Is Testerup Legit? Here’s What We Discovered

Testerup app sign-in screen.

Is Testerup Legit? Here’s What We Discovered

Key Points

  • Testerup is a legitimate product testing platform that automates the testing process for mobile gaming companies and rewards users with real money for their time.
  • Users can choose from a list of available games to test and provide feedback on gameplay, graphics, and controls.
  • The platform offers flexibility in terms of schedule and clear instructions for testers, but there are limitations such as a $70 payout minimum and a small variety of games available.

Are you curious about Testerup and wondering if it’s a legitimate way to make money? We don’t blame you for being skeptical. After all, profiting from testing games seems a little too good to be true. Let’s separate fact from fiction by exploring what Testerup is all about and how credible it is in the eyes of users and experts alike. Then, we’ll explore the good and not-so-good aspects of the platform. In the end, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision possible. Is Testerup legit or not? Here’s our verdict.

What Is Testerup?

Testerup app home page.
The Testerup app makes it easy to see featured games and available payouts.


Testerup is a popular product testing platform designed to streamline the quality assurance process for mobile gaming companies. It blows the doors off of the testing process for these companies, automating the testing of software applications, websites, and digital products alike. This automation enables more rapid and repetitive testing than ever before — helping companies ensure that everything is functioning as intended with their software and games. Plus, it rewards users for testing the software by paying them real money for their time.

From glitches to errors to bugs in the software, Testerup puts testing in the hands of the people. This move cuts out the middleman and allows reports and flaws to reach the development team faster than ever. One of Testerup’s key strengths lies in its simulation of user interactions and its support of regression testing. This means Testerup remembers and reruns previous user tests to verify that new updates or changes haven’t introduced unexpected problems. In other words, it’s an incredibly valuable asset.

The platform allows companies to customize their test cases to align with their specific needs. This makes Testerup useful in far more industries than just mobile gaming. Its scalability makes it integrate with existing software development tools and workflows seamlessly. It also provides valuable insights and analytics about the testing process, helping teams prioritize their efforts for continuous improvement. By paying users to carry out the tests and giving developers the tools to fix any problems, it enhances both cost and efficiency alike.

How Does Testerup Work?

Testerup app available tests.
This Testerup game test gives a possible payout of $66.


Testerup works by offering people the opportunity to test games and get paid for their feedback. On the development side, Testerup provides companies with the ability to put quality assurance and product testing in the hands of the users — and the tools to make sure any errors are done away with for good. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of how it works.

Testing Games

For users to get started on Testerup, they must first sign up on the platform as a game tester. Once registered, users will see a list of available games that the developers need tested. Users have the freedom to pick the games that interest them the most, with payout information available on the thumbnail displayed.

Once a user chooses a game, they’re free to play it. However, there’s an understanding that the user must pay close attention to various aspects like gameplay, graphics, and controls in search of any issues. While playing certain games, users might be asked to follow specific tasks or missions provided by the game developer to test particular features.

While testing, users must take note of any bugs, glitches, or areas where the game could be improved. This feedback is incredibly valuable to game developers, as it helps them enhance their games before they’re released to the public. This is the whole point of Testerup, after all. If successful, users will then be paid for their time.

Getting Paid

After you’ve completed testing of a game and provided your feedback, you’ll receive compensation for your time and effort. However, the amount you get paid will vary depending on the complexity and length of the game you tested. If you simply went into the game and goofed around, you might not receive as much as someone who followed the assignment and found a fatal flaw.

Payment is typically made through PayPal. You must earn $70 before requesting a payout. Users can then make direct bank transfers with their payouts from there. It’s important to check the Testerup platform for specific payment amounts and rules before you begin a test, as certain rewards are only paid when specific tasks are completed. This is the key to earning more on Testerup.

Considering this payout information, it’s not hard to see the appeal of Testerup. It connects game testers with developers, allowing testers to try out games and provide valuable insights while earning money for their contributions. It’s a win-win situation: testers get paid for playing games, and developers receive essential feedback to improve their games before releasing them to the public.

What Do Users Say About Testerup?

Testerup app reviews on App Store.
iOS users give Testerup an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.


Now that we have a good understanding of what Testerup is and how it works, let’s get to the tough questions: What do users and experts have to say about the legitimacy of Testerup? Let’s begin with user feedback. From earning opportunities to schedule flexibility, clarity of instructions, and reliability of payouts, what do users have to say about Testerup?

Questionable Earnings

Many users appreciate the chance to make money by testing games on Testerup. It’s a fun way to earn some extra income while still doing something they enjoy. However, some users complain about the $70 payout minimum. The platform advertises major payout opportunities, but they’re actually a bit harder to come by.

Flexible Schedule

Testers often praise the flexibility provided by the platform. Users get to choose when to test games, making it convenient to fit into their daily routines or as a part-time gig. This flexibility allows users to balance testing with other commitments. It’s all you could ever ask for from a side hustle.

Clear Instructions

The instructions provided by Testerup and game developers are clear and helpful. Users appreciate knowing what specific tasks and missions need to be completed while testing a game. There’s no mistaking what the tasks at hand are — or what needs to happen to earn the most money from each product test.

Room for Improvement

While most users have mainly good things to say about Testerup, users still have some qualms with the platform. From the variety of games available to the lack of communication with developers to the length of the testing process for certain games, Testerup is far from completely perfect.

What Do Experts Say About Testerup?

Testerup reviews on Google.
Other review sites give Testerup an average rating of 3.9 stars out of 5.


User opinions are certainly important to consider when discussing the legitimacy of Testerup. But what about experts in the field? What do they have to say about the safety and security of the platform? Unfortunately, the Better Business Bureau hasn’t provided a review of Testerup just yet. Instead, we’ll look to other professional critics online for expert feedback.

A Specialized Niche

Testerup operates in the niche field of game testing and user feedback. This may limit its exposure to mainstream business expert analysis. Experts tend to focus more on broader and more well-established industries. As such, the BBB hasn’t gotten around to examining the platform just yet. Rest assured, the App Store would not allow it to remain available for download if it were illegitimate.

Limited Information Available

Since Testerup is not a widely recognized or extensively reviewed platform in the business world, there’s limited information available from business experts on how its business model works, what kind of financial stability the company has, or what the long-term prospects are for the platform. This doesn’t mean Testerup is illegitimate, though.

Proceed With Caution

As with any earning opportunity on the internet that seems too good to be true, critics of Testerup advise users to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before participating in a test program. This includes reading user reviews and understanding payment terms before you begin testing the software.

Testerup: Pros and Cons

Pros of TesterupCons of Testerup
The platform pays users real money.User balance must reach $70 before a payout.
Offers users a variety of fun games to test.The BBB has not rated the business yet.
Provides a flexible remote earning opportunity.Bigger payouts require more rigorous testing.
Comes with clear instructions to follow.Some games are very buggy and need work.

The Verdict: Is Testerup Legit?

So, how legit is Testerup? Can it be trusted, or should you look elsewhere for remote work opportunities in the mobile gaming industry? There are both positive and negative aspects to consider about Testerup before we give our answer below.

Testerup does provide a real opportunity for users to earn money by testing games. Many users have reported receiving hundreds of dollars in payments for their testing efforts. However, other users have encountered limitations, such as low earnings and a small variety of games available for testing.

With these pros and cons in mind, Testerup is unquestionably legitimate. However, individuals interested in Testerup need to exercise caution and conduct their own research before testing any games. Be aware that experiences and earnings can vary widely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Testerup?

Testerup is a platform where you can earn money by testing and providing feedback on video games, websites, and apps. It connects individuals with game developers and companies looking for user input on their products.

How do I sign up for Testerup?

Signing up for Testerup is free, quick, and easy. Visit their website or download their app, create an account by providing your personal details, and you’re ready to start testing. You won’t have to pay any upfront fees to become a tester.

How do I get paid on Testerup?

Testerup pays out over PayPal. You receive compensation for successfully completing testing tasks and providing feedback. Earnings can vary widely depending on factors like the complexity of the tasks and the number of opportunities available. Some testers make a significant side income, while others earn less.

How often can you work on Testerup?

The frequency of your testing gigs on Testerup will vary from day to day. Some testers find regular opportunities, while others may experience gaps in availability. It’s a very popular platform, which means some days may see fewer gigs than others.

Can I trust Testerup?

Yes, you can trust Testerup. It is a legitimate platform for earning money through game and product testing. Testers can enjoy a flexible schedule, clear instructions, and payment reliability on the platform. However, you should also expect limited game variety from time to time.

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