How to Upload a Video to YouTube, Step-by-Step with Photos

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How to Upload a Video to YouTube, Step-by-Step with Photos

Each day, well over 300,000 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube. The platform provides countless hours of entertainment, along with ample opportunities for influencers and YouTube celebs.

If you’re interested in becoming a content provider, you’ll want to know how to upload a video to YouTube. The good news is that the platform makes it incredibly simple whether you’re uploading videos from your PC or your smartphone.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube from a Web Browser

Uploading a video to YouTube with a web browser provides the best experience when you have access to a PC. While most of the same options are available on a mobile device, the process is more streamlined from a computer.

Step 1: Sign In

Go to YouTube and sign into your account from the icon at the top right corner of the page. Once logged in, click on the Create button and then select Upload Videos.

Step 2: Upload Video

upload video to youtube
Uploading video to YouTube.


If you already have a channel set up, you’ll be given the option to upload a video here. If not, this is where you’ll create a channel for your new videos. Just fill out the information shown in the image below to proceed.

upload a video to youtube
Creating a channel name and handle.


Step 3: Go to YouTube Studio

upload video to youtube
Editing information about the video.


With your video uploaded, a new window will appear taking you to YouTube studio. This is where you’ll enter the details of your YouTube video.

You’ll need to set a title to proceed, but you can also set age restrictions, a thumbnail, and promote videos from here. Click on Next to proceed through the prompts.

Step 4: Locate the Section Called Channel Content

upload video to youtube
Editing video visibility and restrictions.


When successful, your newly uploaded video should appear under a section called Channel Content. From here, you can make adjustments to the video or check on viewing statistics.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube from iPhone and Android

Many of the videos on YouTube were created on mobile devices. The company has made mobile uploads easy from their app, although the process is slightly different.

Step 1: Open the App

Locate the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet and tap to open it. If you aren’t logged in already, do so now.

Step 2: Tap Upload

upload video to youtube
Locating the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen.


Look for a row of icons across the bottom of the screen. Tap on the + symbol, to bring up a submenu and then select Upload a video.

upload a video to youtube
Selecting Upload a video from the menu.


If this is the first time you’ve used the YouTube mobile app to upload a video, you may have to agree to some permissions. Follow the prompts until you’re taken to a video upload screen.

Step 3: Select Video

upload a video to youtube
Choosing a video to upload.


From the upload video menu, choose the content you want to send to YouTube. We’re using Android for our guide, so the image above may look a little different on iOS.

Step 4: Edit

With the video uploaded, you can adjust the length of the video. Use the sliders to make changes as needed and click Next to proceed. Now you can add things like filters, text, or sound to your video. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to add a few more details.  

Step 5: Choose Your Audience

upload a video to youtube
Making adjustments to the video.


From here, you can set your new video to public or private. You can also choose an audience or set age restrictions on your content. Select the settings applicable to your video and tap on Upload.

Step 6: Upload

upload a video to youtube
Uploading the video to YouTube.


When your video is uploaded to YouTube, you’ll see a small prompt telling you it’s been successful. You can tap on See Video to check out your new content and browse other videos on your channel.

Wrap Up

Content creators can upload a video to YouTube in a matter of minutes as long as they have a stable connection. That includes folks that vlog while traveling, along with casual YouTubers and professional content creators. Just remember, the length of your videos is capped at 15 minutes until you verify your YouTube account.

For a quick refresher of the steps above check out the video below which also walks you through the process of uploading a video to YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how many YouTube videos you can upload?

No, you can upload as many videos as you like through YouTube.

What if my YouTube video is over 256GB?

You can try compressing before uploading it or you could split the video into separate parts.

Can you have multiple YouTube channels under the same account?

Yes, YouTube allows users to have a number of channels under one account.

How large of a video can you upload to YouTube?

Currently, the limit is at 12 hours or 256GB, whichever is less.

Does YouTube support 4K video uploads?

Yes, you can upload content in 4K UHD provided it doesn’t exceed size restrictions.

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