Is The HyperX Ngenuity Any Good?

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Is The HyperX Ngenuity Any Good?


HyperX Ngenuity is the go-to software for controlling all of your HyperX accessories. If you use any HyperX devices like the Alloy keyboards that allow for controlling RGB lights, then you need this software. HyperX makes some awesome devices like keyboards, mice, headsets, and even RAM. These computer accessories can light up with matching patterns that you program.

For years backlit keyboards were simply white lights. While those were great since they let you see the keyboard at night, they did not offer any level of personalization. Today we have vibrant keyboards that can turn all different colors, thanks to advancements in LED technology. However, most people want to set their own patterns rather than use preset ones, and this is where Ngenuity comes in.

HyperX Ngenuity Overview

HyperX Ngenuity is designed to control RGB accessories by giving you countless customization options. While there are tons of light-up peripherals on the market today, few offer the extreme customization and effects that Ngenuity allows. The main drawback is that the software is a little confusing, and it is critical that you properly save all of the customizations, so they don’t get lost.


The main feature most gamers are looking for is the ability to control their RGB lighting, and Ngenuity does a great job when it comes to this. However, you can also set keyboard macros and program advanced mouse functions. While this is a little advanced for most casual gamers, hardcore gamers will love the extreme amount of control over their devices.

For the keyboard, you can program specific input combinations into one shortcut. Similarly, you can change what each key does by re-assigning the buttons. The same goes for the mouse, where you can even add functions to its controls. One really nice feature is that you can turn off all the unused buttons, so there are no accidents, but you can even control the lights so only certain keys light up.

However, with all that changed, you may wonder if you can still type and use the keyboard for daily work like typing. Fortunately, you can save all of your changes and just revert to the default or create a custom preset for daily use. This is really nice because that means you can also create multiple presets that are customized for different games.

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Ngenuity does a great job when it comes to controlling RGB lighting.


It is very important to understand how Ngenuity works and what it is compatible with. Firstly, you can only use Ngenuity on a PC. There is no app available for Mac, but this isn’t a major surprise since HyperX does not currently have a keyboard designed with the Mac layout. The Ngenuity software is conveniently available on the Microsoft App Store.

Continuing on with compatibility, the Ngenuity program only works with HyperX accessories. Some RGB control applications can control lights from multiple manufacturers. However, this is not the case for Ngenuity. So, if you have a HyperX Alloy keyboard but an EVGA mouse, you will only be able to control the lights on the keyboard with Ngenuity.


What it ControlsHyperX RGB devices and keyboards
Where to DownloadWindows App Store
CompatibilityWindows 10, 11
CapabilitiesSet RGB lighting, program macros

HyperX Ngenuity Review

HyperX Ngenuity works very well to set color patterns for a number of different HyperX devices. However, there are a couple of quirks that can make it a little challenging to get used to. If you just want to choose a preset pattern for your keyboard, then it will work just fine. If you want to match other devices, like wall panels, GPUs, or non-HyperX accessories, then it may be best to look for alternatives.

User Interface

The Ngenuity user interface is great, and we really like that it simulates the colors and effects of your connected accessories. This gives you a pretty good idea of what they will look like when effects are triggered. The main thing you probably want to use with Ngenuity is a keyboard, and this is where the program really shines because you can click the virtual keyboard to customize presets.


Not everyone wants an extreme amount of control over their keyboards and other accessories. Creating these in-depth effects and macros can take a lot of time. That is why we really like that Ngenuity has several preprogrammed lighting presets you can choose from or even customize further. Not to mention, these presets can be applied to all of your HyperX devices, providing a coordinated pattern.

Cross Compatibility

The one thing we aren’t big fans of is Ngenuity’s limited compatibility. It is a great program for controlling a HyperX keyboard and mouse, but unfortunately, you can’t control the rest of your computer’s lighting. This may not be a major concern for you. However, we would recommend sticking with a HyperX mouse and keyboard combo so you can program all of your buttons in one program.

hyperx pulsefire
Ngenuity can even program advanced mouse functions.

HyperX Ngenuity Pros and Cons


  • Free in the Microsoft app store
  • Easy to use
  • Create custom color changes
  • Plug and Play with HyperX accessories


  • Only works on Windows
  • Can’t control devices from other manufacturers
  • Some quirks with saving

HyperX Ngenuity: Is It Worth Using?

Use it if…

You Have HyperX devices

If you have a HyperX device, then the Ngenuity software will be your best option. It is easy enough to use and has a large range of functionality. Definitely use the software with HyperX keyboards because they offer the most customization. Even if you have HyperX RAM or a mouse with RGB, Ngenuity will still be the best option since it is plug-and-play.

You don’t have other RGB to control

If you don’t have RGB devices from other manufacturers and want to control peripherals, then Ngenuity will work perfectly. It is especially great for people who don’t have a decked-out gaming rig or use a laptop. This way, you can still get some personalization in the easiest way possible.

Don’t Use it if…

You don’t have HyperX peripherals

Ngenuity is designed specifically to control the lighting on HyperX devices. So, if you have a different brand of accessories, it is best to use software specifically designed for that product. Doing so will ensure you get the most features and that the program is compatible with the accessory.

You use other software that is compatible with HyperX devices

The best way to manage RGB lighting is from one program compatible with a range of products from different manufacturers. Therefore, if you are using control software for lighting on your PC and other accessories, then it is best to use that if possible. That way, you can sync all of the lights between the keyboard, mouse, wall panels, mouse pad, and computer case lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Ngenuity with other RGB devices?

No, Ngenuity only works with HyperX brand devices.

Can you create custom macros in Ngenuity?

Yes, you can create custom keyboard and mouse button layouts and even program multiple keystrokes into one.

Can I try Ngenuity before buying a HyperX device?

Yes, Ngenuity is free to download on the Microsoft app store, so you can try it out before buying a HyperX device.

Which HyperX devices are compatible with Ngenuity?

All HyperX devices with RGB, including RAM, microphones, and mouse pads, work with Ngenuity. Also, all HyperX keyboards and mice work with Ngenuity.

Does Ngenuity work on Mac?

No, Ngenuity currently does not work on Mac computers and only supports Windows operating systems.

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