How to Watch the History Channel Without Cable in 2024

How to Watch the History Channel Without Cable in 2024

The name would suggest that the History Channel’s lineup is focused on historical shows and documentaries. However, these days, the channel seems to have shifted more towards reality TV and easy watching. Either way, there are a variety of options to access the History Channel, all without using a cable TV service. Check out how to watch the History Channel without cable with these service providers.

How to Watch the History Channel Without Cable

Although you can watch the History Channel through Dish’s or DirecTV’s satellite services, for most intents and purposes there isn’t too much difference between cable and satellite (and most cable services use satellites to some extent.) If you’re trying to avoid the substantial cost of these TV packages, there are a variety of streaming options available to you instead.

6 Best Services to Watch the History Channel Without Cable

Below are our most recommended services for watching the History Channel without cable, ordered by cost.


DirecTV stream
DirecTV STREAM is a fairly expensive choice but gives you comprehensive coverage.

It’s safe to say DirecTV’s STREAM service will set you back a bit, but as the streaming version of their satellite TV service, it’s a very suitable replacement for traditional TV. The channel lineup is comprehensive, and you can pay an extra fee to get a TV box if you want the “cable” experience. You can also stream from up to 20 different devices at home, or from up to three if you’re out and about (using the app.) Unlimited DVR is included too, so you won’t be stuck missing your favorite shows.


Hulu to watch History Channel
Hulu + Live TV offers the History Channel, as well as their huge movie library.

While Hulu + Live TV isn’t the most affordable option, you do get access to not only the History Channel but Hulu’s entire library of hit shows and movies, plus more than 70 local channels to peruse through. If you want access to a bunch of your favorite premium channels, the Hulu package is a convenient way to get all of this in one place, without having to add on extra services.


Vidgo isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it does come with a huge number of channels (95, to be exact.) ESPN, Hallmark, Lifetime, Comedy Central, the NFL Network, and the Disney channel are all included, but unfortunately, DVR storage and on-demand shows aren’t available. However, if you want as much coverage as possible, then Vidgo is a good choice.


Sling TV watch history channel without cable
Both Sling Orange and Sling Blue have the History Channel.

As one of the first TV streaming services, Sling was designed to replace cable. As such, it offers a lot of familiar channels. With Sling, there are a few packages to choose from: Sling Orange, Blue, or both combined. Many of the channels overlap, but there are some differences. While Orange grants access to ESPN’s channels and the Disney channel, Blue gets you Fox Sports, Bravo, and the NFL Network. The other major difference is that Sling Blue allows three simultaneous streams, whereas Orange only allows one. You can also combine both packages to get the best of both worlds. If you’re just after the History Channel, though, then either package will suffice.


Philo TV for watching history channel without cable
Philo is more affordable than Hulu, Sling, and DirecTV


A more affordable choice is Philo. This service doesn’t give you quite as much coverage as Hulu. However, the lineup includes AMC, the Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, and TLC, as well as over 50 other channels. In addition, you get unlimited DVR storage with Philo and can stream from several devices at under $30 a month. One of the main drawbacks is that Philo doesn’t give you access to any sports channels. But as far as entertainment goes, it’s an attractive service.


Undoubtedly the best budget-friendly option, Frndly TV is a stripped-down service with no frills or fuss. With the Basic package coming in at just $6.99/month, the Frndly lineup is simple but includes the History Channel and Lifetime (and the Lifetime Movie Network.) If these channels are your priority, it’s hard to go wrong with Frndly. Alternative choices are the Classic and Premium packages, which are priced at just $7.99/month and $9.99/month respectively. Both give you access to HD content, simultaneous streaming, and DVR storage that the Basic plan doesn’t. However, Classic gives you two devices and 3 months of storage, whereas Premium gives you four devices and 6 months of storage.

What Channels Show the History Channel?

Of course, if you don’t have cable, then the channel number of the History Channel might not be important to you. However, if you have a satellite TV service like Dish or DirecTV, then you may still be interested to know where to tune in. The numbers you need are:

  • Number 120 on Dish,
  • Number 269 on DirecTV.
ABC on DISH Network
You can also watch the History Channel with a Dish or DirecTV satellite service.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Watch the History Channel?

For clarity’s sake, we’ve organized the list of services above by their subscription costs. So, if you want the cheapest option possible, then Frndly is the way to go. However, Philo is available for $25.99/month, which isn’t a huge jump up. If the cost is your biggest priority, then steer clear of DirecTV STREAM and Hulu. These will both set you back almost $100 a month for the service.

Can you Get a Free Trial for the History Channel?

Fortunately, a lot of these services do offer you a “try before you buy” option. DirecTV STREAM offers a five-day trial, and Philo, Frndly, and Sling offer 7 days (although Sling’s offer isn’t always available). In addition, you can often get a discount on your first month with many of these services. We’ve summarized the details in the table below. You can click the links to view the free trials and discounts as well.

ServiceFree Trial?Discounts
DirecTV STREAM5 days25% off first two months of Choice and Premier packages
Hulu + Live TVNoneNone
VidgoNone70% off your first month with Vidgo Plus, 71% with Premium, and 80% with Ultimate
Sling7 days50% off your first month
Philo7 daysNone
Frndly7 daysNone

Is the History Channel Available on Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Xbox?

Unfortunately, the app is no longer available on Xbox. But, you can watch the History Channel through all of these methods, via the History app:

  • Navigate towards the apps section of your Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku TV/device,
  • Search for “HISTORY” and download,
  • Login with your details, and start streaming.

Alternatively, you can cast the HISTORY app from a mobile device or computer to your TV screen:

  • Make sure your devices are on the same Wi-Fi,
  • Enable casting/AirPlay in your TV’s settings,
  • Choose a show to watch on your mobile device. Then, hit the AirPlay/cast icon, or swipe up and choose “Smart View” (this may also be called QuickShare, SmartShare, or something similar.)

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