How to Watch Roku Channel on LG Smart TV

How to Watch Roku Channel on LG Smart TV with logos

How to Watch Roku Channel on LG Smart TV

Key Points

  • Roku is known for its streaming devices and operating system used in TCL and Hisense TVs.
  • The Roku Channel is not available on LG Smart TVs due to limited app availability on LG’s webOS.
  • To watch the Roku Channel on an LG Smart TV, you can use AirPlay to stream from an Apple device.
  • The Roku Channel is also available on Samsung Smart TVs and Amazon Fire TVs.
  • The Roku Channel offers free streaming with ads and includes older hit TV shows and movies.

Roku is known for its variety of streaming devices that let you access different services, such as Netflix and Hulu. The Roku operating system is also used in many TCL and Hisense TVs. However, non-Roku users may be surprised to find out that there is a Roku streaming service with some really good content. You can even watch the Roku Channel on your LG Smart TV.

Unfortunately, the Roku channel is only available on a few operating systems. If you’ve searched for the Roku Channel on an LG Smart TV, then you know the Roku Channel is missing. LG’s webOS has a notoriously limited number of apps, and the Roku Channel is one of many missing apps. Fortunately, you can still watch the Roku Channel by using the steps below.

How to Watch Roku Channel on LG Smart TV

There are a couple of options to watch the Roku Channel on your LG Smart TV. The first is the simplest, but it will only work for Apple iPhone or iPad users. It requires you to use AirPlay to stream the Roku Channel directly from your phone or tablet to the TV. Unfortunately, this will tie up the device while you watch, and not all TV shows and movies are available to watch on mobile devices.

Step 1: Download the Roku App

Roku app download page in the Apple App Store
To stream a Roku Channel show to your LG Smart TV, you must have the Roku app.

First, you must download the Roku app from the App Store on your Apple device. Be sure to download the official app and not one of the many Roku remote apps. The Roku app allows you to control Roku devices connected to your account, but it also provides access to the Roku Channel, even if you don’t own a Roku device. Alternatively, you can stream directly from the Roku Channel website.

Step 2: Find a Show

Viewing Kung Fu Panda in the Roku Channel app
You can watch select shows on your mobile device from the Roku app.

Once you have the Roku Channel app installed, go ahead and open it. Roku Channel content is mixed in with a variety of other TV shows and movies that may require subscriptions. Scroll down on the app’s homepage until you reach The Roku Channel banner, where you must tap the “Browse” button. Look through the shows until you find something to watch.

Step 3: AirPlay to Your TV

Streaming Kung Fu Panda on the Roku Channel app
Once a show starts playing on your phone, you can cast it on an LG Smart TV.

After you’ve picked out a show to watch, tap on it. Then, select “Watch Now on Mobile” next to the Roku Channel logo. Remember, this option is not available for all content. Once the show starts to play on your device, tap the cast icon and select your LG Smart TV from the list of available devices.

Watch Roku Channel on LG Smart TV With a Roku Device

If you can’t cast from an Apple device, a better option is to use a streaming device. Roku streaming devices have the Roku Channel already installed, but so do several others. Samsung Smart TVs and Amazon Fire TVs have access to the Roku Channel. If you don’t have a compatible TV, consider picking up a cheap Roku or Fire TV streaming device.

What to Watch on Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a free streaming service that is similar to Freevee, Tubi, and Crackle. It is supported by ads, and there is no paid option to remove ads. The content is not the best, but there are some older hit TV shows and movies. Plus, you will occasionally find newer content. If you watch from a Roku device, you can also access local news and sports, plus many other “live” channels.

Wrapping Up

LG has some incredible TVs, but they use one of the most disappointing operating systems for. Therefore, you should consider pairing your LG Smart TV with a better streaming device that has access to services like the Roku Channel and ESPN Plus. One of the few positives in LG’s webOS operating system is that you can cast to it with Apple AirPlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Roku Channel app available on LG Smart TVs?

No, the Roku Channel is not available on any LG Smart TVs. To watch the Roku Channel on an LG Smart TV, you must stream from an Apple device with AirPlay or connect a streaming device that has the Roku Channel.

Does Apple AirPlay work on LG Smart TVs?

Yes, most LG Smart TVs manufactured in 2018 or later work with Apple AirPlay. It does require webOS 4.0 or later and iOS 12.4 or later to work properly. Make sure both your TV and Apple device are up to date before using AirPlay.

Is there a fee to watch the Roku Channel?

No, the Roku Channel is free for anyone to watch, even if you don’t own a Roku streaming device. However, you do have the option to purchase other subscriptions, like Paramount Plus, from within the Roku Channel.

Does the Roku Channel have exclusive content?

Yes, the Roku Channel does have content that is not available on other streaming services. In addition to exclusive licenses for certain content, the streaming service also creates several of its own original shows.

Is the Roku Channel available on Amazon Fire TV streaming devices?

Yes, the Roku Channel is now available on Amazon Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Stick and TVs that run on the Fire TV operating system. To watch the Roku Channel on an Amazon Fire TV device, you will need to add the Roku Channel app.

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