Instagram Can Do These Things With Your Information

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Instagram Can Do These Things With Your Information

Did you know Instagram can do these things with your information? When it comes to social media, the service is often free with the caveat being that you are the product. This isn’t some closely guarded secret, but the ways your data is used can be somewhat alarming. Instagram is owned by Meta, the same folks behind the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp. See what they’re using your data for when you sign up for an account.

Facial Recognition

Instagram is keeping track of your facial data.

Starting our list of things Instagram can do with your data relates entirely to facial recognition. If you’re an ardent user of the platform, you’re likely submitting photos and videos regularly. In doing so, you’re letting Meta construct a profile with your facial data and other biometric markers. Meta claims that these are used to prevent misuse of your account, but it raises an alarming precedent for visually driven social media sites.

Photos and Videos

Meta is pulling data from your photos and videos on Instagram.

Another of the things Instagram can do with your data also directly relates to your photos and videos. In addition to building a profile based on biometric data like facial recognition, the social media app is also taking a closer look at the EXIF metadata on each photograph. From there it can more thoroughly establish that you are the one uploading your posts.

Text Message History

Instagram can read your text messages and see who you’re messaging.

There is no shortage of apps for mobile phones with some rather suspicious needs. On paper, Instagram is just using your contacts and other information to help find users you might know. In practice, it is rather shocking what Instagram can do with your data. Meta is taking a close look at the text messages you send from your device, to help make targeted ad campaigns.


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Your location plays a key role in how you receive ads on Instagram.

Instagram can understand quite a bit with just your location. Think about it, your exact location tells the social media giant where you live, what shops are nearby, and what issues might be influencing your decisions locally. Never mind marketing on a national scale, this laser-focused precision when looking at how the app is targeting users.

Purchase Data

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Making purchases from Instagram links can result in more detail being added to your profile.

If there is one thing Instagram does better than anyone, it is deliver ads. You might click on these from time to time, and make a purchase. That’s all well and good, but Instagram is watching every move you make through the app. All purchases made as a result of the app help fill in your profile further.

Usage Patterns

Senior Black Man Using Smartphone Texting Networking Online And Scrolling News In Social Media Application Sitting On Couch At Home. Mature Male Reading Message On Phone. New Mobile App Concept
When and how you use the app is something that Instagram notices.

Do you prefer checking your Instagram in the morning while sipping a cup of coffee? It might not seem like when you use the app matters, but it does. Instagram can do a lot with very little, and when you’re opening the app and interacting with it alerts the company to quite a few things. Interestingly, this goes beyond just opening the app while including things like which posts you like or comment on.

Which Devices You’re Using

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It doesn’t matter what sort of device you use, Instagram is interested in it.

Most users will go to Instagram through a smartphone. However, if you enjoy using the app on your tablet or laptop, Instagram is paying attention. The devices you use and have linked to your account are supposed to curtail any misuse. That said, a simple look at the user agent of your device should do plenty without plumbing the rest of its data for Instagram’s use.

How This Data Is Used?

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You are the commodity when it comes to using social media apps like Instagram.

Data is a big business for social media sites. Instagram uses quite a bit with your information. Interestingly, much like Facebook, you get a profile constructed around every aspect of your data. From there, that is used to more personally target ads, content, and other things to keep you engaged for longer.

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