How To Use Face ID For App Store In 3 Steps, With Photos

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How To Use Face ID For App Store In 3 Steps, With Photos

Do you remember Apple’s 2017 Keynote address? If you do, you’ll recall how exciting it was to see the introduction of Face ID. It was a cool way to unlock your iPhone faster and more securely than the fingerprint scanner. The iPhone X launched that year, and with it, you could purchase apps from the App Store with Face ID. Our simple guide you how to enable Face ID and use it with the App Store. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Setting Up Face ID to Use in the App Store

Naturally, we want to cover some things about using Face ID before our tutorial. If you feel confident with the feature already, skip ahead. But for those who are new, hang out with us for a moment as we break down some helpful information about Face ID.

Set Up Face ID

Before using Face ID in the App Store, you’ll need to set it up on your iPhone first. Any time you get a new iPhone, it’ll prompt you to do this. But over time, you may need to update it. Nonetheless, take a few minutes to set up Face ID before moving forward.

You can open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings and tap on Face ID & Passcode. Input a passcode when prompted then, tap Face ID.

Things to Know About Face ID

Before using Face ID with the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, there are some things you should know.

Your first question is likely, “Is Face ID secure?” Ultimately, yes. Face ID uses enhanced technology that assesses infrared and depth using the TrueDepth camera. So there’s only a 1 out of 1,000,000 chance that someone else could unlock your phone or make an App Store purchase.

For security purposes, Face ID won’t work if:

  • The device is restarted. You must input your passcode first.
  • If Face ID hasn’t been used in four hours, and the passcode hasn’t been inputted in six days.
  • After you’ve held the Siri Button and Volume button for more than two seconds (this is helpful if you don’t want someone else to unlock your phone with your face).

To use Face ID properly, ensure your camera is clean and can get a clear shot of your face. Remove anything that may obstruct your face. While Face ID does adapt to changes (such as wearing glasses or hats), certain objects will prevent the camera from getting a good reading of your face.

How to Use Face ID for App Store

Now, it’s time to get to work enabling Face ID for the App Store. The steps are pretty simple, but keep in mind that you need to know your iPhone’s unlock code to do it.

Here’s how to set up Face ID for the App Store:

Step 1: Tap Settings

Everything Face ID can be found in the Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the Settings app to enable Face ID for App Store purchases and downloads.

Settings are accessible from your smartphone’s home screen.


Step 2: Tap Face ID and Passcode

Scroll down just a bit. You’ll see an option for Face ID and Passcode. Tap that option.

Scroll down to Face ID and Passcode


Note: You will need to input your device’s unlock code before moving forward. Tap the 4 or 6-digit code to move forward. If you don’t have a screen lock code, you’ll need to create one before enabling Face ID for the App Store.

Step 3: Toggle the App Store Switch

Check the list with toggle switches at the top of the Face ID & Passcode menu. Tap iTunes & App Store.

Toggle iTunes & App Store.


Now, anytime you want to make a purchase in the App Store, or iTunes, all you need is your face.

Helpful hint: If you tap the Other Apps option below the menu, you can also enable Face ID for other apps.

How to Use Face ID with App Store

Having set up Face ID for the App Store, it’s time to learn how to use it. Face ID means you won’t have to input a password, but it still takes a few steps. Do this to use Face ID in the App Store:

Step 1: Tap Get

Find an app you want to download. Then, tap Get.

Look for any app you wish to download.


Note: A cloud icon represents an app you’ve already downloaded at some point. These don’t require Face ID or a password.

Step 2: Double-click the Siri Button

Your iPhone and iPad have one button on the right side. That’s the Siri button (formerly known as the Power Button on older models. Click the Siri button quickly, two times.

Click the Siri button.


Step 3: Use Face ID

Now, your device will attempt to read your face. Ensure you’re looking at your phone and your face is free of obstructions.

Look at your phone when using Face ID.


Note: If your phone does not read the first time, you will have four more tries.

Face ID Troubleshooting

Hopefully, you’re all set! But we’ll include a quick troubleshooting section in case you ran into problems. While Face ID problems are rare, they do occur. Try the following fixes:

  • Restart Your iPhone – Power-cycling your iPhone or iPad is one of the fastest ways to fix problems quickly. Hold the Siri button (the button on the right side) and the volume up button until the slider appears. Then, power off your device. Wait about thirty seconds and turn the device on. Try your App Store purchase again.
  • Turn on the Side Button for Payments – iOS versions before iOS 14 had the option to use the Side Button to make payments. Open Settings and tap Accessibility. Then, tap the Side Button. Finally, tap Use Passcode for Payments.
  • Reset Your Face ID – If your Face ID isn’t working, you can reset it. Follow the steps above to go to the Face ID and Passcode settings. Then, tap Reset Face ID.
  • Update Your iPhone – Try to update your phone’s OS isf it’s a little outdated. Open Settings and tap General and Software Update. Plug your phone into its charger, connect it to Wi-Fi, and perform the update.

Hopefully, these fixes worked for you. If not, reach out to Apple for individualized support. Their customer support can diagnose and fix problems with your Face ID (assuming your device isn’t damaged, of course).

That’s a Wrap!

Now, you know everything about Face ID and the App Store. You can use the feature to download apps, make purchases, and sign up for subscriptions. Best of all, it’s safe, secure, and seamless. If you’d like a video walkthrough of the steps covered in this article, be sure to check out this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Face ID for Ask to Buy?

Absolutely! If you have children, you can set up Ask to Buy, a feature that lets younger iOS users request purchases from their devices, and you can approve them from yours. Follow the steps above to enable Face ID for the App Store, then enable Ask to Buy.

When someone sends you a request, tap Approve and double-click the Siri button to activate Face ID.

Can I use Face ID to activate Apple Pay?

Absolutely. Follow the steps above to access the Face ID & Passcode settings, and tap on Wallet & Apple Pay.

What does the Attention Aware Features do?

If you want to tweak some more Face ID settings, you can enable or disable the Attention Aware Features. Essentially, when toggled on, this feature will keep your phone lit and unlocked as long as you’re looking at it.

How can I ensure my Face ID doesn't activate if I'm not looking at my phone?

One thing that we don’t want to happen is for our iPhone to unlock any time the camera detects our face. Fortunately, you can enable the Require Attention for Face ID option in the Face ID & Passcode settings. This function means your iPhone won’t unlock unless you’re looking at it.

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