How to Watch Telemundo Without Cable in 2024

How to Watch Telemundo Without Cable in 2024

How can you watch Telemundo without cable? If you’re a Spanish-language broadcast fan, finding the right streaming provider that carries your favorite programming can be a bit daunting. Telemundo as a network has been a favored destination for Spanish-speaking users in the United States for decades. However, figuring out where to watch can be a bit challenging when going through cord-cutting.

Today’s guide is going to give you the hook-up on finding the right broadcasts to fit your needs. Just because you’re going without a cable subscription doesn’t mean you must give up your favorite programming. If you’ve been on the hunt for a way to watch Telemundo without cable, you’re in the right place.

Can You Watch Telemundo Without Cable?

So, before diving in headlong, can you watch Telemundo without cable? The answer to that question is a resounding yes, thankfully. You’ve got quite a few options for watching your favorite Telemundo shows online, with a handful of services offering content on demand as well as live. It will depend more on what your aims are for watching Telemundo content when picking a streaming provider.

There are multiple services as you’ll see detailed throughout this guide that weigh in at different subscription rates. It can be quite affordable to watch Telemundo without cable, provided you’re not after live broadcasts of shows as they debut. If you’re willing to wait a little longer, like a day or so, then you can get quite a savings on your monthly subscription fees.

Services That Offer Telemundo Content

Who offers Telemundo content with a subscription? A quick survey of the streaming landscape points to 4 stand-out providers for watching your favorite Telemundo content. If you’re an ardent follower of our channel guides, this is likely going to be a fairly familiar showing. That said, I’ll discuss my top preference as we go over things.


Fubo brings a lot of the same programming you’d expect from a cable or satellite subscription. This is one of the pricier streaming plans you’ll find on the market. Still, the basic Pro plan at $79.99 a month gives you access to your favorite Telemundo broadcasts and a slew of other channels. While Fubo is one of the most expensive streaming plans you’ll find, it does come with some extras to sweeten the pot.

You’ve got access to 185 live channels, 1000 hours of DVR recording capacity, and the ability to watch on up to 10 screens at once. Most users aren’t likely to find a deal with the same level of features as you’d see on Fubo. This is especially true when you’re considering the price point everything runs at when looking at some of the other providers. Fubo is a great choice for sports fans, too.

Hulu + Live TV

telemundo without cable
Hulu + Live TV is one of the easiest ways to watch Telemundo.

You can find a smattering of Telemundo content on the base Hulu subscription, but to get full access you’ll want to opt for Hulu + Live TV. This bundle might seem like overkill for most users, but it does grant access to live Telemundo broadcasts as they’re happening. You also get access to quite a bit of additional programming when opting for the Live TV package.

Starting at $76.99 for both Hulu and the Live TV option, this is another of the more expensive options for watching Telemundo without cable. That said, you’re still netting quite a savings when looking at some of the more expensive cable subscriptions on the market these days. With Hulu + Live TV, you’re getting Telemundo without cable and also ditching the service fees, contracts, and potential rate hikes.


Peacock is the home of most broadcast material under the Telemundo banner. While you might not get the live broadcasts under the basic plan, it is still one of the most affordable ways of watching it. Peacock is the cheapest plan on this list, and one of the most effective, thanks to its overall layout. You can also factor in the sheer number of devices that run the Peacock app.

Peacock’s Premium plan starts at $5.99 a month and gives you access to most of Peacock’s catalog. The plan is ad-supported, but most of the plans featured so far are as well. You’ve also got access to live broadcasts from over 50 channels at any given time. In terms of overall value, this might be your best bet for watching Telemundo without cable.


Rounding out our selection of streaming services is another pricey selection. What DIRECTV Stream lacks in overall affordability it more than makes up for with the likes of variety. At almost $109 a month, you would certainly hope so, however. That said, the basic Entertainment package at $79.99 a month grants access to Telemundo broadcasts.

You can’t pick from a back catalog of materials like you’ll find on Peacock, which is a shame. However, DIRECTV Stream is tailored to be a straight cable subscription replacement for your TV or computer. The app isn’t my favorite when looking at the various streaming providers, but the level of content available is hard to top.

What Devices Are Best for Watching Telemundo Without Cable?

telemundo without cable
The Roku family of devices will ensure good compatibility with streaming services carrying Telemundo content.

When it comes to watching Telemundo without cable, you’ll want to forego the cable set-top box. You’ve got a few options when it comes to watching the various apps mentioned. However, for the sake of maintaining compatibility and ease of use, I’d readily recommend the Roku Express 4K+. Roku’s entry-level streaming device gives you access to 4K streaming and HDR compatibility.

With a base level price of $39.99, it’s a hard value to beat. You can of course find most of these apps for the Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV 4K. However, compatibility isn’t assured when looking at all the streaming devices on the market these days. You’ve got good odds when leaning on the Roku ecosystem of streaming devices, thankfully.

Closing Thoughts

So, can you watch Telemundo without cable? You’ve got quite a few options for watching your favorite Spanish-language content without cable. My top recommendation would be Peacock, which gives you access to a lot of the most popular shows on Telemundo for an affordable monthly price. The other options selected do have Telemundo on offer, but they are far more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need cable to watch Telemundo?

No, you can watch Telemundo content on a few different streaming providers.

What is the cheapest way to watch Telemundo content?

The basic Peacock plan is the most affordable way of watching Telemundo programming.

Does Hulu + Live TV have Telemundo as a live channel?

Yes, you can watch Telemundo live on Hulu + Live TV.

Is DIRECTV Stream a streaming subscription?

In a sense, yes. It still operates primarily like a cable subscription, however.

Does Peacock offer DVR features?

No, but you can select shows that have already aired at your leisure.

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