How to Watch Max on Xbox

How to Watch Max on Xbox

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie just came to HBO, and there’s no better way to try and figure out how she and Margot Robbie didn’t receive Academy Award nominations than on the Max Channel on Xbox.

The premier streaming service comes with a lot more than just hit movies, however. It’s the perfect platform for anyone who likes high-quality shows or opts for the living room over the movie theater. Here’s how to access Max on your Xbox gaming console and start binging.

What Is Max?

The Max Channel — historically known as HBO Max — has a reputation for its quality. The streaming service dazzles watchers with premium original movies and shows, such as The Last of Us, Westworld, and Succession.

HBO fans enjoy other perks as well. The platform features a massive library of present and past titles, including content from Warner Bros, DC, Cartoon Network, and more. Those with a love of the Batman franchise immediately take to the Max Channel.

On top of all this, this streaming service offers one of the coolest benefits — new movie releases the same day they premiere in theatres. When a bag of popcorn costs 10 dollars, why go out when you can watch the latest films right from your couch?

Subscription PriceFeatures
Ad-Lite$9.99/mo or $99.99/yrStream on two devices at once, Full HD resolution
Ad-Free$15.99/mo or $149.99/yrStream on two devices at once, Full HD resolution, 30 downloads
Ultimate Ad-Free$20.00/mo or $199.99/yrStream on four devices at once, 4K UHD resolution, Dolby Atmos, 100 downloads

Last year, the streaming service changed its name, and some users have difficulty finding it. However, it’s as easy as ever to watch Max on the Xbox. Here’s how to get started.

How to Watch Max on Xbox

Watch peacock on Xbox
Press the Xbox button on your controller to go to the Home screen, then select the Xbox store logo.

To access your favorite premium movies and shows from your gaming console, you need to download the app and sign in to your subscription. Follow this step-by-step guide to begin:

  1. From the Home screen, navigate to the Xbox Store
  2. Within the store, find the Apps section and select it
  3. In the Apps section of the store, use the search function and type in ‘Max’
  4. When the app appears, select it and click download

The Max app should download to your apps. Having installed it, return to your Home screen to start watching.

  1. From the Home screen, navigate to your apps
  2. Find and open the Max app among the list (if you just downloaded it, you may find it at the end)
  3. Log in to your Max account (or sign up for a subscription here)
  4. Scroll through the titles to find your favorite show

I Can’t Find the App

Screenshot of Max app on iPhone.
Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service Max is the successor to HBO Max.

In May 2023, WarnerMedia changed the name of its streaming service from HBO Max to simply Max. While it was a small update, it caused issues using and downloading the app. Most of the confusion has been fixed since then, but if you’re having trouble finding Max, here’s some troubleshooting advice.

You previously used HBO Max on your Xbox: These two apps aren’t separate entities. If you used HBO Max before the change, it’s likely still on your Xbox. Simply navigate to the app, open it, and follow the prompts to update it. You’re free to log in to your Max account and use the service as you did before.

You’ve never used HBO Max on your Xbox: Especially in the first couple of months following the change, users mentioned difficulty finding it in the store. If you’re new to the streaming service and can’t find it to download, you may need to go deeper. In the Microsoft Store, specifically, go to the Apps section, then make your search inquiry. Most users confirmed they were able to find it here.

Best Shows to Watch on Max

The Last of Us was the most anticipated series on Max last year, and it earned that title. Alongside it, users can watch an incredible lineup of titles, including:

  • Barbie
  • Avatar: The Way of Water
  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed
  • The Other Two
  • Our Flag Means Death
  • Warrior
  • On the Roam
  • Live Sports (with add-on)
  • Live News (with add-on)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you watch Max on Xbox?

To watch Max on your Xbox, download the app from the Microsoft Store, sign in to your Max subscription, and search for your favorite show.

Why can’t I watch HBO Max on my Xbox?

In May 2023, WarnerMedia changed HBO Max to Max, which introduced more shows and an updated interface. Therefore, you can watch all of your preferred movies and series from the Max app.

What devices can I watch Max on?

You can use the Max app on every major phone and tablet device, PC, Mac, Chromebook, all premium smart TVs, and Xbox consoles.

What can I watch on Max?

In addition to shows like The Last of Us, Westworld, and Our Flag Means Death, you can also watch movies like Barbie and Avatar: The Way of Water.

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