How to Watch Max on Vizio Smart TV

How to Watch Max on Vizio Smart TV

Key Points

  • HBO Max, or Max, is a popular streaming service available on Vizio smart TVs.
  • There are three ways to watch Max on Vizio smart TVs: using the official app, streaming from a mobile device, or accessing it through other devices like Blu-Ray players or media streamers.
  • To watch Max on Vizio with the app, users need to launch SmartCast, go to the Apps & Inputs section, and sign in with their HBO or Max account credentials.
  • Users can also watch Max on Vizio smart TVs using mobile devices with Google Cast or AirPlay by installing the Max app and selecting their TV from the list of devices.
  • The Max app on Vizio smart TVs offers access to various networks and allows users to customize their experience with features like multiple profiles and subtitle settings.

HBO Max, or Max as it’s commonly called, has quickly become a popular destination for cable cutters and streamers. It’s available across multiple platforms, including smart TVs. You can watch Max on a Vizio smart TV through the official app, but that’s not the only option. If you’re a new Vizio TV owner or have just started a Max subscription, we’ll tell you the best ways to consume the channel on the big screen.

How to Watch Max on Vizio Smart TV

There are three ways you can watch Max on Vizio smart TVs. You can use the official app built-in to the operating system on your TV set, stream from a mobile device, or access Max through a variety of components.

Do you have a Blu-Ray player connected to your TV? If so, there’s a good chance it supports streaming apps, including Max. That’s an easy way to access the channel, along with devices like the Roku or Apple TV. All of the top media streamers have the Max app. If you want to watch Max on Vizio smart TVs using any of these devices, you simply need to log in with your credentials.

The easiest way to stream Max on Vizio is using the TV’s remote, however. While it may not have a dedicated “Max” button yet, you can find the Max app along with dozens of other streaming services on Vizio TVs.

How to Watch Max on Vizio with the App

There are hundreds of Vizio TV models on the market, and all of the company’s smart TVs have built-in streaming apps. That includes Max, along with dozens of other popular options.

1. Launch SmartCast

Turn on your TV, take your Vizio remote, and press the V icon, as shown in the photo below. It can look slightly different on some remotes, but every Vizio smart TV remote will have a “Vizio” button.

Access SmartCast with the Vizio button on your remote.

2. Apps & Inputs

When Vizio’s UI loads, use the down button on the remote to go to the row that says Apps & Inputs. Scroll through the list until you see Max, and click on it to proceed.

Locate the Max app in your app list.

3. Sign In

From this screen, you’ll need to sign in to your HBO or Max account using your credentials. How you sign in depends on how you signed up. In this case, we’re using our cable provider, but most methods have an option with a QR Code.

Connect to your Max account to begin steaming.

If you don’t see the HBO app listed in the Vizio app row, you can search for it through the menu. Navigate to the Apps tab on the left side of the screen using your Vizio remote. Choose apps, and then use App Search or scroll through the apps until you find Max. Once located, you can add it to your Home Screen apps with a few simple clicks.

You can search for Max and other apps through Vizio’s UI.

How to Watch Max on Vizio with Mobile Devices

In order to watch Max on Vizio smart TVs with Google Cast or AirPlay, make sure you have the app installed on your device, then follow these steps.

From any Android smartphone or tablet, open the Max app and make sure you’re logged in. At the top right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a cast button next to your profile photo. Tap on the icon, and then choose your TV from the list of devices that appear on the screen.

If you’re using a device running Apple’s operating system, the process is largely the same, but you can choose between AirPlay and Google Cast.

You can use Google Cast or AirPlay from a mobile device with Max.

Features with MAX on Vizio Smart TVs 

You can access all of the same content on the Max TV app through Vizio as you can with their official app. That means you can dig into each of the network’s hubs to find the content you want to consume. There are specific areas for HBO, Max Originals, CNN Max, DC, TCM, Discovery, Cartoon Network, OWN, Studio Ghibli, and more.

Each section allows you to find content related to those networks, or you can use the search function to hone in on anything you’d like. The app is easy to navigate, whether you’re looking to add favorites or check out the Top 10 titles on the service. The Max app also allows users to customize their experience to a degree.

From the app, you can set up multiple profiles or adjust the autoplay settings. You can also alter the subtitle font, color, size, style, and opacity. While you can check out information on your subscription to MAX from within the app, you can’t make any account changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is HBO Max a month?

Max is currently $9.99 for the ad-supported version or $15.99 for the ad-free tier.

How many profiles can you have with Max on Vizio TVs?

Max subscribers can have up to five profiles per account.

Why can’t I watch Max on my Vizio Smart TV?

If the app lags or won’t start, check your internet connection. You can also reboot the TV through the settings menu to fix many app issues.

Do all Vizio Smart TVs have the Max streaming app?

Yes, if the app isn’t showing up in the list of options, make sure the TV’s operating system is up to date.

Can you watch Max on a Vizio TV and other devices at the same time?

Yes, Max allows users to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

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