Is The HyperX Cloud II Any Good?

HyperX Cloud MIX Wired

Is The HyperX Cloud II Any Good?

Any avid gamer knows the importance of a solid headset. It acts as a means of providing audio cues, soaking in the ambiance, and even delivering vital communications to your team. With so many on the market, how do you choose one that best suits your needs?

The HyperX Cloud II presents an affordable solution to your audio needs in games of your choice. Smart design choices and some well-implemented features make this one to consider. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the HyperX Cloud II and what it can do.

HyperX Cloud II: Best Deals Today

HyperX Cloud II: Overview

Release Date and Price

The HyperX Cloud II was introduced in February 2015 at an introductory price of $149.99. Given its eight years on the market, it has faced some price cuts in the intervening years to make it competitive. Prospective customers can pick one up for around $70 or so from a variety of online and in-person retailers.

Different Models

There are two different varieties of the HyperX Cloud II. The older model is a wired model with a detachable microphone. There have been a few revisions of this basic model, mostly changes in the production and manufacturing process affecting things like the material and finish of the earcups and headband.

A newer wireless model exists as well, which connects through a provided USB dongle. There don’t seem to be any massive discrepancies between the two different models aside from their method of communicating with your PC or console.


HyperX designed the Cloud II to be a comfortable headset for long gaming sessions. An adjustable headband bridges the two ear cups.

Best Gaming Runner-Up
HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset
  • Comfortable memory foam for focused gaming
  • Excellent in-game audio quality
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound for immersive gaming
  • Closed earcup design allows for passive noise cancellation
  • Compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

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11/30/2023 05:40 pm GMT

Memory foam makes sure the ear cups themselves remain comfortable and exert the right amount of pressure even during intense gaming sessions. Positional audio and surround sound has some support through the virtualized 7.1 surround sound with additional USB control.

Unwanted noise gets filtered out by the detachable boom microphone, making sure only your communications are heard and not the environment around you. The metal headset frame is lightweight aluminum, which is durable but not likely to introduce any strain to your neck and shoulders.


DriverDynamic 53mm
Form FactorOver-the-ear closed-back earphones
Frequency Response10 Hz to 23 kHz
Total Harmonic DistortionLess than 2%
Frame TypeAluminum
Ear CushionsMemory foam with leatherette
ConnectivityUSB 2.0
Audio Bit Depth16-bit
Physical Weight0.7 pounds
Warranty2 years

HyperX Cloud II Review

HyperX has been a mainstay for gaming peripherals for some time, and the Cloud II is an evergreen headset of sorts. It has maintained a steady presence and competes directly with some high-end audiophile headphone brands. This is thanks in part to its robust feature set, all while coming in at an affordable price for what you’re getting.


The Cloud II comes in a few different color options, which tastefully accent the design of the headset itself. A handsome and somewhat understated design is the Cloud II’s trademark. The design of the ear cups and their supports are subdued. This also extends out to the accent of the headband.

They are very spartan by design because you aren’t paying for something flashy essentially. The controls on the USB remote are likewise very clear and easy to read. It is a testament to its clear and focused design and how easy they are to navigate.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless - Gaming Headset for PC, PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, Long Lasting Battery Up to 30 Hours, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam, Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, Mic Monitoring
  • Headphones fit type:Over-Ear
  • [Gaming-grade wireless with long battery life]: Cut the cord and roam free with low-latency 2.4GHz Wireless connection, a range of up to 20 meters and a battery life of up to 30 hours..[Signature...
  • [DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio]: DTS Spatial Audio will help amp up your audio advantage and immersion with its precise sound localization and virtual 3D sound stage.
  • [Noise-cancelling detachable mic with LED mute indicator]: The detachable noise-cancelling mic is Discord and TeamSpeak certified. It also features an LED mute indicator so that you can easily see...
  • [Built-in mic monitoring]: Listen in on your own voice to keep you from getting too loud and to make sure you sound clear over voice chat.
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A removable boom mic allows you to use these as a voice-enabled headset or a regular pair of headphones. The sound quality of the mic is solid, and the reception is clear and easy to understand.

There is a lot to like about the Cloud II, and it is a comfortable headset to wear for long and arduous gaming sessions. Where there might be a quibble is in the material comprising the ear cups themselves. The memory foam and leatherette combination is comfortable but can get a bit hot on the ears after a while.

Sound Quality

The Cloud II supports a bit-depth of 16-bit, which isn’t ideal compared to some other headsets on the market. This still will support lossless audio and play them back with absolute clarity, there’s just less of a noise floor and more chance of audible distortion on the audio itself on playback.

The frequency range is great for a pair of headphones, with the response reaching down into the sub-bass frequencies at 10Hz and jumping up to near the acme of human hearing. Positional audio is adequate, you might find better results in just using per-game sound configurations like many developers have started packing in their releases.

There is a degree of comfort from music playback and general media consumption with the Cloud IIs. They might not stack up entirely against something like a pair of studio headphones, but they don’t have to. For the HyperX Cloud II’s intended purpose, they excel wonderfully. This is thanks to the 53mm drivers in each of the ear cups, which provide a full and clear sound.


The Cloud II has two methods of connecting to your PC or console. One, the traditional 3.5mm output jack, serves perfectly well for handling most tasks. You could easily use this for just listening to music or podcasts if absolutely desired, but you lose out on the function of the microphone unless it has a compatible input jack.

Most users will find themselves having to utilize the USB audio connector. This gives unique controls to the output volume of the headphones and the input volume of the mic itself.

It does seem a bit antiquated in 2023 to have a USB 2.0 connector for something as basic as audio control, but it serves its purpose and performs well enough. If you have limited USB ports on your PC, it might be more of a concern, however.

HyperX Cloud II: Pros and Cons


  • Great sound quality
  • Detachable microphone
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Comfortable fit for long hours


  • Earcups can get hot from prolonged use
  • Doesn’t have dual mic and output jacks
  • Virtual surround sound isn’t the best
  • The wired version requires a USB slot to use

HyperX Cloud II: Is It a Buy?

The HyperX Cloud II has had a near decade of happy users. While it wasn’t designed with the latest consoles in mind, there is something to be said for its understated and sturdy design. Audio quality is exceptional, and you won’t be lost looking for details in your music or games.

There are certainly some shortcomings to the device itself. A lack of dual 3.5mm jacks for PC users is a bit of a hindrance, but thankfully the USB control is there. It would have also been nice to have options for different materials for the earcups themselves. The leatherette is sturdy, but it doesn’t really allow for the seal around the ear to breathe.

The Cloud IIs present a great deal beyond the few quibbles that can be pointed out. They’ve proven their worth for years and still remain highly competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is frequency range important for headsets?

Headsets and headphones both benefit from being able to reproduce the full range of ideal human hearing. Having the ability to perceive those low rumbling basses and the airier side of audio just helps with immersion and the enjoyment of your audio.

Is a detachable microphone or a standalone microphone better for the human voice?

In a pinch, a detachable microphone does the job just fine for the human voice. There is a whole cottage industry around microphones, however, and if you’re looking for true professional quality, then a standalone microphone is probably the more ideal choice.

You can have dedicated and stable power running to an external microphone using an XLR input, which has been the standard in voiceover, film, music, and many other industries for years now.

If you’re just gaming with your friends, then the detachable mic on most gaming headsets will do the job just fine. You’re not after supreme quality with a detachable boom mic, just audible and clear should do the trick.

What should I consider when choosing a gaming headset?

The things you should consider above all else are the sound quality and the comfort of the headset. Build quality is certainly another consideration to make, but the most important is how they sound and how they feel to wear.

If you’re using them as your primary means of taking in a game, then you want something that isn’t missing the little details.

How they wear just comes down to how they’re going to feel after an hours-long gaming session. If you’re experiencing head or ear pain, they aren’t a good pick.

Does the Cloud II have true surround sound?

The 7.1 surround sound provided by the Cloud II headset is a virtual implementation. This isn’t a true surround sound experience like you’d get from the individual speakers, but it does a fair job of reproducing the experience.

If you’re used to surround sound in gaming, then it’ll likely feel lacking. Most games have headphone-specific options for the audio, which can help with positional audio over things like virtual surround sound.

Is HyperX a reputable brand?

HyperX has been a premium brand for gaming accessories for quite some time. They are a subsidiary of Kingston, which is a renowned company when it comes to things like RAM kits. The quality of the HyperX brand and its accessories is great, and prospective customers won’t be disappointed with their purchases.

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