How To Use and Pay With Venmo Balance: Step By Step With Photos

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How To Use and Pay With Venmo Balance: Step By Step With Photos

Cash is no longer king. Individuals and businesses have several options other than traditional payment methods. We are in the era of digital wallets. Large retailers and small vendors now accept debit cards, QR codes, and digital wallets. One such P2P payment system is Venmo. No matter what you want to buy, you can pay with Venmo Balance and get it in just a few clicks!

Venmo had over 75 million active users in 2022, and the numbers could pass the 85 million mark by 2023. So, why do people love this app so much? Venmo allows users to pay for items from the app’s balance instead of the bank account. This prevents a lot of hassle. It also provides many features that make shopping easier than ever. You can even have a Venmo MasterCard Debit that works at every store that accepts MasterCard in the US. So, are you ready to make your purchasing experience a breeze? Keep reading till the end!

How To Pay With Venmo Balance To a Venmo User

You can easily pay another Venmo user using your account. Follow the below steps to get started:

Step 1: Log In To Venmo

Enter your login details to access your Venmo account.

Open the Venmo app installed on your device and log in to your account with your username, email address, or phone number and password. If you don’t have an account, select “Sign up” to create one.

Step 2: Check If Venmo Balance Is Enabled

Navigate to Payment Methods and see whether the Venmo balance feature is enabled.

When the homepage loads, open the menu from the hamburger icon, tap Settings, and choose “Payment Methods.” If “Venmo Balance” is present on your screen’s top, it means the feature is enabled in your account. 

However, you’ll have to verify your identity if it’s the other way around. For that, navigate the “Settings” and choose “Identity Verification.” Remember, you can only access this feature from the Venmo app, not the website. This step is crucial because you can’t pay with Venmo Balance without verifying your identity. 

Step 3: Choose “Pay/Request”

Scroll down and tap Pay or Request.

Once your account is verified, tap on the “Pay/Request” option present at the bottom. You can check your Venmo Balance by tapping on your display picture. It will be visible underneath your username.

Step 4: Find the Recipient

Locate a recipient using the Venmo search tool.

Now, you will have to find the person or user you want to send the payment to through Venmo. Simply enter their name in the search bar, scan their account’s QR code in your app, or scroll through your top contacts. Click or tap the recipient’s name to see if they have an active Venmo account.

Step 5: Type the Transfer Amount

Enter the amount of payment and the reason.

On the next screen, tap the money field, and type the payment amount from the number pad. After that, select the “What’s it for?” box and enter the reason behind the payment to inform the recipient. For instance, you can write “Rent payment,” “Course payment,” or “Electricity money.”

Verified users can send up to $60,000 weekly. Meanwhile, the unverified users have a $299.99 weekly limit. At this step, you can also change the privacy settings of your transactions. Venmo has set “Public” for all the payments by default, but you can make them “Private” or visible only to “Friends.” Tap “Public” and select either option before paying with Venmo Balance.

Step 6: Choose Pay

Tap the pay button to proceed with the transaction.

Once satisfied, tap the blue “Pay” button on the screen’s bottom. Remember, you can’t split your Venmo payments between two payment methods. You can pay in full with any one option, not both of them together.

On the next screen, you will see “Venmo Balance” chosen as your payment method above the green “Pay” button with the recipient’s name and the amount. Tap on it, and the transfer amount will be deducted from your Venmo Balance. 

Note: If you have an insufficient balance, you can withdraw money from your linked credit card or bank account

How To Pay With Venmo Balance in Another App

You can also use your Venmo Balance to pay in an app that supports it as a payment method. Many popular apps support Venmo, including Abercrombie & Fitch, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Delivery.com, and more. Here is how you can pay on these platforms via your Venmo Balance:

Step 1: Download the App

Once you install an app on your device, you can start shopping for products.

You can download any app that supports Venmo as the payment method. We have chosen “Abercrombie & Fitch” as an example to show you how to pay with Venmo Balance on it.

Step 2: Add Items To Your Bag / Cart

Add items you want to buy to the cart.

Take your time and browse through the entire shop to find the products you want to purchase. Keep adding your favorite things to the cart from the “Add to Bag” option present at the bottom of every item. When you’re done shopping, tap the “Bag” icon on the top-right corner of the screen to narrow down the items.

Step 3: Checkout With Venmo

View your order summary, then tap the checkout button.

Happy with items on the cart? Tap “Checkout” to move to the payment method. If you’ve already added Venmo as your payment method, tap “Venmo” and proceed. 

Otherwise, you will have to tap “Add a payment method” and choose “Venmo” (it can be present beneath PayPal). Then, log in to your Venmo account with your credentials to pay from your app balance. If you don’t have sufficient Venmo Balance, the app will ask you to add or choose a debit or credit card to complete the purchase.

Abercrombie & Fitch and its delivery partner will then verify your Venmo account. Tap on “Authorize” to add the merchant to your Venmo account. 

Step 4: Submit the Order

Tap Submit Order to finalize your purchase.

As Abercrombie & Fitch’s app completes the verification process, your Venmo account will be automatically added as an authorized payment method. Select it and then place your order. The amount will be deducted from your Venmo Balance.

Note: You can disconnect a merchant from your Venmo account anytime. Navigate your Venmo Settings, choose “Connected Businesses,” and select the merchant’s name.

How To Get a Venmo Debit Card

What if you get low on your Venmo Balance when you need to make an urgent transaction? That could be a nightmare. But luckily, Venmo allows users to add a backup payment method—Venmo MasterCard Debit and Venmo Credit Card. You can also link your bank account with your Venmo account.

Follow the below steps to order a Venmo MasterCard Debit:

Step 1: Open “Cards” in the Venmo App

Scroll down and tap the blue V icon.

Open the Venmo app and wait for the homepage to load. Then, tap the “V” icon at the screen’s bottom next to the “Home” option. That’s the “Cards” icon.

Step 2: Pick a Card

You can add a Venmo Debit Card or Credit Card.

The next screen will display two options: Venmo Debit Card and Venmo Credit Card. Pick the debit card by tapping “Sign up for the Venmo Debit Card.” It will open a new screen with detailed information.

Step 3: Get the Venmo Debit Card

Tap the button to order a debit card from Venmo.

Now, tap on the “Get the Venmo Debit Card” option and decide on the color of your card. Venmo gives you five options: pink, black, white, purple, and blue. Pick one and tap “Next.

Step 4: Enable “Reload Automatically”

Toggle the button to enable automatic reloads.

The next step is to enable the “Reload Automatically” option by turning the toggle on. This means Venmo will automatically reload your Venmo Debit Card from your bank account whenever your balance gets too low. So, you’ll also have to link a verified bank account to Venmo by tapping “Add bank.”

Step 5: Submit the Request

Tap the Submit button to submit your debit card application.

Double-check all the details you entered in the Venmo app when setting up your account. This mainly includes your address, as Venmo will send your card there. Once satisfied, check the “Agree to Venmo’s terms” box and tap “Submit” to initiate the process.

Venmo will give you an expected arrival date for your debit card, so don’t forget to check it. It will be visible below your information right above the “Done” option.

Step 6: Choose Done

Tap done to complete the application.

Finally, tap the blue “Done” button, and the app will take you to Venmo’s homepage. You will have to activate your card to start using it. So, when your order arrives, open the “Settings” menu in the app and choose “Venmo Debit Card.” Then, follow the on-screen prompts to enable it. 

How To Add Funds To Venmo Balance

You can’t pay with Venmo Balance if you don’t have enough funds. So, you must know how to add money to your Venmo Balance to ensure a sufficient amount in it all the time. Whenever you see your balance getting too low, follow the below steps to add funds to your Venmo account instantly:

  • Launch the Venmo app and tap on your profile picture at the screen’s bottom right corner. It will open the “Me” tab. Ensure you’ve activated your Venmo Debit Card in the Venmo app, as you can’t reload your balance without doing so.
  • On the next screen, select “Manage Balance,” located right next to your Venmo Balance. You may not see this option without ordering or activating your Venmo Debit Card.
  • Now, tap the amount field and type in the transaction you want to pay with Venmo Balance. Select “Next” when done.
  • The next step is to add a bank account to your Venmo profile that you wish to use to add money. You can add another account or use an existing one. Review your information before selecting the green “Add Now” button because you won’t be able to get your money back later on. 
  • Finally, tap “Add Now” to reload your Venmo Balance.

Are There Any Limitations to Using Venmo?

Although Venmo is an excellent choice for transferring funds and making payments, there are still a few limitations. The main limitation is that it is currently only available in the United States. This means that you cannot use Venmo to send or receive money from users in another country. Also, as we mentioned earlier, unless you are a verified user you will have a $299.99 weekly transaction limit.


Buying and selling have never been this easier—thanks to PayPal, Venmo, and similar P2P money transaction apps. You can now pay with Venmo Balance for your favorite items even if you don’t have enough cash. Many renowned apps, like Uber Eats, Uber, and Delivery.com, accept Venmo as a payment method. Simply top-up your Venmo Balance via your bank account or Venmo Debit Card whenever it gets low, then add it to any app you like, and you can start paying with your Venmo Balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a Venmo payment using my balance?

To make a Venmo payment, open the app and tap the “V” present on the screen’s bottom. Then, search for the recipient, enter the amount and a note, and tap “Pay” to send the payment. The money will be deducted from your Venmo Balance instantly.

Can you use Venmo Balance without a bank account?

You can make transactions from Venmo Balance without linking a bank account. However, you can’t transfer or withdraw the money from your account. To do that, you’ll have to connect a US checkings bank account to Venmo or a debit or credit card.

Can I withdraw my Venmo Balance?

You can withdraw your Venmo Balance from an ATM through your Venmo Debit Credit Card.

How do I pay with Venmo Balance on Amazon?

You can pay with Venmo Balance on Amazon by linking both of your accounts with each other. Click “Select a payment method” on Amazon at the checkout and choose “Add a Venmo Account.” Follow the on-screen instructions to add Venmo as a payment method on Amazon.

Why can't I pay with my Venmo Balance?

You can’t pay with your Venmo Balance without completing the identity verification process.

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