How To Watch MSNBC Without Cable in 2024

How To Watch MSNBC Without Cable

How To Watch MSNBC Without Cable in 2024

These days, more households are ditching their cable boxes and opting for modern streaming instead. People are relying on popular subscription services instead of a traditional cable package to keep up with their favorite programming. However, there are some options that aren’t negotiable; certain channels are like your entertainment bread and butter, helping you stay updated with current events. 

Since this is an election year, people are prioritizing their favorite news networks like MSNBC to stay in touch with major headlines. Thankfully, you can continue streaming MSNBC even if you cancel your cable package.

What Is MSNBC?

MSNBC was established in July 1996, based in New York City. It famously rivals Fox News, with mostly liberal and sometimes centrist political viewpoints guiding its programming. Closely behind MSNBC is fellow left-leaning news network CNN, however, MSNBC tends to be a bit closer towards the center of the dividing political lines.

Though most people know them for political commentary and live election updates, this leading feature was not the center of attention until about a decade into the network’s lifetime. Now, people rely on MSNBC for their political commentary and timely news reports.

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Wondering how to watch MSNBC but don’t have cable? You’ll need to sign up for one of the streaming services that offer it.

How Can You Get MSNBC?

Traditionally, you would find MSNBC on your TV Guide with a cable network package from a major provider, like their host, Comcast. However, these cable packages have gotten far too expensive for most people to keep up with.

Now, you can adapt to your modern budget by adapting to a “skinny bundle.” A skinny bundle is a package offered by a major provider that is largely watered down. It might only give you 100-200 of your most-watched networks, like MSNBC. But that may be all you need.

What Are The Best Streaming Services To Watch MSNBC Without Cable?

MSNBC is relatively accessible for many streaming services, making it possible for you to keep up with the news without spending more than your monthly budget. There are several different places that let you watch MSNBC without cable.


The popular cable network provider DIRECTV has their own streaming package that allows you to watch MSNBC without buying a bunch of extra channels. It is significantly more condensed than one of their traditional packages, offering only what you need for $100 per month. In 2024, DIRECTV is offering a special that takes $25 off your subscription service cost.

Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu+ Live TV is one of the most popular options for non-traditional cable streaming. Hulu already offered more on their regular streaming services, like TV shows that weren’t available anywhere else, so this upgrade makes sense for the brand.

A monthly Hulu+ Live TV subscription will set you back $76.99 a month. With this subscription, you’ll receive access to over 80 of the most popular channels, including MSNBC, with programming airing live as it would on a traditional cable box.

Sling TV

If you’re cutting down on cable costs to save money, Sling TV might be the option for you, as it is one of the cheapest available. Coming in at just $40 per month, Sling TV has a few different package tiers that will give you access to different programming. To access news networks like MSNBC, you’ll want to purchase a Blue Tier subscription. With this level, you can get 40 channels. Sling TV is also offering a special that cuts the cost of your first month by $20.


Fubo is a great way to get the entertainment you want without the commitment of a cable contract. There are four different tiers of membership, each varying in cost. You can stop the subscription whenever you want, allowing your budget to stay intact as the seasons change. Fubo is known for its sports offerings, but they have a lot of options for news, too. The good news is that you can access MSNBC’s live broadcasts at any tier level, so if you only want to pay the bare minimum, you can!

YouTube TV

YouTube Tv is one of the most popular cable alternatives on the market. It was among the first to pioneer the modern cable industry in the streaming era. Customers don’t just get news networks, either. YouTube TV provides over 85 channels to its patrons, keeping them constantly entertained with new, live programming as it airs. It is also widely accessible, with the YouTube TV app being available through most major app stores, like Apple’s App Store and Google Play.


You can watch MSNBC Live via their website or app. You need to log in through your TV provider to do so, but this gives you live access to MSNBC broadcasts wherever you are if you have a stable internet connection. Cable companies like Spectrum offer streaming bundles that are half the cost of traditional cable (called a “skinny bundle”), and you can select the channels you want to view, like MSNBC. 

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If you don’t have cable, you don’t have to miss out on MSNBC. Just make sure you get a quality streaming device and TV, and follow one of our tips for getting it.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Watch MSNBC Without Cable?

A Sling TV subscription is the cheapest way to watch MSNBC without cable. This subscription service is about half the cost of some of the ones on this list. With this option, you can watch MSNBC for just $40 a month. Otherwise, buying a skinny bundle from a major provider and logging into MSNBC Live is the cheapest option.

Can I Watch MSNBC on Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku?

Yes! All of these streaming apps are available on Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku. You can even get the MSNBC Live app through these outlets.

You can check out our reviews of devices like the Fire TV Stick or the Roku Express 4K if you want first-hand advice on which device might be best for you. Either way, you can’t enjoy MSNBC to the fullest without a decent TV. So, make sure to check out some of our TV comparisons to get up-to-date advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MSNBC available without cable?

Yes, you can watch MSNBC broadcasts without cable using subscription services like Sling TV, Hulu+ Live TV, or the MSNBC Live app.





Does MSNBC require a separate subscription?

No, you can watch MSNBC without a separate subscription if it is available through your current streaming service provider.

What news broadcasts are shown on MSNBC?

MSNBC features popular news shows like The Rachel Maddow Show and The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell. They also do live broadcasts during major elections.

What does the MS in MSNBC stand for?

The MS stands for Microsoft, and the NBC stands for National Broadcasting Company.

Does Microsoft still own MSNBC?

Although the company played a large part in the network in the beginning, they have since divested themselves between 2005 and 2012. Comcast bought out most of the company’s shares, a reported $300 million, equaling a 50 percent stake in the network.

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