Ioniq 6 vs. Tesla Model S: Which is Better?

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Ioniq 6 vs. Tesla Model S: Which is Better?

Ioniq 6 vs. Tesla Model S: 8 Must-Know Facts

Ioniq 6 Must-Know Facts:

  • The Ioniq 6 is the newest EV from Hyundai.
  • It has a sedan-style body
  • The 6 has a competitive range and performance when compared to similarly priced EVs.
  • It is set to release sometime in 2023.

Model S Must-Know Facts:

  • The Model S is the original luxury sedan from Tesla.
  • It comes in two versions: the base and Plaid editions.
  • It is known as one of the best-performing EVs in the world.
  • The Model S is expensive with a price of over $100,000.

The Ioniq 6 and Tesla Model S are two examples of premium electric sedans that are taking over the market. Both cars are incredible machines and are ever-growing in popularity.

Let’s take a look at both vehicles and learn what makes them special, plus which one is best for your specific needs.

Ioniq 6 vs. Tesla Model S: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Ioniq 6Model S
Range381 miles405 miles
Top Speed115 mph155 mph
Acceleration0-60 in 5.1 seconds0-60 in 3.1 seconds
HorsepowerUp to 320Up to 670
PriceStarting at $42,000$104,990

Ioniq 6 vs. Tesla Model S: What’s the Difference?

The Ioniq and Tesla Model S are two of the most popular electric sedans you can buy today.

The Ioniq 6 is the newest model from Hyundai, set to release in 2023, while the Model S is the original sedan that Tesla released back in 2012. Although both cars are from competing companies, they have quite a few similarities. Still, they are in vastly different price ranges, with the Model S easily being classified as a luxury vehicle, while the Ioniq line is more geared towards affordability.

Let’s break down some of the more important elements that separate them in order to understand what makes them unique.


The most marked difference between the two is the company that makes them.

Hyundai got into the globally-scaled EV game a little later than Tesla, but they have been incredibly successful. Their previous launch, the Ioniq 5, is an electric SUV that is pushing 20,000 in sales. The new Ioniq 6 is a futuristic sedan that is set to release in 2023 and already has over 40,000 preorders.

If preorders show this much interest, Hyundai may have success on its hands. The 6 is set to be a great car, but its direct competitor is probably the Model 3 from Tesla, not the S. All three are top-notch cars, but the Model 3 is similar in price to the Ioniq 6 and will likely be its main competitor.

Tesla launched the Model S back in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Since its release, the luxury sedan has sold over 220,000 units in the U.S. alone, making it one of the most successful EVs in history.

Tesla announced a new version of the Model S in 2022, dubbed the Model S Plaid. Although this article focuses primarily on the base Model S, the Plaid is more expensive, faster, and an all-around better-performing vehicle compared to the previous iteration.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV
The Hyundai Ioniq 6 is expected to be released sometime in 2023.


The Ioniq 6 is set to be one of the more affordable EVs to release in 2023. Starting at $42,000, this sedan will compete not just with other EVs, but with other gas cars in the sedan category. The base package is $42,000, but it will have optional trim packages that increase the price. These trim packages are yet to be released. Overall, the price of the Ioniq 6 makes for an extremely competitive car in the lower-end luxury sedan marketplace. In regards to price, the direct competition for the Ioniq 6 is the Model 3, Tesla’s $46,990 sedan.

The Model S is an impressive machine, but it is solidly in the “luxury” category. The base Model S is sold for $104,990, while the Plaid edition costs $135,990. Since the Model S costs nearly 3x the price of the Ioniq 6, it’s easy to understand the differences in style, performance, and market. The Model S is a luxury car for those who value performance over affordability.


Let’s talk specs! The Ioniq 6 is a great performer within its price range—it can travel 381 miles on a single charge, has a top speed of 115 mph, and can do 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. On paper, the 6 outperforms the Model 3 base package in range and acceleration, which is no small feat!

The Model S is a better performer, but you are paying for it. The base edition Model S can travel 405 miles on a single charge, has a top speed of 155 mph, and can do 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. When you upgrade to the Plaid version, the chasm becomes even wider. Generally speaking, the Model S is one of the best-performing sedans in the world.


Although the price chasm is quite apparent when it comes to performance, that gap narrows substantially when it comes to design and appearance.

The Ioniq 6 is one of the best-looking sedans on the market, even when competing with the Model S. Granted, it isn’t as sporty as the S, but it does have some truly sleek aesthetics. The body of the Ioniq 6 is pretty domed, reflecting the Model 3 quite closely. The interior of the car, however, is quite different. Where Tesla’s interior is minimal, the Ioniq is maximal, at least with their lighting. The entire inside of the car is covered in variable lighting and a premium-looking interior that belies the lower price of this car. It also features windshield displays, multiple screens, and all the trimmings an EV in 2023 should have.

The Model S may have set the tone for EVs when it first came out. The sporty, low-bodied design is easy to distinguish while driving down the road and is a stark contrast to the domed Ioniq 6. Additionally, the Model S has what many describe as a “minimal” interior, although it does appear quite premium. Tesla is still plagued by production issues, and their cars “fit and finish” aren’t always up to par, but there’s no doubting that the interior of a Model S feels like the future.

Tesla Model S
The Tesla Model S features a simple yet futuristic interior, much like other Tesla models.

Ioniq 6 vs. Tesla Model S: Which One Should You Get?

While both cars are impressive in their own rights, there is no “better” between them because every situation is different.

The Ioniq is a competitively priced electric sedan that competes directly with the Model 3, while the Model S is a no-holds-barred electric sedan that put Tesla on the world’s radar.

You Should Get an Ioniq 6 if:

  • You value price over performance.
  • You want a solid EV but don’t want a Tesla.
  • You are willing to wait a year to get a brand-new car.

You Should Get a Model S if:

  • You value performance over price.
  • You want one of the best EV sedans on the market.
  • You want your car right now.
largest manufacturing companies

Tesla is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these two cars are both amazing, but not in direct competition with one another.

The Ioniq 6 is a nice electric sedan that the average upper-middle class individual could consider when they end their lease next year. It competes with the Model 3 in price and performance and has the build quality of a Hyundai.

The Model S is a top-luxury electric sedan that many can’t afford, although it is a dream car. It isn’t in the same performance or price category as the Ioniq 6, but each car speaks to its own strengths.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ioniq 6 or the Model S faster?

The Tesla Model S is significantly faster than the Ioniq 6, although they are in vastly different price categories.

Is the Ioniq 6 like the Model 3?

The Ioniq 6 is in a similar price range to the Model 3 and has comparable performance. These cars will likely be in direct competition.

When does the Ioniq 6 come out?

The estimated release date for the Ioniq 6 is sometime in 2023.

What company makes the Ioniq 6?

The Ioniq 6 is an electric sedan made by Hyundai and will be available for sale in 2023.

Is the Ioniq 6 a new version of the Ioniq 5?

No, the Ioniq 5 is an already-released electric SUV, while the Ioniq 6 is an electric sedan that is set to release in 2023.

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