How To Watch TBS Without Cable in 2024

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How To Watch TBS Without Cable in 2024

With each new day, it seems more and more people are cutting the cord on their cable plans. Prices keep going up, while offerings continue to get slimmer. It’s a lose-lose scenario for the dwindling number of cable subscribers today. But is there even a way to watch TBS without cable? Your gut might be telling you to stick with cable so you can still access channels like TBS. However, the truth is that you can watch TBS with one of the many streaming television subscriptions on the market these days.

The Best Services to Watch TBS Without Cable

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YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and DirecTV Stream all carry TBS.

No cable? No problem. Thanks to these streaming television services, you can still watch TBS — even without a plan with one of the leading cable companies. Check out the table below to see your options, the eligible plans for each service, and the price per month you can expect to pay. You’ll notice that Philo and Fubo are absent. That’s because TBS isn’t offered by these two popular streaming television providers. You’ll have to stick with YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, or DirecTV Stream instead.

ServicePlans with TBSPrice Per Month
YouTube TVBase Plan$72.99
Sling TVSling Blue
Sling Orange
Sling Orange + Blue
Hulu + Live TVBase Plan
Ad-Free Plan
DirecTV StreamEntertainment Plan
Choice Plan
Ultimate Plan

Can I Watch TBS on Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku?

Thanks to these streaming television services listed in the table above, you can watch TBS on Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku devices. That said, the app probably won’t be pre-loaded onto your device. You will more than likely need to download it. All you have to do is head to your streaming media player’s app store, search for the streaming service by name, and hit download. Then, simply log into your account and start watching.

TBS also has an app of its own that you can use to watch on smartphones and tablets. However, you may be unable to access the app with a streaming television subscription. Some cable networks let you log into their apps with your Hulu + Live TV or DirecTV Stream subscription, but you may have less luck using your Sling TV or YouTube TV login. It’s best to stick with one of the services we named above.

TBS on Dish Network
TBS’s programming runs the gamut from original shows to syndicated broadcasts.

TBS is a unique station that’s home to both original programming and syndicated shows alike. Its most popular shows reflect this variety, with some coming from in-house and others thriving through syndication. “All Elite Wrestling” and its various spinoffs remain the most popular offering on TBS. Reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” and “Friends” are also incredibly popular on the station. “American Dad!” — a TBS original — pulls in a good amount of views, too.

Of course, this ranking makes no mention of the number of movies that play on TBS regularly. Across the board, these films see tremendous viewership. Recent examples include “Justice League” (2017), “Aquaman” (2018), “Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens” (2015), and “Godzilla vs. Kong” (2021). A subscription with one of the services above will give you access to all this TBS content.

Most Popular TBS Shows by Viewership
“All Elite Wrestling”
“The Big Bang Theory”
“American Dad!”

The Cheapest Way to Watch TBS Without Cable in 2024

Looking at the streaming options in the table above, it’s clear to see that Sling is the cheapest way to watch TBS without cable. Whether you’re signed up for Sling Blue, Sling Orange, or both Sling Blue + Orange, the $40 or $55 price tag is the best deal for TBS access. No other streaming television plan even comes close to this price. If you want to watch TBS but don’t want to sign up for cable, you can trust Sling to make it happen for the lowest price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TBS exclusive to cable and satellite subscribers?

No, TBS is not exclusive to those with cable or satellite plans. You can also watch TBS through one of several streaming television services such as Sling TV or DirecTV Stream.

What are TBS’s most popular shows?

While TBS’s programming slate has gone through several changes over the past couple of years, its most popular shows are still All Elite Wrestling, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and American Dad.

Why isn’t TBS on Philo or Fubo?

TBS isn’t included in the Philo or Fubo lineups because the streaming television providers do not seem to have made a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery for these former Turner-owned channels. (This includes not only TBS but also CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, and more.)

Does TBS still make original shows?

TBS has canceled a great number of its former hit series like Miracle Workers, Close Enough, and Conan. That said, it does still make new episodes of American Dad, Wipeout, and various live sports broadcasts.

What sports air on TBS?

TBS airs MLB games, NCAA men’s basketball, e-sports tournaments, the NBA All-Star Game, NHL games, and All Elite Wrestling events. It can also serve as an overflow outlet for TNT when certain important games run long.

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