Internet Providers in Abilene, Texas

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Internet Providers in Abilene, Texas

A seamless internet connection is a determinant of a hassle-free and smooth online experience, which usually involves emailing, streaming videos, surfing, gaming, uploading and downloading files, etc. Thankfully, there are ten internet service providers (ISPs) that provide business, residential, and mobile internet services in Abilene, Texas. 

Picking the best one for you can be challenging. We dug through hidden fees, fine print, speeds, and promo prices to find the best ISPs in Abilene, Texas. Armed with this information, you can pick the best ISP based on your speed requirement and the connection type available in your area. 

Best Internet Providers in Abilene, TX

Let’s dive into a handy table providing quick details about these ISPs.

ISP NameMax Download SpeedInternet Type
AT&T300-5000MbpsDSL & Fiber
Taylor Telecom150-1000MbpsFiber & DSL
Optimum   150-1000MbpsCable
Vexus Fiber150-1000MbpsFiber & DSL
Rise Broadband150-950MbpsFixed Wireless
Kinetic by Windstream150-1000MbpsFiber
NextLink150-950MbpsFixed Wireless

Fiber Internet Providers in Abilene, TX          

Fiber provides faster connectivity speed than cable and DSL connection. However, it isn’t the most widely available connection in Abilene. The most reliable DSL and fiber internet providers in Abilene include the following:  

Taylor Telecom

Taylor Telecom is one of the leading fiber internet providers with a 13% coverage rate in Abilene, Texas. It provides DSL services too. They offer high-speed gigabit internet with no data caps. 

Plus, it provides free internet security and one-time installation fees of $50. You can buy or lease the router at $13.00 per month. Taylor Telecom offers the following fiber plans: 

Turbo: The plan provides equal download, and upload speeds up to 1Gbps at $100.00 per month. This service can help you connect multiple devices for video calls and multiplayer gaming. 

Accelerate: It’s ideal for six or more devices. The plan costs $70.00 monthly for equal download and upload speeds of up to 600Mbps. 

Cruise: The plan costs $50.00 per month for speeds up to 100Mbps. The plan is suitable for casual online gaming, web browsing, and streaming without network congestion.

EarthLink provides wireless home and fiber internet in Abilene with about 25% coverage. The ISP is known for providing the fastest gig speeds, up to 4Gbps, but the plan isn’t available to all regions. 

The plan comes with free virus protection and no data caps. Moreover, EarthLink offers free private, secure email services. 

These are the most common EarthLink internet plans to choose from based on your budget and needs:   

Fastest streaming: The 5Gbps starts at $190.00 per month with speeds up to 500Mbps for HD video downloads, multiplayer gaming, seamless streaming, etc. 

Most Popular: The plan starts at $800.00 per month with speeds up to 500Mbps. It’s a popular choice for connecting nine or more devices for video streaming, video calls, online gaming, and much more. 

Best Value: Starts at $60.00 per month with speeds up to 100Mbps. It’s suitable for normal web browsing, streaming, and multitasking requirement on four devices. 

In some areas, the ISP also provides 1Gbps and 2Gbps packages, starting at $90 and $130.00 per month. You can choose the right one based on your needs and plans. 

internet providers
EarthLink provides wireless and fiber internet service in Abilene, TX with about 25% coverage.

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Kinetic by Windstream

Kinetic by Windstream is one of the best Fiber internet providers in Abilene. It provides various internet services like fiber, cable, fixed wireless, and satellite. However, the services aren’t available throughout all the regions.

The Kinetic gig fiber package provides better and faster speed than cable connections. The ISP offers no data caps, equal download and upload speeds up to 1000Mbps, and bundle purchases. The company provides two popular fiber packages for high-speed requirements: 

Kinetic Fiber Gig: The Gig plan costs $70.00 per month for equal download and upload speeds of up to 1GBps. 

The package is designed to provide high-speed performance in multiplayer gaming, HD streaming, and video conferencing. 

Kinetic Fiber: The plan costs $40.00 per month to provide speeds up to 500Mbps. It’s the right package to connect multiple devices for high-resolution video streaming, conferencing, and online gaming. 

Moreover, the company has a standard 100Mbps package starting at $40.00 per month for basic internet requirements. Unfortunately, fiber isn’t included in this package. You can also pay an additional $10.00 per month for internet security services like spam and malware protection. 


AT&T is the leading DSL service provider in Abilene, mainly where fiber internet doesn’t work, with a coverage rate of 55%. The ISP primarily provides DLS internet services in Abilene with speeds up to 100Mbps. 

But in some areas, fiber internet packages are also available with speeds up to 1Gbps. Therefore, based on your needs and budget, you can select from the following packages: 

Fiber 500: The plan starts at $65.00 per month for equal download and upload speeds of up to 500Mbps on multiple devices. The plan is suitable for seamless HD streaming, multiplayer gaming, video conferencing, numerous multitasking devices, etc.

DSL 100: The plan costs $55.00 per month for speeds up to 100Mbps is ideal where fiber internet is unavailable.  

Fiber 1 Gig: The plan starts at $80.00 per month for equal download and upload speeds of up to 1Gbps on multiple devices. The plan is fit for multiplayer gaming, video conferencing, seamless HD streaming, multitasking on multiple devices, etc.  

Moreover, AT&T packages don’t include data caps, annual contracts, or equipment charges. 

The ISP provides AT&T ActiveArmor internet security for fiber subscribers to protect devices against malware, virus, and cyber threats.  

largest telecommunications companies
AT&T is the leading DSL service provider in Abilene, TX, with a coverage rate of 55%.

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Cable Internet Providers in Abilene, TX

Cable is the most widely used internet type in Abilene, with a 100% coverage rate. The cable internet provides reliable speeds up to 1Gbps. The leading cable internet provider in Abilene is: 


Optimum is the leading cable provider in Abilene, offering TV, internet, and mobile services. The ISP is known for providing fast cable connection speeds as fast as fiber internet with 100% reliable uptime.

Besides cable internet, Optimum is also known for its reliable and budget-friendly internet plans in the US. But, in Abilene, only its cable internet facilities are available. 

It offers bundles and internet-only packages tailored to your needs with no annual contracts. Here are common cable internet plans provided by Optimum: 

Optimum 1 Gig: The 1 Gig plan provides speeds up to 1Gbps at $59.99 per month. It’s designed to connect multiple devices for multiplayer gaming, browsing, and multitasking. 

Optimum 500: The plan costs $600.00 per month with speeds up to 500Mbps. It’s ideal for ten devices for HD streaming, conference calls, online gaming, etc. 

Optimum 300: Starts at $40.00 per month. The plan provides speeds up to 300Mbps and is ideal for browsing, streaming, multitasking, etc., simultaneously on seven or more devices. 

Optimum 100: Starts at $30.00 per month for speeds up to 100Mbps. It’s suitable for those with basic streaming, browsing, and work requirements on four devices. 

The ISP also offers a $30.00 per month subsidy to eligible users under its Affordable Connectivity Program with FCC. Existing and new users with cable or fiber internet services can apply. 

High-Speed Internet Providers in Abilene, Texas

The average download speed in Abilene is 155Mbps. Here are some of the high-speed internet providers: 

  • Windstream: Offers reliable fiber internet with speeds up to 1000Mbps 
  • Optimum: Offers fast and reliable cable connection with speeds up to 1Gbps
  • Vexus Fiber: Offers fast and reliable DSL internet connection speeds up to 950Mbps
  • Taylor Telecom: Offers high-speed and reliable fiber internet with download speeds up to 1Gbps 
  • EarthLink Network: Offers multiple services, such as satellite and fiber internet, with speeds up to 1000Mbps 

Wrapping Up

You need to mind your budget, needs, and plan availability while picking the best type and Internet provider in Abilene. Also remember to check your provider’s services, contract terms, installation fees, data caps, etc. This consideration will help you get the best value for your money. Pick one that will suit your budget and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fastest internet service provider in Abilene, Texas?

AT&T provides better and faster Internet services in Abilene than Spectrum. In some parts, the company provides a Fiber Gig plan. However, Spectrum is known for its reliable DSL Internet in most areas.

Who has the fastest internet speed in Abilene?


The fastest Internet in Abilene is 1Gbps cable and fiber connections provided by popular ISPs like Vexus Fiber, Kinetic by Windstream, Optimus, Taylor Telecom, and EarthLink.

Who provides the best unlimited Wi-Fi in Abilene, Texas?

Many ISPs provide unlimited high-speed data up to 2-5Gbps under their cable and fiber Internet connections in Abilene. These are Taylor Telecom, Optimum, Vexus Fiber, and EarthLink.

Which are the available internet options in Abilene, Texas?

Abilene received internet connection through DSL, fiber, cable, and satellite.

How do I know which provider is within my region?

It will be a good idea to contact your preferred service provider and check if they cover your area. But here is an overview of the coverage by different service providers:

AT&T covers the whole of Texas and all of Abilene. Except in the Dyess air force base.

Windstream covers all of Abilene except River Oaks, Park Central, Elmwood, Chimney Rock, and red Bud Park.

Suddenlink internet covers all of Abilene.

NTS communications cover the whole town except the Park Central area.


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