How to Use Samsung Pay in 9 Easy Steps, With Photos

Samsung Pay

How to Use Samsung Pay in 9 Easy Steps, With Photos

Samsung Pay is one of the major mobile wallets in use today. Now part of Samsung Wallet, the service allows you to store credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and even gift cards on your Galaxy devices. You can use them for in-store, online, and in-app purchases. Like most things Samsung, this service is easy to use. Setting up a mobile wallet is pretty simple. But if it’s your first time, you might wonder how to use Samsung Pay. Follow the steps below to set up your app and use it for all kinds of purchases.

How to Set Up Samsung Pay?

Before you can start using Samsung Pay, you will need to link at least one credit or debit card to your account. The app doesn’t sync data across all devices. If you’re using multiple devices, like a phone, tablet, or watch, you’ll have to configure Samsung Pay on each device. Follow the steps below to set up the service on a Galaxy phone or other devices.

Step 1: Log into Samsung Pay

From the main screen, scroll up to open the Apps screen and swipe to find Samsung Wallet. Tap on the icon, then on the Continue button.

Samsung Wallet app
Open Samsung Wallet and sign into your account.

Log into your Samsung account with your email and password. If you have already configured Samsung Pass on your device and saved biometric data, you can use your fingerprint or eye scanner to complete this step.

Once logged in, Samsung Wallet informs you which permissions it uses. Tap on Continue to allow access to the required apps.

Samsung Pay app access
Grant permission to require apps.

Step 2: Input Your Preferred Verification Method

In the next screen, Samsung requires you to set a verification method. This method will be used to verify your identity each time you (or someone else) try to use the Samsung Wallet app. You can use biometric data saved on your device or choose a PIN.

Samsung Pay user verification
You can set up a fingerprint or wallet PIN for verification.

Step 3: Set a PIN

Selecting a biometric ID allows you to log into Samsung Wallet with a fingerprint. However, the app still prompts you to set a 4-digit PIN. Choose something that you’ll remember and continue.

Step 4: Add Samsung Wallet to Quick Access

Quick Access on Galaxy devices allows you to control the phone’s most basic features. You can use it to turn on and off the Wi-Fi or the Airplane Mode or to access apps and features at a tap. If you want to add Samsung Wallet to Quick Access, tap the Add button. Otherwise, tap on Menu at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung Pay quick access
You can add Samsung Wallet via Quick Access.

Samsung Wallet quick access doesn’t appear as a button in the main Quick Access list. Instead, the app adds a handle at the bottom of the main screen that you can swipe up to open the wallet.

Step 5: Add a Payment Card

Samsung Pay is a function of Samsung Wallet that allows you to make payments. To do that, you’ll have to add at least one payment card. To add the card, tap on Payment cards. You can add a card manually or import it from your issuer through a bank app.

Image 5

Samsung pay payment card
Navigate to cards on the app.

If you don’t want to connect to your Mobile Banking app, tap on Add payment card. The wallet will ask you to allow it to take pictures and record videos. If you allow the app to use the Camera, you can simply scan the card. Otherwise, you can add its details manually.

Samsung pay scan card
You can use your Samsung’s camera to scan your card.

Step 6: Verify your Card

After scanning or adding your card manually, accept your bank’s terms and continue. Choose how to verify your card. These methods can vary based on your card issuer but typically include verification via SMS or Mobile Banking app. Choose your preferred method to verify the card details.

Samsung pay verify your card
You can use your banking app or receive an SMS to verify the card.

How To Use Samsung Pay for In-Store Purchases?

For in-store purchases, you can use any NFC-enabled device. These include your handset, Galaxy Watch, or a tablet with NFC capabilities, as long as Samsung Wallet is configured on that device.

Step 7: Enable NFC

Configuring Samsung Wallet – or any other mobile wallet – doesn’t turn on NFC automatically. You can do so from the device’s settings or from the Quick Access menu, depending on your device.

To enable it from Quick Access, swipe down on your phone’s main screen to open the app screen. Swipe to find the option and tap on it.

Samsung pay enable NFC
Tap NFC on your device’s control panel.

If, instead, you have to enable it from the settings, swipe up on your phone’s main screen to open the Apps screen. Go to Settings, tap on Connectivity, and scroll to find NFC and contactless payments. Swipe the slider next to the option to enable or disable it.

NFC 7 contactless payments
Scroll down and Toggle NFC and contactless payments.

Step 8: Open Samsung Pay

If you enabled Quick Access, you can see the Samsung Wallet handle at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up to open the wallet. Confirm your identity by scanning your fingerprint or inserting your PIN.

Step 9: Make the Payment

If you only saved one card, Samsung Wallet will use it by default as you open the app. Otherwise, swipe to select the card that you want to use. Confirm the card by inserting the PIN or using your fingerprint, then place the back of your phone against the NFC reader to pay.

Samsung Pay make payment
Make a payment.

How to Use Samsung Pay for Online Purchases?

You can use Samsung Pay for online purchases on all websites that accept this payment method.

Step 1: Check if Samsung Pay is Accepted

On the retailer’s website, go to the payments section and check which payment methods it accepts. Samsung Pay only works where it’s listed as an approved method. If the method is accepted, you’ll see the Samsung Pay logo in the list. If the retailer doesn’t accept this payment method, you might be able to use other mobile wallets, such as Google Pay.

List of payment methods
Some retailers offer Samsung Pay and other payment methods to customers.

Step 2: Select Samsung Pay at Checkout

If Samsung Pay is accepted, simply select this payment method from the list at checkout. Depending on the website, you might be required to agree to terms and conditions. Tap on the payment button when you’re done.

Samsung pay: pay with Samsung Pay
Scroll and tap pay with Samsung.

Step 3: Confirm the Purchase

When shopping online, you don’t have to open the Samsung Pay app beforehand. The app will prompt you to authenticate your purchase via biometric security or your PIN.

How to Use Samsung Pay for In-App Purchases?

Using Samsung Pay for in-app purchases is similar to the online method. Add items to your cart and select Samsung Pay at checkout. This option is only available if the retailer supports it. After tapping the payment button, the app will prompt you to authorize the purchase with a fingerprint or PIN.

In under two minutes, YouTuber Insider Tech demonstrates how to set up and use Samsung Pay.

Key Takeaways

Samsung Pay is a popular service and now has Samsung Wallet in its ecosystem. You can use it across stores that accept NFC payments, as well as online or in apps at selected merchants. To use Samsung Pay, set up a wallet and save the data of your payment cards. When you’re ready to pay, swipe to select the card that you want to use and confirm the purchase with your fingerprint, another type of biometric data, or a PIN. Beyond payments, you can use Samsung Wallet to store loyalty cards, vouchers, health passes, boarding passes, and digital keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung Wallet the same as Samsung Pay?

No, but the two are related. Samsung Wallet is a mobile wallet that allows you to store information on payment cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, and more. Samsung Pay is that part of Samsung Wallet that allows you to pay with your mobile device or wearable in stores that support NFC payments and online or in apps that are compatible with Samsung Pay.

Why can't I add a card to Samsung Wallet?

While Samsung wallet is compatible with hundreds of financial institutions and merchants, it doesn’t support all banks or cards. If you can’t add the card to the Wallet, it is likely a compatibility issue. You can check the list of Samsung Pay payment card networks and partners on the Samsung website.

Which is safer Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

Both mobile wallets employ robust encryption and security methods, and they are both equally safe to use.

Can I use Samsung Pay at ATM?

You may be able to use Samsung Pay at ATM, depending on your card provider. Some banks allow you to withdraw cash from a card saved on Samsung Pay from any ATM that supports contactless transactions. Other financial institutions only allow contactless transactions at ATMs on their own machines. Others don’t allow contactless transactions via Samsung Pay at all. The best thing to do is to check with your bank.

Can I pay with Samsung Pay without NFC?

Yes. Unlike other mobile wallets that can only make payments via NFC, Samsung Pay uses both NFC and Magnetic Secure Transmission. This makes it work with nearly all payment terminals.

Is Samsung Pay available to non-Samsung users?

No. Samsung Pay is a proprietary app available on selected electronics only. You can use Samsung Pay on most devices in the Galaxy ecosystem and on some smart TVs from the brand.

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