How to Watch TNT Without Cable in 2024

How to Watch TNT Without Cable

How to Watch TNT Without Cable in 2024

Everyone seems to be cutting the cord on cable TV. Higher prices and fewer offerings drive more consumers like me to popular streaming services with better pricing and choices. Can you watch TNT without cable? This favorite channel offers many original and syndicated shows, plus top sports games and events. Don’t be fooled into keeping your expensive cable subscription just to watch Law and Order on TNT. Learn how to watch TNT without cable today. 

Get TNT Without Cable on These Services

TV-MA vs. R
YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, DirecTV Stream, and Spectrum TV Choice all carry TNT.

Popular streaming services make it simple to cut the cord to cable. You can watch TNT without cable on the services below without subscribing to an expensive cable TV company. Review the table below for your best options and their prices. Notably, Fubo and Philo, two newer providers, do not currently offer TNT to their users.  

ServicePlans with TNTMonthly Price
YouTube TVBase Plan$72.99
Sling TVSling Blue; Sling Orange; Sling Orange + Blue$40; $40; $55
Hulu + Live TVBase Plan; Ad-Free Plan$76.99; $89.99
DirecTV StreamEntertainment Plan; Choice Plan; Ultimate Plan$79.99; $108.99; $119.99
Spectrum TV ChoiceBase Plan (only available if you have Spectrum Internet)$30.00

Watching TNT on Top Devices

Watching TNT on your favorite devices is fast and easy. Roku TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Android Smart TVs can all use your favorite streaming service’s app. If it isn’t preloaded, you can search for it in the app store, download it, log in with your streaming service account information, and enjoy your favorite shows on TNT. 

Use these simple steps below to watch the TNT channel on your streaming service.

Enjoy on Your Roku Device

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Select The Roku Channel. 
  3. Browse the available channels.
  4. Select TNT. 

Stream on the Internet

  1. Navigate to https://www.tntdrama.com/watchtnt in your Internet browser. 
  2. Log into your streaming service.
  3. Choose East or West programming.
  4. Begin watching Live TV. You can also choose movies or shows to stream on-demand. 

Watch on Your Smart TV

  1. Navigate to your TV’s streaming services screen. Your available subscriptions should display automatically. 
  2. Select one of the services above that carries TNT. If it does not display, use the Browse Subscriptions carousel to locate it. 
  3. Select the service you want to use.
  4. Navigate to the TNT channel.  

Watch the TNT App on Apple or Android Devices

Take the most popular TNT shows with you on the go with the TNT App. Download and install the app for iOS and Android, then log in with your streaming service or TV provider credentials. Your screen should automatically refresh and give you access to all your favorite movies, sports, and shows. 

What Can I Watch On TNT?

Popular shows on TNT
TNT offers a wide variety of sports, originals, movies, and popular series.

Turner Network Television (TNT) is a popular channel known for its dramas, original series, movies, and syndicated shows. It is a sister network to Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), a similar channel known for sports, network show reruns, and movies. Users can catch NBA games, NHL hockey matches, MLB baseball games, AEW wrestling, and major sports events like March Madness on TNT. 

All Elite AEW Wrestling

Catch all the action on the world-class All Elite Wrestling roster. Learn more about AEW’s rising stars and the ongoing feuds between favorite athletes. It is non-stop action from start to finish, and nothing is ever stale! 


The NBA on TNT is undoubtedly the most entertaining NBA coverage on TV. It covers all the action, all season long. Enjoy all the best games and rivalries with Emmy® award-winning commentary from Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’Neal.


This popular LA crime drama takes viewers inside the tough and heart-wrenching lives of the police, crime victims, and their families. It is billed as a real-life peek into what police life is like in a vital city like Los Angeles. 

Babylon 5

Catch all five seasons of this otherworldly drama as beings from different worlds interact at a peaceful space station. Bruce Boxleitner and Claudia Christian lead the team on Babylon 5; challenges are around every corner. 

Rich & Shameless 

This steamy anthology follows a new scandal every week as the rich and famous give up stories of fame, fortune, and all the turmoil they often bring. There are currently two seasons and 18 total episodes streaming on TNT. 

The Lazarus Project 

This fantasy thriller series from 2023 follows a man recruited for a secret organization, the Lazarus Project, who has discovered how to turn back time. As extinction threatens the world, they turn back the clock for a do-over. 

The Closer 

Female police officer Kyra Sedgwick and her assistant J.K. Simmons lead a team that investigates high-profile crimes. This seven-season series from 2005-2012 has an enormous following and all 115 episodes stream on TNT. 

RankingMost Popular Shows on TNT
#1All Elite AEW Wrestling
#2NBA on TNT
#4Babylon 5
#5Rich & Shameless
#6The Lazarus Project 
#7The Closer

The Cheapest Way to Watch TNT Without Cable in 2024

The cheapest streaming service where you can watch TNT without cable in 2024 is Spectrum TV Choice. However, it is only available if you have Spectrum Internet. Other users will easily see that Sling is the cheapest way for non-Spectrum Internet subscribers to watch TNT. Even with both Orange and Blue offerings, Sling only costs $55 a month. If you’re looking to cut cable in 2024 but still want to watch TNT and other favorite channels, Sling is the best choice for most consumers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a cable subscription to watch programming on TNT?

No. TNT is not exclusive to cable or satellite TV subscribers. You can watch TNT programming through one of several streaming television services such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Stream.

What kind of programming is on TNT?

TNT carries original programming, MLB, NHL, AEW wrestling, and NBA sports and events, movies, and many syndicated series.

What are the most-watched shows on TNT?

All Elite AEW Wrestling, NBA on TNT, Southland, Babylon 5, and Rich & Shameless are the most-watched programs on TNT.

What sports can I watch on TNT?

Users can catch NBA games, NHL hockey matches, MLB baseball games, AEW wrestling, and major sports events like March Madness on TNT. 

What is the least expensive way to watch TNT without cable?

Sling is the cheapest way for non-Spectrum Internet subscribers to watch TNT. Even with both Orange and Blue offerings, Sling only costs $55 a month.

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