How to Zoom Out on Apple Watch, in 5 Steps (With Photos)

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How to Zoom Out on Apple Watch, in 5 Steps (With Photos)

Did you know you can zoom in and out of your Apple Watch screen? Due to its small size, the Apple Watch has a helpful feature known as “zoom mode” that allows you to view information on your screen more closely.

In today’s guide, we’ll show you how to use the zoom feature on your Apple Watch, as well as some helpful tips and tricks to make the most of it. Whether you’re struggling to view small text or simply want to get a closer look at your watch face, you’ll know what to do by the end of this article.

Advantages of Using Zoom and Other Features on Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is packed with many great features that can enhance your life in numerous ways, and you may not be aware of all of them or how to use them effectively. For instance, the watch helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and track your heart rate. In addition to that, you can even use your Apple Watch for things like tracking sleep and working out.

However, the watch’s small screen can sometimes make you squint your eyes in frustration. This is where the Zoom feature can prove to be incredibly useful. With this handy feature, you can easily expand intricate details and view them clearly.

The zoom feature can also be helpful when using apps that require more precise navigation, allowing you to get a better view of buttons and other interface elements.

While the Zoom Feature on the Apple Watch is turned off by default, it is very straightforward to access. You can change the settings anytime on your watch by taking the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings 

Open the Settings App on your device.

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Accessing settings.


Step 2: Click on Accessibility 

Scroll down until you see the Accessibility option, and click on it. 

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Finding the Accessibility section.


Step 3: Zoom Feature 

Once you’re in the Accessibility menu, click on Zoom.

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Selecting Zoom.


Step 4: Enable Zoom

Tap the slider so it turns green, then look for a message that says, “Zoom Enabled.”

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Enabling Zoom.


Step 5: Zooming In and Out 

To adjust the zoom, scroll down to find the plus or minus sign to change your device’s maximum zoom level.

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Adjusting the zoom.


Once the Zoom feature is turned on, you can double-tap on the screen to zoom in and then turn the digital crown to change your view. Using two fingers, you can also drag the screen to where you want it to be. 

To turn off this feature, simply follow the instructions above, but make sure you toggle the Zoom switch until it turns gray.

Accessing the Zoom Feature on the iPhone

There is another way to change your zoom settings if the Apple Watch screen is too small to manage. Get your iPhone ready and take the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Apple Watch App

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap “My Watch” to view. 

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
The “My Watch” option is in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Step 2: Go to Accessibility on Your iPhone

Go to the page’s bottom and tap the Accessibility option, then look for Zoom. 

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Locating Zoom.


Step 3: Zoom Settings

Here, you can tell if the setting is currently on or off. If the switch is green, the zoom feature is turned on. Tap the switch to turn it grey (off).

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Turning the Zoom feature on/ off.


Step 4: Adjust the Maximum Zoom Level

You can also change the settings to get the zoomed-in view. All you have to do is use the sliding button to choose the option that best fits your needs.

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Using the slider.


Step 5: Zoom Notification 

A message telling you that you have turned Zoom off (or on) should show up on the screen of your watch.

How to zoom out on Apple Watch
Getting a confirmation message.


In the following brief video, AppleTricks demonstrates two different ways to zoom out from your Apple Watch.

What if Your Apple Watch Won’t Zoom?

The Apple Watch’s screen is quite large compared to many other popular smartwatches. But some people will still need to use the zoom feature to read what’s on their device. 

Most of the time, you can control the zoom mode with a simple double-tap with two fingers, but there are times when you might need to try out other methods. Using the digital crown button will save the day, too. But if this does not work, you should be able to control the zoom feature by using the Watch app on your connected iPhone. 

If none of these methods work, restarting or force-restarting your device might be the best way to fix the problem. Last but not least, if none of these methods work, you may need to send your watch to an authorized Apple service provider for more in-depth troubleshooting and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix automatic zoom-in on the watch screen?

Sometimes, your Apple Watch can do funky things with no explanation. Zooming in and out constantly with no input is actually a common problem. To remedy this issue, try these steps:

1. Take off any case you have used on your Apple Watch.

2. Take out the screen protector on your watch; it might turn on the zoom feature.

3. Restart your Apple Watch, and then see if the problem with your Zoom settings has been fixed.

4. Use your iPhone to turn off the Zoom feature on your watch and delete any accessibility shortcuts you may have set up.

Why is the screen on my Apple Watch so far zoomed-in that I can't zoom out?

You can start by opening the Settings app on your Apple Watch to solve this problem. After scrolling down, tap the Accessibility button. Click on the Zoom option. Finally, click on the green toggle to stop Zoom from working.

Why is the screen on my Apple Watch bigger than it should be?

If you have the Zoom accessibility feature turned on for your Apple Watch, you can start by double-tapping the screen with two fingers. This will make an image on display bigger and smaller. If you want to turn off Zoom, follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu on your iPhone’s Watch app.
  • Now, you can turn off Zoom.
  • Open up the tab for My Watch.
  • Go to General Settings. Here you will find the Accessibility option.
  • From here, you can turn the Zoom setting on or off.

How do I get rid of the zoom on my iPhone's screen?

You have to change the level of magnification and double-tap the screen with three fingers. Make sure you don’t lift your fingers between each click. Now drag your finger up or down. Or, triple-tap the screen with three fingers and then move the Zoom Level slider.

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