Insignia Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide


Insignia Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide

Key Points

  • Universal remotes are a convenient tool for controlling multiple home theater components with a single device.
  • Insignia universal remotes can be programmed manually or through automatic setup.
  • Manual setup requires entering programming codes, while automatic setup involves using channel buttons to find the correct code.
  • Troubleshooting tips include checking for low batteries, following the correct procedure, and ensuring compatibility with the TV.

Need help programming your Insignia universal remote? Universal remotes are an absolute blessing for the movie or streaming buffs out there. You get a central control set for all of your important home theater components. Programming your Insignia universal remote isn’t a difficult task, as long as you follow this guide.

You should have your home theater up and running with a single remote in no time.

Universal Remote Codes for Insignia Remotes

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the available codes for Insignia universal remotes. However, it should give you a fairly decent starting point for getting your remote and TV to see each other. Not every Insignia remote is going to be a universal remote, but a good way to tell is to take a glance at the upper half of the device.

A good rule of thumb to tell whether you have a universal remote is the presence of the Set and Mode buttons. If those are present, then you’ve got a universal remote you can use for other components in your home theater setup.

TV BrandInsignia Codes
Hisense13519, 14618, 14740, 12183, 11660, 11314, 14063, 14398, 14054, 13382
Insignia12049, 11780, 14487, 11641, 11564, 11326, 11892, 12002, 12184, 11423, 11385, 11660, 11963, 12751, 13227, 11463
JVC11774, 11601, 13393, 12321, 12271, 14107, 11570, 11670, 11892
LG11840, 12731, 11860, 11423, 12358, 14397, 10178, 11753, 14398, 10017
Magnavox12597, 14686, 11892, 10178, 11665, 11670, 11687
Phillips11867, 12597, 12372, 11454, 13396, 13623, 14365, 11744, 11866, 10017, 11944, 11365, 11394
RCA11447, 12434, 12746, 13577, 14214, 12247, 13382, 13717, 13332, 11781, 12932, 13895, 12187, 13636, 13939, 14079, 14053, 12183, 12855, 10679, 14035, 14394, 11661, 13519, 13953, 14629, 11385, 12002, 13121, 13183, 13938, 14093, 11670
Samsung12051, 11632, 10178
Sanyo11142, 11362, 13488, 12049, 11480, 11564
Sharp12360, 13394, 14618, 14740, 14507, 13519, 14398
Sony10810, 14448, 14189
Sylvania11864, 11963, 11944, 11866, 11394, 11665, 11314, 13332, 14053
TCL12434, 14398, 13183
Vizio11758, 13758, 12757, 13415, 12512
Same Functions as Original
Universal Remote Control Replacement for Insignia TVs
  • Compatible with almost all Insignia TV models except Insignia Fire TV
  • Pre-programmed
  • Includes all of the same functions as the original remote
  • Does not have voice command
  • Range is approximately 32 feet
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Insignia Universal Remote Programming Guide: Manual Setup

Insignia universal remote
Manually configuring your universal remote can take less time than the automatic method for some TVs.

Turn On Your TV

To do anything with your universal remote, you’ll need to power your TV on. It’ll come down to personal preference as to whether you use the TV’s physical power button or its intended remote. Before you start getting down to programming, make sure the television itself has functionality. You certainly don’t want to be in a scenario where the TV isn’t responsive to commands when programming.

Press the TV Button

At the top of your Insignia universal remote, you should see a TV button. You don’t need to do any sort of special procedure, just a single press is all you need for the next step.

Hold Down the Setup Button

After depressing the TV button on your Insignia universal remote, you’ll want to press and hold down the setup button. This can vary for remotes, but it should initiate a flashing light on the remote. This serves as a vital indicator that the remote itself is in setup mode. What this means is that your universal remote is prepared to receive a code to activate its functionality with your television or other components.

If the remote isn’t flashing a light, you’ll have to troubleshoot the process. However, that can be as simple as replacing the batteries for a fresh set.

Enter Your Code

With your Insignia universal remote in setup mode, you’ll want to enter your programming code for your TV of choice. Some of this might come down to trial and error, especially if you have a TV from a manufacturer with a fair few codes. Thankfully, it just takes a few moments to enter the codes so you can try a few to see which works.

Manual mode does pose its potential problems since entering the codes themselves when you’ve got a half dozen or more to choose from can be a time-consuming process. However, the manual setup on its own does allow you to pinpoint what codes work best for the various components of your home theater setup.

Point and Power Down

If properly done, you should be able to point the remote at your television and power it off. If you’re met with a TV set that is still on, you’ll have to go back and restart the entire process again. This is a risk you do run when going for a manual setup with your Insignia universal remote.

When everything is functioning as intended, your TV should power off with the universal remote just like it does with your regular remote.

Verify Functionality

Use your Insignia remote to power the TV back on and try switching channels, inputs, or any other core functions of the TV itself. If everything has gone well, it should function just like it does with its normal remote. In case it doesn’t, you’ll have to restart the entire process again. Thankfully, you’ll likely be aware of this when attempting to power your television off for the first time after entering your code.

Insignia Univeral Remote Programming: Automatic Setup

Insignia universal remote
Automatic configuration can be more time-consuming but is a surefire way to get your remote to communicate with your TV.

Your Insignia universal remote does have support for automatic configuration. This might be your preferred method, especially if you’re looking for an easy solution to getting the remote to communicate with your TV.

Turn On Your TV

As with the manual setup, you’ll want to start the programming of your Insignia universal remote by powering on your TV. This serves a few different functions, but primarily it gives you a canvas to see changes as they occur and allows you to power down the TV to make sure functionality is working as intended.

Hold Down the TV button

Like the manual setup, you’re going to select the TV button on your universal remote. This time, however, you’ll be holding down the TV button for about three seconds or so. As you saw in the manual setup, this will result in a flashing light indicating you are in programming mode.

Trigger Channel Switches

Instead of entering the code while in programming mode, you’ll want to instead use the channel buttons. Keen users will notice the remote sends out power-off signals. What you want to do is keep pressing the channel buttons until your television powers off entirely.

Verify Functionality

Once your TV has powered down, use your Insignia universal remote to power the TV back on. From here, you’ll just want to test the various buttons to make sure the remote and TV are communicating correctly. You can repeat these steps as necessary for things like a Blu-ray player, soundbar, and so forth.

Troubleshooting Your Insignia Univeral Remote

  • Low Batteries: You’ll want to make sure you have a fresh set of batteries in your universal remote. If low batteries are present, it can interfere with the overall operation of the device. As you can imagine, this makes programming a difficult prospect.
  • Incorrect Procedure: You want to follow the steps to the letter when it comes to programming your universal remote. Ignoring or omitting any steps can result in issues like the remote not functioning as intended.
  • Incompatible TV: This is much rarer, given the wide range of compatibility for the Insignia universal remote. However, you might just have a TV or other components without any codes for the universal remote. In this instance, you’ll have to use a different universal remote to achieve the same results.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you now have your Insignia universal remote up and running. The platform as a whole is one of the more flexible ones, and you have no shortage of options when it comes to codes for TVs, monitors, soundbars, and other home theater components.

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    • Compatible with almost all Insignia TV models except Insignia Fire TV
    • Pre-programmed
    • Includes all of the same functions as the original remote
    • Does not have voice command
    • Range is approximately 32 feet
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    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a code doesn't work?

Just use any of the other codes listed for your TV. One of them is bound to work. You could also just trying to program the remote in automatic mode.

Are all Insignia remotes universal?

Not at all, some are solely intended for an Insignia device.

Can the universal remote be used with soundbars and disc players?

Absolutely, you might have to run through a fair few codes to get the remote to see the components.

Is it worth using a universal remote?

If you want to cut down on the number of remotes you use in your home theater setup, a universal remote is a great option.

Are streaming boxes compatible with the universal remote?

Some are, it will just depend on the manufacturer. You might have to stick with the streaming device’s remote to make any menu selections.

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