How to Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon in 6 Steps, With Photos

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How to Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon in 6 Steps, With Photos

So someone has just given you a Visa Gift Card and maybe you are unsure what to do with it. Some retailers make it impossible to use them. And maybe the stores in your area who accept them don’t carry what you want. If only Amazon accepted them. Amazon has everything. And they make returns so easy. Well, you are in luck. The world’s most ubiquitous online retailer does indeed accept Visa Gift Cards. If you are still unclear about how to turn your cousin’s thoughtful gesture into Prime shopping, read on. We’ll walk you through how to use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon in just 6 easy steps. 

Step 1: Add a New Payment Method

In the top right-hand corner hover over “Hello (Your Name) Account & Lists” until a drop-down menu appears. Click on “Account.”

Visa gift card on Amazon, home
Choose “Account” right under the “Your Account” heading.

Step 2: Your Payments

Once on the Account screen, select and click the tab labeled “Your Payments.” This will take you to the “Wallet” screen.

"Your Payments" is located on the right of the second row from the top.
“Your Payments” is located on the right of the second row from the top.

Step 3: Add a Payment Method

The Wallet screen will include an option called “Add a Payment Method.” Select this.

Choose "Add a payment method" under the "Cards & accounts" heading on the left.
Choose “Add a payment method” under the “Cards & accounts” heading on the left.

Step 4: Add Credit or Debit Card

Select the option to “Add Credit or Debit Card.” Now, you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, I thought this was a gift card.” Don’t forget that it is also a Visa. While it is loaded with a pre-set amount, like a gift card, you can use it at a number of retailers because it essentially functions like a Visa credit or debit card. Therefore, you need to add your gift card to your Amazon payment methods as though it were a Visa debit or credit card.

Click on the "Add a credit or debit card" button under "Credit or debit cards".

Click on the “Add a credit or debit card” button under “Credit or debit cards”.

Step 5: Add Card Information

Once you see the screen to add the info, the rest is fairly self-explanatory. You add the card number just as you would with any other credit or debit card, as well as the expiration date. You will also be asked to enter the “Name on Card.” While that may be confusing at first, note that when you receive a Visa gift card, you have to sign it in order to activate it. So, while your name isn’t embossed the way it would be with a debit or credit card, technically, your name is on the gift card.

Add card information.
Add your gift card information here. The name on the card is the name you provided when you activated the Gift card.

Step 6: Billing Address

Finally, Amazon will ask for a “Billing Address” and while you won’t receive a bill for your gift card, you can just put your own mailing address in order to kind of sidestep this part of the process.

Type in billing address.
Type in your current mailing address here.

And that’s it. Now you can spend your Visa gift card on Amazon.

Here is a brief, step-by-step video for further reference:

Using Visa Gift Card on Amazon vs. Credit Card

This entire process might be slightly confusing if you see your Visa Gift Card as more gift card, less Visa. Strictly speaking, there is nowhere to add gift cards to your Amazon payment options unless it is an Amazon Gift Card. But with a little know-how, you can use the Visa Gift Card on Amazon by treating it like a Visa. You basically have to trick the system into thinking that you are using a debit or credit card, not a gift card. That, in and of itself, can lead to a few complications.

Gift Card Restrictions

There are a few restrictions when using a Visa Gift Card on Amazon. Since it is neither an actual Visa nor an Amazon gift card, it cannot be used exactly like either of those payment methods, or rather it can be used like any payment method, but with a few caveats.

Gift Card Balance

While Amazon allows you to use Visa Gift Cards as a payment, they do not allow them to be combined with credit or debit cards on a single transaction. That means you’ll have to keep an eye on your balance and make sure that purchases you make with your gift card stay within that limit. This includes factoring in taxes and shipment (if you aren’t a Prime member or your items don’t qualify for free shipping). If you go over your gift card’s balance at any point, Amazon will decline the payment. Amazon will then ask for an alternative payment source. A major downside to this is that you will need to get your purchase total as close to your balance as possible.

CVV numbers

Depending on the type of Visa Gift Card you receive, you may be required to enter your CVV code for security purposes when making online purchases. If this is the case, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use this card on Amazon. The functionality of Amazon doesn’t include a place to enter this three-digit security code.

Activating Your Visa Gift Card

Before you use your prepaid Visa Gift Card on Amazon, or anywhere else for that matter, you need to activate it. Activation is typically a two-step process. First, the vendor who sells that card must activate it upon purchase. Second, the cardholder must activate the card before making a purchase with it. Sometimes the cardholder must set up a four-digit PIN upon activation. Although this is not always the case. Almost always, the cardholder must sign the back of the card to make it valid. 

When a card is purchased, it will include a toll-free telephone number, a website, or both. Sometimes the number and site are printed right on the back of the card, other times they are included in the gift card’s packaging. Either way, locate them and call the number or go to the website. Once there, the automated phone system or the website will walk you through the process of activation. 

Using a Visa Gift Card on Amazon: Conclusion

Amazon makes shopping easy, especially if you already have an account set up. It also makes using Visa Gift Cards easy if you know what you’re doing. Now instead of wondering who will actually accept the Visa Gift Card, you can save yourself embarrassment at the register. Instead, you can put your Visa Gift Card balance towards something on your wish list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a Visa Gift Card to purchase anything on Amazon?

You can purchase anything that you could purchase with a Visa debit or credit card using a Visa gift card provided that the card is activated and meets all requirements. 

Can I split a payment between two Visa Gift Cards?

Unfortunately not. All purchases made with a Visa Gift Card must be made using one method of payment. Amazon does not allow multiple cards to be used in a single order. The same goes for splitting the payment between your gift card and your debit card. So, make sure that you have enough on your Visa Gift Card balance to cover the entire cost of your purchase, including any fees, taxes, and shipping.

Where can I enter my three-digit CVV code?

Amazon does not support entering CVV codes. If your Visa Gift Card’s host bank requires you to enter a security code for any online purchases, unfortunately, you cannot use your Visa Gift Card to make purchases on Amazon.

Can I activate my Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

Visa Gift Cards come from a third party and are not officially affiliated with Amazon. There is a host bank that backs the card. Amazon is merely the vendor. All Visa Gift Cards must be activated through the host bank prior to use on Amazon. When you receive your gift card, it should include instructions on activation. Typically, a phone number, website, or both are provided that can assist you with activation.

How do I check the balance on my Visa Gift Card?

Much like activation, the host bank will provide a phone number, website, or both where you can check your balance. Make sure you know your balance before making a purchase on Amazon. Payments cannot be split between cards and if your Visa Gift Card doesn’t have enough to cover the full amount of the purchase (including tax and shipping) your payment will be declined and your purchase will not be processed.

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