Internet Providers in Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Internet Providers in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Modern society is heavily reliant on the internet. From banking to work, education to entertainment, internet access impacts lives in a big way. Thankfully, for residents of Fayetteville, North Carolina, there is a good selection of internet service providers in their vicinity. These ISPs offer locals broadband, DSL, fiber, and satellite access. If you’re in the market for a new internet provider or looking to switch to another, here are some good internet service providers in the Fayetteville area.

Internet Providers in Fayetteville, NC

Service ProviderMax Download SpeedInternet Type
Spectrum1000 MbpsCable
T-Mobile Home Internet182 Mbps5G
Viasat100 MbpsSatellite
Hughesnet25 MbpsSatellite
King Street Wireless1 MbpsLTE

Cable Internet Providers in Fayetteville, NC

Broadband providers in Fayetteville aren’t that many, and those looking for fiber or DSL internet might be disappointed. The only major company covering the majority of Fayetteville is Spectrum, one of the largest internet service providers in the United States. The service quality is pretty good for residents, and they offer various plans for varying price points.


Spectrum website
Customers can pick from three internet plans: Internet, Internet Ultra, and Internet Gig.

Spectrum is a relative giant in the Southeast, providing service to North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. Despite their recent expansion, they’ve been a mainstay for quite some time. Check out their plans below:

  • Internet: The most basic plan available has a modest 300 Mbps download speed under optimal conditions. No data caps are available for the plan, which is good news for Fayetteville residents. The monthly rate is $49.99 when bundled with Wi-Fi and mobile plans.
  • Internet Ultra: At $69.99, this monthly plan provides 500 Mbps of nominal download speed. As with the previous plan, there are zero download allowances to be worried about. This is a fine plan if you’re after streaming more resource-intensive media like 4K video, and it would be fine for
  • Internet Gig: Spectrum’s final plan offers a zippy 1000 Mbps for the ideal download rate. This is quite close to the lower end of fiber connections and provides the absolute best speed available in the Fayetteville area. Users can expect this plan to run for $89.99 when packaged with advanced Wi-Fi and an unlimited mobile line.

Wireless Providers in Fayetteville, NC

Finding an ISP that provides complete home coverage in a municipality can be tricky, but Spectrum does provide most of Fayetteville with internet services. Wireless internet providers are another option for those seeking an alternative or simply out of the coverage area. Wireless internet functions like the mobile networks you might use on your smartphone. Speeds aren’t as high as a fiber or cable connection, but they’re fast for light streaming and general web browsing.

T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile Internet home
T-mobile’s speeds vary heavily but can range from 33 to 182 Mbps.

T-Mobile offers LTE and 5G service to those living in areas with adequate broadband coverage. There are no data caps on T-mobile’s plan, which is a good compromise given the less-than-optimal browsing experience from this sort of internet connection. For $50 a month, users will receive access to a wireless gateway to connect to T-Mobile’s mobile network on their home devices. This isn’t an ideal solution for streaming resource-intensive media, but it still allows unfettered internet access.

Earthlink homepage
This ISP has four data plans with 50GB to 150GB data allowance.

EarthLink provides a variety of services in the southeast, and for Fayetteville in particular, it offers up wireless service. The main caveat with Earthlink’s service is rather severe data caps. It might be a decent option if you are out of a broadband-capable area. Their plans are as follows:

  • 50 GB per Month: $64.95 a month
  • 75 GB per Month: $79.95 a month
  • 100 GB per Month: $99.95 a month
  • 150 GB per Month: $149.95 a month

Speeds are universally the same for all wireless plans for EarthLink, with nominal speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The best you can do is browse and check emails. Anything data-intensive will run into those download allowances rather quickly.

King Street Wireless

Because of its low data speeds, King Street Wireless is less ideal for streaming, gaming, or any other intensive internet use.

King Street Wireless rounds out the providers offering up wireless internet access in the Fayetteville area. Speeds are less than optimal but are handy for areas that don’t receive adequate broadband service. Service speeds are at a fixed rate and typically run at 12 Mbps. Unfortunately, each plan has a data cap. Here are your options.

  • 2 GB Plan: King Street’s most basic plan costs $50 a month and has a rather restrictive data cap. Users may find themselves coming against the data plan fairly quickly.
  • 6 GB Plan: At $60 a month, users have a little more leeway in data usage. 6 GB is still highly restrictive for regular use but for occasional checking of emails.
  • Wireless Unlimited Plan: This plan costs $70 monthly and has no data cap.

Satellite Providers in Fayetteville, NC

While Satellite internet isn’t the best, it might be the only option for those unable to access wireless or cable solutions locally. Speeds aren’t nearly as incredible as a wireless or cable connection, but they are decent. Two options are available:


Viasat offers affordable satellite coverage to Fayetteville, NC, residents. There are no data caps on any of its plans. Its speeds may not be comparable to broadband services but may prove to be a lifesaver for those who aren’t in a covered area. Their plans are as follows:

  • Unlimited Bronze 12: At $49.99 a month, this is a fine plan for light browsing and basic streaming. You won’t be streaming 4K video easily on this plan since the speeds come in at 12 Mbps. It does account for keeping up with friends and family.
  • Unlimited Silver 25: This $69.99 monthly plan allows for more intensive browsing, with speeds clocking in at 25 Mbps. You could stream video and audio through this plan, but if it is being done on more than one device you might experience latency or buffer overruns.
  • Unlimited Gold 30: Viasat’s final plan retails for $99.99 monthly and provides 30 Mbps for the nominal download speed. Like with Unlimited Silver 25, this would allow for streaming video and audio but might prove inadequate quickly for users expecting to use multiple devices.


HughesNet homepage
In the event Viasat or some of the other options aren’t viable, Hughesnet is worth consider


Hughesnet is the other viable satellite internet provider in the Fayetteville area, providing coverage across most of the city. Unfortunately, this ISP has data caps and charges installation fees. Their plans are as follows:

  • 25 Mbps with 15 GB data cap: At $64.99, this plan has a minuscule data cap compared to some of the offerings from Viasat. Given the minimal data allowance, this plan isn’t recommended, especially if you’re into streaming video or audio.
  • 25 Mbps with 50 GB data cap: This plan runs for $74.99 and allows 50 GB of data allowance. An additional data allowance of 50 GB a month applies during off-peak hours, which runs from 2 AM to 8 AM EST.
  • 25 Mbps with 100 GB data cap: A 100 GB data cap is present for this $99.99 a month plan; the additional 50 GB data credit is available for off-peak hours.

The high installation and equipment fees make it less cost-effective than some of Hughesnet’s competitors.


Locals have decent options for internet connectivity. The best internet providers in the Fayetteville area offer different speeds and quality of service. Our top pick in this area would have to be Spectrum, which provides the highest speeds and stable internet via cable. If you are within their service area, check them out and see whether they can meet your home internet needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which provider provides the fastest service in Fayetteville?

The absolute fastest plan available from any of the providers in Fayetteville is Spectrum, which offers a 1 Gbps plan.

Is Spectrum the only cable provider in Fayetteville?

Spectrum is the only provider in the area which offers a stable broadband connection via cable.

What is the benefit of satellite internet over wireless?

Satellite internet can provide coverage in areas where cellular towers might not effectively reach due to using a dish to receive the signal.

Is wireless internet usable in Fayetteville?

Absolutely, although you will be looking at less-than-optimal speeds for the same monthly rate you would be paying for cable internet.

Are there any services providers which aren't recommended in Fayetteville?

Any provider operating with data caps is hard to recommend. Data caps can easily be exceeded and can result in additional fees. Conscientious users might have to avoid CenturyLink, HughesNet, and King Street Wireless.

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