

Buy it if…

You are an avid gamer looking for a headset that produces high-quality audio and has several features to enhance the overall sound experience. Also, consider the HyperX Orbit S if you want a durable headset with multi-device compatibility.

Don’t Buy it if…

You are on a tight budget as the HyperX Orbit S is slightly pricey. You may opt for other affordable alternatives but may have to compromise on audio quality or limited device compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HyperX Orbit S good for recording audio?

The HyperX Orbit S has a great microphone that captures your voice accurately while separating it from other sounds generated in your vicinity. Thus, it is ideal for audio recording sessions.

Can I connect the Orbit S to an amp?

It is not advisable to connect the Orbit S to an amplifier to avoid exceeding the headset’s standard line level voltage. Exceeding the line level voltage can cause sound distortion and damage the headset.

Is the HyperX Orbit S software compatible with macOS?

No, the HyperX Orbit S software is only compatible with Windows OS.

What are some of the best headset brands?

For high-quality headsets, you should consider the following brands: HyperX, Sennheiser, JBL, Sony, Razer, Logitech, and Audeze.

Which headsets do pro gamers use?

Most professional gamers use HyperX Cloud headsets and Razer Kraken headsets.

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