History of Computers

Everywhere you turn, you see and hear about the computer, Internet, information age, etc. During the last several decades, the computer has become undoubtedly the most important invention of humankind. Today, virtually all of the world's knowledge is only a few taps away, which is truly mind-blowing. What is the reason for this explosive development—social needs, economic incentives or the dream of humans to create a thinking machine? Who made it possible? When and where did this most important invention actually happened? Who are the pioneers of the computers, networks, and software?
This site will try to answer to some of these questions, providing a huge amount of vital information about the history of computing and computers. The information is divided into several sections:

According to the great Leonardo da Vinci, there are three types of people: those who see; those who see, when they are shown; those who do not see. Let's try to fall among at least in the middle category. Have a nice read, and never forget the age-old quote: "Life is too short to be taken seriously."

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