How to Watch Roku Channel on a Vizio Smart TV


How to Watch Roku Channel on a Vizio Smart TV

Key Points

  • The Roku Channel is not available as a built-in app on Vizio Smart TVs, so alternative methods must be used to access it.
  • One way to watch the Roku Channel on Vizio Smart TVs is by using a media streamer like Google Chromecast or Amazon Firestick.
  • Another way to watch the Roku Channel on Vizio Smart TVs is by using the Roku Mobile app on Android or iOS devices.
  • The Roku Channel offers a mix of live TV, on-demand content, and original programming, with licensing arrangements with major studios and subscription-based content.

The Roku Channel hasn’t been around as long as other OTT services but it has gained plenty of attention in recent years. If you want to watch the Roku Channel on Vizio Smart TVs, we’ll tell you how to do that. There’s more than one way to watch Roku’s flagship channel, although it’s not quite as accessible as other streaming apps.

How to Watch the Roku Channel on a Vizio Smart TV

At this time, there are two easy ways to watch the Roku Channel on any Vizio smart TV. Unfortunately, using the Vizio’s built-in streaming apps isn’t an option. There is no Roku Channel app for Vizio TVs, so you’ll need to rely on other methods.

Do you have a media streamer connected to your TV? That’s the simplest way to watch Roku on Vizio TVs in most cases. That includes Google Chromecast and the Firestick from Amazon. If you have a Roku streaming stick or media player, you can also pull up the Roku Channel directly from the device.

For everyone who wants to watch the Roku Channel on Vizio Smart TVs without an additional component, you’ll need a mobile device that runs Android or iOS.

How to Watch the Roku Channel on a Vizio Smart TV with Mobile Devices

To watch the Roku Channel on Vizio TVs using a mobile device, you must have a stream-worthy connection. If you can watch services like Netflix, it won’t be a problem from any smartphone or slate as the channel is available through the official Roku Mobile app.

1. Download the Roku Channel App

If you’re on Android, head over to Google Play and pick up the Roku App. iOS users can find the application through the App Store.

Download the Roku App for Android or iOS.

2. Open the App

Tap on the app to open it, and then follow or skip the steps until you get to the sign-in screen.

Open the Roku app on your device.

3. Account Credentials

If you don’t already have a Roku account, you’ll need to create one now. While you can continue as a guest and browse their catalog, you won’t be able to watch anything until you make an account. Follow the steps, and confirm your email address to finalize the setup.

Create or sign in to your Roku account.

3. Access the Roku Channel

Once you’re fully signed in, make sure you’re on the main screen and scroll down until you find a section called the Roku Channel.

Scroll through the app until you see the Roku Channel.

4. Cast Your Content

Select something you want to watch, and then you’ll need to cast the screen to your Vizio Smart TV. If you’re on Android, you can do this through the Google Home app, while iOS users can rely on AirPlay to cast content. Once you’re synced to the TV, go to the Watch Now section and select Watch on Mobile to start the film or TV show.

Cast content from your mobile device.

Features on the Roku Channel on Vizio Smart TVs 

From the Roku Channel, you can access live TV and on-demand content. That includes a mix of classic and current films, along with a handful of Roku originals. Some of the more recognizable names in that lineup include Chrissy’s Court, The Now, Thanks a Million, and Kirby Jenner. They also put out a fantastic Weird Al biopic starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Roku has licensing arrangements with major studios like Lionsgate and Sony. You can find partner content spread across the Roku Channel, along with a list of recommended channels. While most films and shows on the Roku Channel are free, there is also content that requires a subscription.

The Paramount+ section is a good example of that, but Showtime, BET, and other networks also show up under the Roku Channel hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Roku channel available in other countries?

The Roku channel is accessible to viewers in the UK, Mexico, and the United States.

How old is the Roku channel?

Roku launched the over-the-top streaming service in 2017.

Is the Roku Channel free?

Yes, the Roku channel is completely free to access and watch, but some content requires a subscription.

Do all Roku players have the Roku Channel?

You can find the Roku Channel on any streaming device from the company.

Can you watch the Roku channel without an account?

Yes, but only from a PC, where many movies and TV shows are unlocked in guest mode. If you cast from a mobile app, you will need to make an account.

Why was I charged for the Roku channel?

The Roku channel is free, but add-on channels from premium networks can be charged to your account.

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