How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon In 3 Steps, With Photos

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How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon In 3 Steps, With Photos

Over 85% of retailers – more than two million stores – nationwide accept Apple Pay as a payment method, both in-person and online! One prominent Apple Pay-friendly retailer is Amazon. The e-commerce giant allows you to shop and pay conveniently using Apple Pay. But how do you use Apple Pay on Amazon? We’ll walk you through the steps in a moment, and show you the reasons to use Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon: Step-by-Step

Using Apple Pay as a payment method on Amazon is pretty simple. We’ve included photos so you can know what to do at each step. Also, for the sake of this guide, we’re using the Amazon and Wallet apps on an iPhone XR. The same steps should work with an iPad, but the process might look slightly different on a larger screen. Now, here’s how to check out using Apple Pay on Amazon.

Step One: Set Up Apple Card

"Add to Wallet" option on iPhone Wallet app.
If you don’t have an Apple Card, sign up for one from the Wallet app on the iPhone.


Firstly, you’ll want to have your Apple Card information handy. Apple Card is a credit card that typically works with Apple Pay, extending the ease of mobile payments. If you don’t have a card, you can apply for one from the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone. It should arrive in the mail in four to seven days.

Step Two: Shop On Amazon App

Home page of Amazon's iPhone app.
Amazon’s iPhone app makes it easy to shop their site on the go.


Next, shop on the Amazon app as you normally do. Once you’ve added items to your cart, head to the checkout. If you have to wait for your Apple Card to arrive, you can leave everything in your cart until it comes. Otherwise, proceed with the next step if you have the card.

Step Three: Check Out With Apple Card

"Select a Payment Method" screen on Amazon's iPhone app.
Add your Apple Card to your payment methods to use Apple Pay on Amazon.


Lastly, tap “Add a credit or debit card” at checkout from the payment methods listed. Here, you’ll enter the financial details of your Apple Card. Ensure all the numbers, dates, and codes match what you’ve entered. Then, double-check the billing address is correct, as well. Finally, you can check out.

This insightful video guide will walk you through the simple steps to harness the power of Apple Pay for your Amazon purchases. Say goodbye to lengthy checkout processes and hello to swift, secure transactions. Watch now to unlock the future of online shopping!

Why Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

Why would you want to use Apple Pay when you can enter your card info at checkout? Using another mobile payment service seems like a waste of time. Below are some perfectly logical reasons to use Apple Pay on Amazon instead of the traditional method.


It’s just plain convenient to store all your payment methods in Apple Pay, ready to use whenever you please. Apple Pay stores and manages all your payment methods, from credit cards to debit cards to bank account numbers. This makes it easy to check out on Amazon after shopping. You won’t have to pull out your card from the purse and enter the numbers every time.

Faster checkout

Another reason to use Apple Pay on Amazon is you can check out quickly. You don’t have to enter your card details at checkout, even if you have memorized the details. Plus, it can get frustrating when you accidentally miss a number or mess up the zip code and have to repeat the process. As such, using Apple Pay on Amazon helps ensure speed and efficiency.


Apply Pay eliminates the need to carry your physical credit or debit cards. This way, you’re less likely to become a victim of identity theft. Hackers and cybercriminals have devised new ways to steal private information. While you can’t anticipate their next move, you can protect your identity and your money by using Apple Pay. This payment service encrypts your information to make it virtually impenetrable in the face of cyber attacks. This goes for using Apple Pay on Amazon, as well.

If Amazon adds further support for Apple Pay, we’ll let you know first. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Apple Pay on Amazon?

As of this writing, the only way to use Apple Pay on Amazon is to apply for an Apple Card and use it as you normally would another credit or debit card at checkout. There is no further Apple Pay support on Amazon at this time beyond the acceptance of the Apple Card.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a mobile wallet that lets you use the payment information stored in your Amazon account to complete transactions quickly and securely. It supports major credit and debit cards and other payment methods (such as gift cards), depending on your location.

Amazon Pay also offers additional features like splitting payments, making recurring payments, and using saved addresses and payment methods. So, while Apple Pay is not officially an option on Amazon, you can conveniently use Amazon Pay instead.

Can you use Apple Pay at Whole Foods?

Yes, despite being owned by Amazon, you can still use Apple Pay at checkout at Whole Foods stores. To do this, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless payment terminal at the checkout and complete your transaction on your device’s screen using Apple Pay.

Can you reload an Amazon gift card with Apple Pay?

No, Apple Pay cannot reload your Amazon gift card balance directly. Your best bet would be to use your Apple Card instead. Or, you can use a different credit or debit card. To see a complete list of payment methods to add funds to your Amazon gift card balance, visit the Amazon website or app.

Can I use Apple Card to pay for my Amazon Prime membership?

Yes, you can use Apple Card to pay for your Amazon Prime membership or any other subscription services purchased through Amazon’s site. The Apple Card functions more or less the same as a credit card would, meaning that you can use it at most major retailers that accept credit cards as payment. The Apple name will not keep you from being able to use the card on Amazon.

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