Hummer EV vs. Silverado EV: What Are The Real Differences?

hummer ev vs silverado ev

Hummer EV vs. Silverado EV: What Are The Real Differences?

Witnessing the evolution of electric trucks over the last few years has been an exciting journey. With these two models being built in the same factory, the Hummer EV vs Silverado EV is an interesting match-up.

Besides a common production site, they also share the same Ultium electric platform used by GM. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

So, let’s do a full comparison and see how these two GMC giants stack up. We’ll look at some pros and cons of each, and the features that make both trucks unique.

Hummer EV vs. Silverado EV: Side-by-Side Comparison

Hummer EVSilverado EV
MSRP Starting at$110,295$39,900
Horsepower1000 hp (top powertrain option)664 hp
0-603 Seconds4.5 Seconds
Range329 miles400 miles
Payload1300 lbs.1300 lbs.
Towing Capacity7500 lbs.8000-20000 lbs. (depending on trim package and battery size)
Car and Driver Rating7.5/10NA
Max Speed106 mph114 mph
Launch DateOctober 2022Spring 2023 (pending)

Hummer EV vs. Silverado EV: What’s the Difference?

White GMC hummer EV offroading on sand
GM Hummer EV is powered by Ultium battery-pack technology with a 329-mile range


Let’s look at some of the vehicles’ main focus areas to see where the differences lie. It’s important to make sure to compare the different trim packages and extras with these two, as the Silverado EV can close the gap quickly when you start upgrading.

A striking distinction are the bells and whistles that come with the Hummer EV. There is really no other EV truck that has what the Hummer offers. Now, with that said, some of these features seem more showy than useful. And with the Silverado coming from the same manufacturer, it comes with some of the same features, like its Ultium electric platform.


The CrabWalk feature of the Hummer is cool to observe, but only needed in some select off-road situations. And let’s be honest here, are you going to pay $110k+ for one of these beautiful trucks and then put it through some serious off-road abuse?

Maybe, but there’s not a large enough audience with that kind of money to burn. You can be sure that if you do hit some hard terrain, the Hummer EV can handle it.

In off-road tests in Moab, Utah, one of the most challenging areas in the U.S. for all-terrain vehicles of any kind, the Hummer EV performed exceptionally well. In the unforgiving landscape of Moab, the CrabWalk, Terrain mode, rear steering, and One-Pedal driving control did their job in grand fashion.


The Hummer EV has a removable roof for a convertible-type open-air experience. And with two themes, the Lunar Shadow and Lunar Horizon for great interior effects, as well as a 12.3″ diagonal high-def driver information center and 13.4″ infotainment screen, the Hummer’s interior doesn’t disappoint.

One of the downsides to the Hummer EV is that it is an electron guzzler. It may get you away from fossil fuel, but it eats up electricity in the process. And when towing, it gets really bad, bringing the range down to about 100 miles.

Also, one of the criticisms we always encounter with the Hummer EV is the need for special charging capabilities, specifically fast-charging stations. However, as a bonus, the Hummer comes with an Ultravision system. It gives up to eighteen views around the vehicle, including two underneath and one from above, to survey the off-road terrain.

The Silverado EV has a multi-flex midgate. This is one of the most exciting features of the vehicle. By taking technology from the Chevy Avalanche and dropping the back seat, you get 9′ of storage length. Combine that with the Multi-Flex Tailgate and get a whopping 10′ storage.


One area where the Hummer, like the Rivian R1T and the F-150 Lightning, differs from the Silverado is that they’re on the road. Silverado, on the other hand, is late to the party, not being available until sometime in 2023.

GMC is also releasing the Silverado EV by model, with the WT (work truck) available in the Spring and the RST coming in the Fall. This is where that advertised price comes into question. The RST is going to cost you $107,000, not the $39,900 on the GMC website.

Lower-priced models are expected but won’t be available for a couple of years. This is what we meant by how fast you can get in the Hummer price range for their top-of-the-line model. All this also depends on whether GMC runs into any more delays.

Electric Platform

ev truck
The Chevrolet Silverado comes with Google Built-In compatibility.

Although it’s certainly not visible to the naked eye, the Hummer EV and the Silverado EV do have a common thread under the skin. GM’s Ultium platform is used for both trucks, even though the Silverado doesn’t have the 1000 hp capability of the Hummer. So, with this in common, where do they differ?

One place is the motors each vehicle has, with the Silverado receiving one motor for each axle and the Hummer getting two for the rear and one for the front axle.

WOW vs. WTF Modes

Another feature where these two differ is the WOW vs WTF modes. The two high-power modes, “Watts to Freedom” for the Hummer and “Wide-Open Watts” for the Silverado, come in at 1000 hp to 664 hp respectively. WTF mode also has an interesting twist with sounds that give a sensory aspect to the experience of the launch.

Hummer EV vs. Silverado EV: 7 Must-Know Facts

  1. Four-wheel Steering on Hummer allows for better handling at slow speeds, especially in off-road conditions.
  2. The Hummer EV has a 32″ water fording in Extract mode. That’s almost 3 feet of water that this beast can cross or exit.
  3. Although not quite as impressive as the Hummer, the Silverado’s WOW mode still gives a respectable 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.
  4. The Silverado EV has a 350 kW fast charge that adds 100 miles of range in ten minutes and a 10.2 kW generator with up to 10 outlets available.
  5. The Silverado has a 17″ infotainment display paired with a 14″ heads-up display, which is much larger than the Hummer’s.
  6. The Silverado EV has several charging options, unlike the Hummer EV which needs high-power charging stations.
  7. The Silverado comes with a 120 V option that is common in all homes.

Hummer EV vs. Silverado EV: Which One Is Best?

Both of these EV trucks are super-exciting vehicles, each with its own set of pros and cons. At least for now, if you want to own either one, you’re going to be in over a hundred grand. If that’s in your budget, you could be sporting a Hummer EV right away.

As far as the Silverado, you may have to get in line and wait until the Fall of 2023 in this price range. One thing’s for sure; if you’re a truck lover and want to go green for the environment, you should keep your eye on these two models, and all the other EV trucks that are already out or coming soon.

Silverado EV: Going Farther on a Full Charge Than Initially Reported

On May 19, 2023, Chevy announced that the EPA certified that their Silverado EV Work Truck (WT) can go 450 miles per full charge. This exceeds the company’s estimate of 400 miles per single charge. Chevy’s spokesperson addressed the discrepancy by saying that the EPA’s higher certified estimate is the result of “real-world testing and development over the past several months.”  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price difference between the Hummer EV and the Silverado EV?

With the available Silverado options now, unless you’re a fleet buyer, the RST is going to cost almost as much as the top-of-the-line Hummer, coming in at $107,000 after destination fees.

When will the less expensive Silverado EV models be available?

Current predictions by GMC are that the next models will be out by 2025.

Are the Hummer EV and the Silverado EV made in the same factory?

Yes. Both models are produced at the “Factory Zero” plant in Detroit, Michigan. The plant was renamed to focus on GM’s plans for zero emissions.

How big is the Hummer EV?

The Hummer EV is a monster! It has a length of 217″ and a width of 86.7 ” not including the mirrors. It weighs 4.5 tons, or 9000 pounds, which makes its 0-60 speed in WTF mode that much more impressive.

Is the Silverado EV a work truck or a family vehicle?

Both. GM is planning several models including its first release, the WT, which is a work truck fleet model. The RST is next on the list and doubles as a street and work truck.

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