How to Watch Apple TV on Android in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Watch Apple TV on Android in 3 Easy Steps

Apple TV has made quite a splash since its debut. While it’s available to stream across a wide variety of devices, the Android platform can prove challenging. If you want to watch Apple TV on Android, there are several ways you can go about things. You might be surprised by how restrictive some methods are, however, once you venture outside Apple’s ecosystem.

Where Can I Watch Apple TV?

Apple TV was a little late to the streaming party. Initially, it was only available for Apple-branded devices and the web, but more platforms rolled out soon after. That means you can watch Apple’s service through smart TVs and streaming boxes, along with consoles and mobile devices.

If you own a Samsung or Vizio TV, you can watch Apple TV through the company’s TV app. It’s also available on TVs from Sony, LG, Roku, and Amazon — even those that run an Android-based OS. You can download the app on consoles from Sony and Microsoft, although you won’t find it on the Nintendo Switch.

Streaming sticks and set-top boxes from Roku, Amazon, and other manufacturers provide access to the Apple TV app. There is an Apple TV app available from Google Play, but functionality is incredibly limited. It’s not available for your average device, and it’s also not been very well-received as you can see by the ratings.

Watch Apple TV Android
There is an Apple TV app available in the Google Play store.

If you want to watch Apple TV on an Android smartphone, you’re out of luck with the app. The only way to do this is by following these steps. You’ll also need an active account with Apple along with a subscription to Apple TV. If you need to create an account with Apple, skip ahead to the end of our guide.

How to Watch Apple TV on Android Phones and Tablets

To watch Apple TV on an Android smartphone or slate, you’ll need to use a web browser. While not ideal, it works, and there are a few ways you can get that content to the big screen as well.

1. The Apple TV Website

Open a web browser, make sure you have a steady connection, and go to the official site of Apple TV.

Watch Apple TV Android
To watch Apple TV on Android, you will need to start by going to the official website.

2. Sign In

Click on the Sign In prompt on the right side of the screen. Enter your Apple ID and password into the corresponding fields to proceed and enter your 2FA code on the next screen. If you plan to use Apple TV on this device frequently, you can set it to “trust” the browser from here.

Watch Apple TV Android
Use your Apple ID to sign in to Apple TV.

3. Begin Watching Apple TV

Now that you have full access to the service, choose a title and click play to begin watching it on your Android smartphone or tablet. The 3-dot menu provides a few options related to your watch list, and you can tap to bring up a few more options during playback.

Watch Apple TV Android
Once you are logged in, select a title to watch, then click “Play.”

You can control the volume, turn on subtitles or enter full-screen mode, but there’s no cast option. If you want to send that content to a larger screen, we have you covered.

How to Cast Apple TV

The process for this will vary depending on your phone’s built-in features. We’re using a Samsung Galaxy Ultra, which makes this simple, but most phones have a casting function.

With Samsung phones, once you have content playing through Apple TV pause it. Pull down the notification bar and tap on Smart View. If you have a TV or external display synced to the same network, you can link to it from here.

Watch Apple TV Android
Pause the content playing through Apple TV, then pull down the notification bar on your phone to access Smart View.

You can read more about that process in our guide on connecting Samsung phones to TVs, which has some other useful streaming tips.

Check out this informative video that unveils the steps to seamlessly stream your favorite Apple TV shows and movies on your Android phone or tablet. Say goodbye to platform restrictions and hello to entertainment on your terms!

How to Create an Apple ID

We’ll keep this short and sweet like the process of creating an Apple account itself. You can download iTunes from the Windows App Store or use the company’s official site for Apple IDs. We prefer this method unless you plan to import music for use through iTunes.

Go to Apple ID and click on Create Your Apple ID at the top right of the screen. Enter your real name, country, and birthday before picking out a strong password. Choose whether you want to receive emails from Apple and then proceed through the prompts to finalize the creation of your account.  

The Wrap-Up

Apple TV may provide its users with a wealth of entertainment value, although they don’t make its service easy to use on Android phones or tablets. Watching content through a web browser is far from ideal, but it’s the best solution at the moment until Google and Apple decide to get along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch Apple TV offline?

Yes, Apple allows users to download their original and watch them offline without being connected to the internet.

Is Netflix available through Apple TV?

Netflix and other streaming services are available through Apple TV.

Is Apple TV worth it?

It depends on what type of content you enjoy. While they don’t have a large library of third-party content, they have top-tier original programming at an affordable price.

Can I watch movies purchased on Apple with Apple TV?

Yes, any content tied to your Apple account will show up in your Apple TV library.

How do I get Apple TV for free?

The best way is by purchasing an Apple TV 4K, although carriers often provide discounts through promotions.

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