Is Temu Legit? Here’s What We Discovered

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Is Temu Legit? Here’s What We Discovered

Key Points

  • Temu is an online retailer similar to Amazon but focused on Chinese goods, offering low-priced and unique products.
  • The platform carries a wide range of goods, including knockoffs of popular items and questionable merchandise.
  • Temu is known for its tech section, where you can find cheap wireless earbuds and off-brand gaming consoles.
  • While Temu is legitimate, it has received mixed reviews, with complaints about poor quality merchandise, slow shipping times, and customer service.

If you own a smartphone or have opened a webpage on a PC in the past year, you’ve heard of Temu. It’s hard to escape the online retailer, leaving many wondering if Temu is legit. The answer is somewhat complicated and requires you to understand a little more about the platform. We will take care of that and tell you if you can expect to find authentic merchandise on Temu.

What Is Temu?

Temu is an online retailer in the vein of Amazon but centered around Chinese goods. While that’s also similar to Amazon, the company quickly gained a reputation for its low-priced goods and unique products.

If you’ve heard of or used sites like Alibaba’s AliExpress or DHgate, you’ll know what to expect from Temu. The platform offers the same types of products direct from China, but it is far easier to use than previous e-commerce sites in this niche.

Temu allows buyers to purchase items from distributors in China, keeping the price down. While it’s a perk for savvy shoppers, it can also lead to some major headaches. That’s due in part to the wealth of goods you can find on the website, including knockoffs of popular items and other questionable merchandise. 

Temu Categories

To say Temu carries a lot of goods would be an understatement. Simply trying to browse the site can lead to customer confusion. They sell almost anything you can imagine within the legal realm, whether you’re looking to buy a few flower pots, knee-high leather boots, a wig, or cheap Android tablets.

With many categories, authenticity isn’t an issue. Home goods is an excellent example, especially if you’re just looking for unique items for your kitchen. You’ll find many of the same products listed on Amazon but with different company names.

One of the more popular areas on Temu outside of general goods is the tech section. It’s a great place to pick up a pair of wireless earbuds for $10, but they have a little bit of everything. That includes items like the M5 Home Game Console, which resembles the PlayStation 5.

While there’s no mistaking the two items, many people will get sucked in by a $40 “console” that’s essentially a spruced-up emulator. To make matters more interesting, seemingly legitimate systems like the OLED Switch are listed alongside obviously fake models.

is temu legit
You can find authentic listings alongside knockoff products.

That comes down to the seller and their listing, however, not the site itself. Temu is like eBay in that regard, but it’s focused on new goods from the Far East. If you’re considering buying an emulator or cheap tech, you’ll want to think twice — then look at the user reviews.

Dig through those to get a better idea of how the gadget performs and see how many of the Temu reviews are valid. You’ll also want to remember that systems with pre-loaded software can also load malware or viruses onto other devices. Temu doesn’t vet the tech, they are just a middleman.

Clothing and General Goods

It’s unlikely you’ll find any knockoff tech named after the real deal on Temu, and the same applies to clothing and other merchandise on the platform. A quick search for “Gucci” yielded zero results with Gucci clothing, but plenty of off-brand attempts at the company’s couture clothing.

The same goes for brands like Burberry and Ralph Lauren. There is some nice-looking attire on the site regardless of the brand name, although you’re likely to get what you pay for when it comes to quality. While we’ve just focused on knockoffs of name brands, the company also has millions of listings for other items.

You can purchase a cheap air fryer or pick up a dozen pairs of boxers for five bucks. Want artwork for your home? That’s an option, and so are cell phones, action figures, and padded handcuffs. They truly have something for everyone, including things you never knew you needed, like an electric gel blaster.

General merchandise is where Temu shines, and it’s easy to become enamored with a $10 tablet or a pint-sized Bluetooth device. Just keep the quality in mind, along with the price, and check out the seller beforehand.

its temu legi
Temu has a wide range of clothing that mimics the styles of other brands.

Temu Reviews

Normally, you can turn to a handful of places online to get a quick idea of how a platform performs, whether it’s Amazon, ETSY, or Temu. There are “official” sites geared towards this purpose, but you can usually rely on social media to a degree as well. Things are a bit more complicated with Temu because of how they market the platform.

Temu loves ads, and they love giving people deals for advertising their platform to friends and family. From spinning wheels to Temu promo codes, they provide consumers with many ways to save. Those tricks pulled users in by the millions, leading to many subpar reviews in various places online. You can still rely on Reddit (to a degree), but proceed with caution on Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook.

While most Temu reviews are positive on social media, Trustpilot Temu reviews aren’t quite as positive. It has a 3.5 rating with over 7,000 reviews, which isn’t great, although they are still a new platform. Trustpilot has also been overwhelmed by reviewers spamming Temu codes. 

With the Better Business Bureau, the company has a 2.5 with 965 reviews and 964 complaints. Currently, all but one are listed as closed and the company has a C+ rating. Reviews for the service have not been great on official sites or through unofficial means.

The Wrap-Up

The old saying “You get what you pay for” has never fit a business as perfectly as it does with Temu. If you’ve always wondered how a $90 iPhone knockoff would perform, you can find out. It’s not a stretch to say the company sells a lot of budget-friendly goods along with bizarre items you won’t find on the store shelves in the States.

Is Temu legit? Yes. They are still new compared to Amazon, but they have launched in multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, and Ireland. The Amazon of the Far East has quickly become a global phenomenon — for better or worse. It’s certainly the type of site where you need to look before you leap.

If you plan to purchase something from Temu, you don’t have to worry about the company’s legitimacy. The biggest problems are poor quality merchandise, slow shipping times, and complaints with customer service. With that in mind, if you use the site knowing what to expect, you can find fantastic deals on commonly used items and unique goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone become a Temu reviewer?

Anyone purchasing a product from the site can leave a review, but the company also has a user reviewer program.

Why is shipping slow on Temu?

Shipping times vary depending on the location of the merchandise and delivery method, but they take longer because they ship out of China.

Can you get free items on Temu?

Yes, the company runs a number of promotions that allow users to earn goods from their platform.

Is Temu better than AliExpress?

They have similar products, but shipping speed and pricing will vary.

Does Temu sell knockoff goods?

The legitimate merchandise outnumbers fake goods by a wide margin on Temu, although you can find cheaply made knockoffs on the site.

Why are things on Temu so cheap?

Prices are low because of their business model, which allows consumers to connect directly with wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Is Temu affiliated with Shein?

No, they are two separate companies and platforms with no affiliation.

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