Is The HyperX Cloud Core Wireless Any Good?

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Is The HyperX Cloud Core Wireless Any Good?

For the longest time, the gaming headset industry has been dominated by cords, cords, and more cords. The HyperX Cloud Core is hoping to change that with a wireless release at a very reasonable price point. Also available in a corded variant, the Cloud Core sits somewhat in the middle of the HyperX lineup but still offers excellent sound and features. For its part, HyperX is long associated with gaming headsets, so when they release a wireless version of a popular model, gamers take notice. 

Offering 3D spatial audio, a noise-canceling microphone, and up to 20 hours of battery life, there are definitely more than enough features with the Cloud Core Wireless to keep the majority of gamers happy. Not to mention the Cloud Core Wireless features HyperX’s signature comfort with memory foam and durable build quality. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless edition and see if it’s right for you. 

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HyperX Cloud Core – Wireless Gaming Headset for PC, DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio
  • 3D audio spatialization and localization
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Memory foam earcups
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Detachable noise-canceling microphone
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HyperX Cloud Core Wireless Overview

Release Date and Price

On November 16, 2021, HyperX released a press release announcing to the world they were bringing to market a wireless version of the Cloud Core headset. Introduced at $99.99, initial availability was focused heavily on Best Buy’s retail stores and BestBuy.com as well as HyperX’s website. Today, it’s regularly (almost constantly) available at a discounted price of $79.99 at major electronics retailers and HyperX.com, which is a standout price for a wireless gaming headset featuring 20 hours of battery life. 

Different Models

The HyperX Cloud Core Wireless headset is one of two models available bearing the “Cloud Core” name in the HyperX headset lineup. 


Right from the jump the most notable feature of the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless is its wireless capabilities. Whereas most gaming headsets utilize a lengthy wire to connect to consoles or PCs to all but eliminate any potential audio lag, HyperX introduced a wireless option for those who want to go cordless.

As a wireless option, the Cloud Core Wireless runs on batteries and can power through 20 hours of gaming before needing a recharge (up to 3 hours) over a 2.4GHz connection. Packed into the headset are dynamic, 53mm drivers with neodymium magnets that are parallel to your ear in the ear cup which makes for outstanding sound. 

For that sound, HyperX added DTS Headphone:X 3D spatial audio which is a truly immersive audio experience for the price. This DTS technology helps you feel as if you are surrounded by the noise of footsteps, teammates, and other drivers, depending on your game of choice. And, of course, no mention of features for a HyperX headset would be complete with acknowledgment of their signature memory foam for lengthy gaming comfort. 


Weight0.62 pounds/294 grams (with microphone) 
Form FactorOver-ear, closed back
Battery LifeUp to 20 hours of “gaming grade” battery life
Recharge TimeUp to 3 hours
Sound ModesDTS Headphone: Spatial Audio (3D)
DriversDynamic, 53mm with neodymium magnets
Frequency Response10Hz – 21kHz
Ear CushionsMemory foam
Audio FormatStereo 
MicrophoneNoise-canceling (detachable)
ConnectionsWireless USB 2.0 (2.4GHz)

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless Review

Design and Comfort

At first glance, there’s nothing particularly striking about the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless as it looks like a traditional gaming headset. It’s not until you realize the lack of a lengthy cord sticking out that you realize there is something different about this particular headset. To achieve its goals with the Cloud Core Wireless, HyperX didn’t make too many compromises in its design as it offers its typical deep black overall look and feel with a red accented HyperX logo on the exterior of the earcups. 

The rest of the design is also pretty bland, which isn’t a bad thing at all, there’s just nothing super notable about the HyperX design that stands out. It offers memory foam along with its signature soft leatherette ear cups and frame so it’s comfortable for lengthy periods of time. To help keep costs down, HyperX removed its more premium bar-like noise-canceling microphone in favor of a foam-based option on a braided cable that can adjust positions. 

The aluminum frame feels durable as is typically the case with HyperX headsets and while it doesn’t have a premium feel, there’s little room to question if the headset will hold up to plenty of use. What is surprisingly notable about the Cloud Core Wireless is that it’s surprisingly lightweight given that there is a built-in battery. At only 294 grams, it’s lighter than the HyperX Cloud Revolver which, at 358 grams, is far heavier on your head and that’s notable even after short gaming sessions. 


As soon as you put the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless headset on and jump into a game, you’re immediately hit with a wave of sound thanks to the dynamic 53mm drivers with neodymium magnets. They sound great for the price and deliver accurate sound highs and lows along with bass that feels surprisingly deep, again, given the price point. Dialogue, in particular, comes through especially crisp and it’s easy to hear the environment around you without straining to listen or requiring complete silence elsewhere around you. 

Of course, the biggest driver of audio for the Cloud Core Wireless is the addition of DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio. While it’s a mouthful to say, this 3D accurate audio spatialization helps deliver something of a virtual surround sound to give you a better sense of immersion while gaming. As HyperX removed 7.1 virtual surround sound to keep the overall cost of the Cloud Core Wireless down, the inclusion of spatial audio is the next big thing to keep you heavily immersed while in the middle of gameplay.  

Unfortunately, HyperX does not use its INGENUITY software suite for the PC to make any adjustments regarding equalization. What buyers of the Cloud Core Wireless will need to do is download a third-party app called Sound Unbound via the Microsoft App Store and activate the spatial sound technology. Not every game will support this technology as of yet, but as more AAA and AA titles are released, there is hope for increased support in the future. 

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HyperX’s headsets offer top performance specs, fully immersing you in the game.

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Battery Life

The most notable consideration for any gamer looking at a wireless headset will be battery life, and HyperX delivers. With up to 20 hours of gaming-grade battery life available, that’s more than enough juice to power through all-day gaming sessions and still have the battery life to spare. You can recharge in up to three hours which is pretty par for the gaming headset industry.

Note that while HyperX includes a USB charge cable, they do not include a USB wall adapter, so you will need to provide that on your own in order to charge the headset. 


As a dedicated USB connection over 2.4GHz, the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless does not offer a complete spread of compatibility across the console space. Out of the box, it will work with a PC and that is where you will receive the best experience since PC games are most likely to be DTS-ready. Along with PC, there is also compatibility with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. In fact, HyperX includes instructions for connecting to the PlayStation 5 in its getting started guide, but for some reason, has kept mum on additional console compatibility. 

Microphone Quality

Overall, the microphone quality on the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless sounds quite good overall. Other players in your game will have no issue making out what you are saying as there is little to no muffling. The flexible microphone cord is a nice touch so you can bend it to find the most comfortable position for you. HyperX notes there is noise-canceling technology within the microphone hardware as well so you shouldn’t hear any ambient noise in the background. The microphone is also certified to function with both TeamSpeak and Discord voice chat and getting connected to both is super fast. 

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless Pros and Cons

As much as you would like to believe that the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless is an outstanding wireless gaming headset, it’s not without its own set of faults. 


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Solid battery life
  • Quick recharge time
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • DTS virtual surround sound


  • No Xbox console compatibility 
  • No 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • No Bluetooth
  • No equalizer settings or access to NGENUITY platform

HyperX Cloud Core Wireless: is it a Buy?

Buy it if…

  • You want a wireless gaming headset that frees you from cords and allows you to move around your room, gaming room, or otherwise, freely. The use of cables, even lengthy ones can still feel somewhat limiting and this way, you can leave the headset on if you want to make a quick run to the kitchen for a snack or drink. 
  • You are a dedicated PC or PlayStation console gamer. While HyperX has been quiet about the console compatibility, the addition of the PlayStation 5 to the official quick settings guide lets us know there is definite compatibility with Sony consoles. 
  • You want to keep your purchase price low but still want to feel as if you are immersed in your game thanks to DTS 3D spatial audio virtual surround sound. 

Don’t Buy it if…

  • You care about a premium look and feel. Even though the HyperX remains fairly lightweight considering the built-in battery in the earcup, there is no question this is not a premium-looking headset. If that matters to you and you want to present your gaming accessories as high-end, look to other options in the HyperX lineup. 
  • You want an upgraded virtual surround sound or access to HyperX’s NGENUITY platform. While you can still download an app to unlock DTS virtual surround sound, there are no other settings available, especially equalizer settings. 
  • You are a dedicated Xbox console gamer. HyperX makes no mention of Xbox compatibility and most headset accessories use a 3.5mm headphone jack to plug into the Xbox controller. As the Cloud Core Wireless uses a 2.4GHz USB connection, compatibility with Xbox is limited at best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the battery last on the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless?

HyperX indicates a single battery charge can last up to 20 hours of gaming and recharge in three hours. 

Can the HyperX connect to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles?

As it works based on a USB connection, there is no compatibility with any ninth-generation Xbox consoles. 

Does the Cloud Core Wireless have Bluetooth compatibility?

No, the wireless features is based entirely on a 2.4GHz connection and not Bluetooth. 

Does the Cloud Core Wireless connect to HyperX’s NGENUITY platform?

Unfortunately, no, the headset does not connect to the HyperX NGENUITY platform for changing settings, updating software, etc. 

Does the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless have surround sound?

Yes, a virtual surround sound of sorts with DTS Headphone:X 3D spatial audio so there is a virtual surround sound to immerse you in games. 

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