How to Watch Reelz Without Cable in 2024

How to Watch Reelz Without Cable in 2024

Reelz may not be the most well-known pay channel, but they’ve been a staple in cable provider lineups for over a decade. Want to watch Reelz without cable? It’s possible, although not nearly as straightforward as viewing channels like MAX, Starz, or Showtime. We’ll walk you through the process in our guide, which covers the best ways to watch Reelz without cable, whether you use a streaming stick or smart TV.

How to Watch Reelz Without Cable

When you cut the cord, you’ll lose channels until you find an alternative. Services like YouTube TV and Sling are great ways to get your live TV fix and provide access to add-on premium networks as well. Unfortunately, Reelz isn’t one of them.

There’s good and bad news if you want to watch Reelz without cable. The good news is you don’t have to subscribe to a provider to catch up with content from the network. Reelz is available through a number of platforms, including select smart TVs. 

The bad news is that content varies, so you’ll still need a subscription for current episodes of shows like On Patrol: Live. That can change in an instant with streaming rights, but for now, here are the best ways to watch Reelz without cable. 

Free Streaming Channels

Reelz has free streaming channels on a variety of platforms.

With the rise of streaming, many networks have tried new approaches to bring their content to viewers. Streaming channels through other platforms is a popular option and a great way to watch Reelz without cable. 

The Reelz Famous & Infamous channel is available through Xumo Play, Plex, Tubi, and the Roku Channel. You can also access the channel through Samsung TV Plus. While there are ads and no real live content to speak of, the ads are limited. Reelz is free without cable through any of these platforms.

Free Streaming Services

If you own a smart TV or streaming device, you’ve probably encountered platforms like Tubi, Crackle, and Pluto. They are a fantastic way to watch free TV shows and movies from dozens of sources, including Reelz. 

If you own a Vizio smart TV, you can access content from the Reelz library through the company’s Watchfree+ system. It’s also available through Pluto TV or via the Reelz Famous & Infamous channel on Redbox. Are you partial to Amazon’s other streaming service? If so, you can check out films and shows through Freevee, their popular free streaming platform. 

All Reelz content viewed with these platforms will have ads, and you won’t find any live or new programming. It’s all completely free to access, however, unlike the next options on our list.

Premium Streaming

You can watch Reelz through the Reelz Now app on Roku.

If you have a Fire TV or Prime Video, you can also access Reelz Famous & Infamous. It’s the “Select” tier, which means you don’t have to deal with ads and get access to their on-demand library of content. It’s priced at $1.99 per month for Prime Members with an Amazon Prime membership. 

Fire TV owners can pick up the official app for free on their TV. This ad-free service is available through Roku with the Reelz Now app, along with the aforementioned streamers from Amazon. It’s the closest experience to watching Reelz with cable, although you still don’t get live content or new programming. 

Peacock is the cheapest way to catch up with On Patrol: Live, Autopsy, and other hits from the network. While wrestling is unavailable at this time, you can access everything else with a simple subscription to Peacock. Plans for Peacock start at only $5.99 per month. 

Philo is a bit more expensive at $25 a month but gives you access to Reelz and more than 70 other channels. The next step up if you want more channels is DirecTV Stream, a streaming service from the popular satellite provider. 

DirecTV Stream provides the Reelz channel across all four of their subscription plans. The Entertainment package is the cheapest option from the company, with 75 channels for $79.99. If you’re interested in a true premium plan, the Premier package is worth a look, although comparable to cable plans in terms of pricing. 

The Wrap-Up

Reelz may not have the largest selection of original content or any Hollywood blockbusters, but they are an interesting alternative if you like police shows, crime series, and celebrity gossip. The company doesn’t have a dedicated streaming service at this time, although that could change in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reelz Now free on Roku?

The app is free, but you’ll need to sign in with your cable provider to access content.

Does Reelz have original content?

Yes, Reelz produces a variety of original shows, including On Patrol: Live, Autopsy, and The Price of Fame.

Can you get Reelz on Peacock?

Reelz is currently available for free with a Peacock subscription.

Is there a Reelz streaming app?

Reelz has streaming apps on a variety of platforms, but you may need a subscription to access the channel on some services.

Is Reelz free with Amazon Prime?

No, although you can add the channel to your plan as a Prime member.

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